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You are Rich – Thanks for giving me attention, Let’s figure out, How come?

you are rich

Rich – the word that has manipulated the masses, more often than not, in the history of mankind.

I’m sorry for making you doomed right off the bat. But, the reality is scary, daunting and we don’t like to accept it anyway unless given in a different package with some lucrative offer where we are unable to figure out the deep-rooted fact.

We born, we grow up and always look for the acceptance from the society. We have developed our ego too strong where we are not ready to be rejected anyway.

And we fear change – don’t you worry, it is a human nature.

Our neurotransmitters don’t like to budge.

As long as we start thinking outside the box, our brain bursts out “dangerrrr” and when this voice becomes too strong, we abruptly change our mind and thank God He has saved us from the atrocities of life – Congrats you are still being manipulated once again and thanking nature doing exactly opposite.

I think this is the right time to quote Paulo Coelho here.

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it’s lethal.

I really highlighting the ways to make money as per the niche of this blog or this is some kind of motivational read.

Don’t you worry, you will get something memorable for what you have come to read this post – again manipulated? I’m serious this time.

illusion (don’t) elude:

I know some people making good money, having a lavish lifestyle, possess a ton of properties and still contemplate this is not enough.

Most of them make money, not because they really need it, but they want to be praised and flattered by the people surrounding them.

Every car they buy, every watch they purchase, they constantly remain in the struggle of getting acceptance from other people.

If you come up with the illusion that being rich means a lot of money, then I’m sorry this post is not for you – but don’t go away, I am kidding.

Social Media Buzz:

Thanks to social media for making our lives both – well-connected and informative.

And no thanks for making our lives both wasteful and anxious for how others are living their lives instead of focusing our own.

you are rich, how to figure out you are rich, important factors to realize for being rich

Before you open up any social media account next time, let be clear, the way you look at how others are living their lives is not the way how they actually think themselves.

They only highlight and post the happy moments of their lives and hide the painful picture. I have heard somewhere that is true and spot on:

“You are not what you show, you are what you hide.” Don’t go and Google this phrase, Believe me, I have heard it somewhere.

Leaving Traditional Job

I was doing a traditional job long while ago and before I was ready to quit, most of my friends considered me insane and advised me to continue the job otherwise I won’t be able to survive in the society.

But I took the initiative, started blogging and didn’t bother what others think of me, and now after four years, you won’t believe, God willing, I’m NOT earning much as compared to what my friends are making.

I am sorry for making you disappointed again. But…the point is, do I love what I do – the answer is “YES”

you are rich, how to figure out you are rich, important factors to realize for being rich

I was born obstinate in nature (you can call me inflexible sperm) and I hate when someone confines me and imposes their own way of life perspective on my personality.

I hated, when I was doing a traditional job, to remain under the constant and scary look of my boss.

Let’s get to the point

I think I have bored to the tears until now – grossly, drastically and beautifully – without mentioning and discussing “how you are rich.” Read my point again “I am obstinate in nature” and this the way I do my things. My life my rules.

Pardon for being too bossy this time but I am just making you understand, you can do things you own way if you want to be excelled and heard in your lifetime.

No matter what you do, people will always gauge you from their own parameters which may or may not foresee what you actually are.

You are rich if you have the following qualities:

Do what you love:

This is the first, yet important, point to be rich.

Paulo Coelho is my motivation and I can’t help out quoting him again.

If you love what you do, you won’t be poor, and if you hate what you do, you won’t be rich.

If you are making millions and don’t love what you do, there is no point in doing hard work, spending the sleepless night and making your life worse than hell.

Love what you do:

Yes, this is different from the point mentioned previously.

I know, some of you are married (don’t get intimidated for reminding me of this) and find it almost impossible to leave the job right away. There are a lot of bills piling up haunting you with their hands wide open.

You have started the job in your field, but you won’t like it very much. But, with the passage of time, you learn and dive in the field, you start loving what you do.

If this is the case, then you can develop this habit of loving what you do. Yes, it will take time, and if you do what you love, peace becomes inevitable.

The balance between earning and spending:

If there is a right balance between what you earn and what you spend, congrats, you are rich.

Don’t fall in the illusion of spending too much for the sake of making someone happy.

If buying a fancy car put your whole budget bleed and reinforce stress in your life, then I’m sorry you played a risky bet.

you are rich, how to figure out you are rich, important factors to realize for being rich

Maybe at some point, you forget stress when other praise you and give you importance for what you have, but in the long run, when you are alone and calculating your next month budget you may beef up to painful stress.

Don’t compare:

Comparing yourself to others is the vicious quality developed by the overuse of social media.

You just watch the happy moments of others life and can’t figure out the real problems they are facing.

Imagine, if there were no social media, how the duck you could foresee what others are doing with their lives. Point? Yes, valid point.

Peace over money

Life is all about priorities. This may differ from person to person. Some are happy to make money by putting their lives under shear stress while some prefer peace over money.

This is up to you. Still, don’t forget peace is everlasting, money comes and goes.

We come into this world to become happy. And there is a huge difference between being actually happy and pretending to be happy.

If you always care and engineer your life around the thoughts and expectations of other people, your happiness would be built on shaky grounds.

you are rich, how to figure out you are rich, important factors to realize for being rich

This post doesn’t paint the negative image and write off the people who are rich and earning too much. You can be rich and happy at the same time.

Point is, life is not about money always. Other things that matter include how you build relationships with others and how they feel in your company.

If you always brag about your money and portray authority, that scares the hell out of the other people where they don’t feel comfortable in your company, then you are playing a completely wrong move.

What makes you feel rich? And what do you prefer most, money or happiness? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading the article.




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