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17 Best Online Writing Sites That Pay Writers On The Spot

17 best writing online writing sites that pay writers on the spot, get paid to write

(Published Date January 21, 2019)

You love to write.

But, unfortunately – at the same time – you struggle to kick start your career in writing because you fail to find the legitimate places that pay well and on time.

I can understand.

I have been there all the time before I actually started working as a full-time freelance writer back in 2015.

With the inception of a lot of online sites that pay negligible to writers, it is hard to make living out of writing.

But, stop……there is good news for you.

There are some sites that will not only encourage you to write but also value your opinion and help you promote on their platforms.

It takes a lot of effort to find those places by yourself when you are busy and don’t find some time to hunt down the web on your own.

This is why I have done some homework on your behalf, helping you find your first gig right off the bat.

I have compiled the list of 17 Best Online Writing Sites That Pay Writers On The Spot.

We will be discussing everything from covering the websites that pay you to write short stories, blog articles, news, journals, and tutorials where you will get paid based on the quality of the article and the number of words produced.

If you are new, you may be skeptical, why should you consider working as a writer?

Because it gives you:

  • Flexibility to work from home
  • You can pick anytime to work as per your daily routine and requirements
  • No fee is required to set up the startup
  • If you have a computer with a strong internet connection, you can start working right away
  • You can find any writing job based on your expertise and technical skills or the niche that truly resonate with your nature.

Before I bore you to tears and you roll your eyes from this read, let’s jump right in.

17 Best Online Writing Sites That Pay Writers

1. Stretcher

It is a great place to work with and submit your quality articles. If you are a blogger or have been writing quite a while now, you may already know some tips and techniques to save money and live better.

This platform is particularly dedicated to budgeting that helps you Living better…….for less.

Price: You’ll get around $0.10 per word for the accepted content only.

They are open for guest posting and help you promote your work unless it is related to the promotion of some particular product or services.

Required length: Post must contain minimum 800 words.

Writing Tone: And they prefer articles written on how to techniques, materials required to dealing with a non-frugal partner and other ways to save money that you seem appropriate and personally experienced including interviews with people in this niche.

2. Cracked

This is a platform with diverse content mainly covering news about celebrities, TV shows and articles related to humor.

You can check the Google trends and keep the deep eye on social media to get a clue about the content people love to talk about and share on their profiles quite often.

Netflix is taking a rage these days. You can write about Netflix and what are the main topics they cover and put on-air.

Pay per post: If you love talking about celebrates and take a huge interest in entertainment news, you can make around 50-200$ from this platform.

Cracked claims to be one of the most popular comedy sites on planet Earth. So, it is obvious if your content gets accepted and published on this site, you will be seen by an ample amount of audience.

They pay via PayPal.

3. A Fine Parent

No one could give the best advice on a specific topic unless they practically come with hands-on experience on a certain topic.

If you are a housewife and spend your whole day bringing up your child with care and affection, you can give your personal advice on A Fine Parent and earn some extra bucks to make a side hustle.

Their targeted audience is mainly related to parents who struggle to take care of their kids under given economic conditions.

Required Length: The article must be written in a web format containing 1500-3000 words. And don’t forget to include both mandatory and long term action plan.

Price: You will get paid $75 via PayPal for each accepted post.

They open vacancies for writers every now and then. Keeping visiting their websites until you find the opportunity to work with them.

4. InstantShift

InstantShift, as the name suggests, is a community that gives your writing career an instant shift. Seems poetic, no?

And the great part is that no prior experience or professional degree is required and anyone can become a contributor as long you have a passion for writing.

They will help you go your name out there and provide you the opportunity to publish your article under your name.

Don’t forget to deliver the quality content as the payment depends on the nature of your work delivered and the number of words written.

5. Country Magazine

If you love to travel, this is the best place to turn your hobby into few dollars.

They mainly cover a topic related to country life including road trips, discussing the roots in the land that matters to your family, and talking about the people that lived before us.

You will get paid up to $100 per accepted post, however, it may vary depending on the nature and complexity of the article.

Normally, the post they accept contains 400-500 words but this is not necessary as long as the content is written in a professional tone, taking proper care of the guidelines about accepted content.

6. Draft

DRAFT is a platform that mainly covers topics related to beer and the recent developed in the areas enjoyed by young readers.

Before you write your content and submit it to this platform, make sure it is original, unique and free from grammatical errors.

You will find no luck if you write the already written content, tweak it and pray for the submission being accepted.

Where to Pitch: You can pitch directly to editorial [at] draftmag [dot] com. It is quite possible you get a response after some time due to the number of applications they receive every day.

7. LightHouse

This site is a true example of how to serve people with love and care. It is a valuable platform to showcase your writing skills with the main focus on the visually impaired and blind people.

Instead of living the life under the haunting image of disability, they mainly focus on the overcoming adversities in life so anyone with little physical disability can live like a common human being and leave a valuable impact on the world.

They help you discover your true voice and pay $100 for each submission.

If you aim to work for this platform, no need to cover the complex topics with many technicalities discussing political rants, sob stories, takedown pieces, brand promotion or medical diaries.

They mainly focus on highlighting the hidden talent touching any idea be it related to motivation, self-development and that mainly resonates with your inner voice.

8. FreelanceUK

FreelanceUK has been working online since 2006. This is one of the amazing platforms to boost your writing career and make decent money out of it.

They have made a renowned name in terms of delivering the latest marketing tips and discussing the major market trends and tax issues.

Payment: You will get paid from $7 to $30 per page at FreelancerUK, and you can find a well-paying job over there, however, payments vary based on the quality of your work and the nature of the job covered.

9. TravelWritersLife

This website, as the name suggests, is all about traveling.

They not only sponsor people who love to travel around the world, but also pay writers who are fond of traveling and aim to share their stories with the number of people.

Pay per post: You can make around $50 to 200$ based on the content you have written.

The price per post is categorized as follows:

  • $50-$75 for articles they request for the website
  • $100-$150 for interviews and personal stories
  • $150-$200 for content covering certain income advice

Before you write for them, it is wise to check the writing guidelines, so you can get a hold of what kind of content they accept.

They have clearly mentioned they don’t publish straight travel narratives but focus only on the craft.

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10. BlastingNews

Blasting News gives you the opportunity to not only follow your passion but covert it into a high paying career.

It is one of the largest global social news publishers, working since and is a one-stop platform for genuine and unique visitors.

The freelance writer that contribute for this platform is known as Blasters and their work is evaluated and measured by the senior team of professionals, making sure the content is produced as per the needs and requirements of the potential visitors.

Payment: You can create an account as a freelance journalist and earn up to $150 per article.

Warning: Make sure the topic you cover and the news you discuss is free from any racism and biased opinion, otherwise your work may turn down right away.

11. Photoshoptutorials

This is one of the best sites to write for and it is mainly suitable for people who have a good taste in designing.

No need to rush over and churn out the content for the sake of earning only.

Most of the topic related to designing publish every day are already covered by someone else.

So, when you write content with a main focus on designing, make sure you are producing something new that can help designers.

I have read this comment by some designer which I want to share with you guys where Sonakshi says:

“Sir, I show my best work, +100 hours making for you, but it is always rejected. Why not just accepting 1, just 1? Unrespectful, please sir, do not ask for me to submit anymore sir.”

If you are writing about something where you are solving someone’s problem and where you are generating something new with a fresh perspective will bring more value and the chance of your article being accepted becomes brighter.

They will ready to pay you somewhere between $50-300 for accepted posts.

They pay via PayPal only.

12. Tuts+ Code:

You might have already heard about this platform. They mainly provide WordPress themes and plugins to a number of people who hate coding and can’t make blog theme on their own from scratch.

If you think you can develop a new theme and have sound knowledge in WordPress, you can’t only write for them but find a valuable opportunity to work for them remotely.

Tuts+ Code allows you to make up to $250 per article.

13. Writers Work

This is another platforms to pull off your writing career.

You can make an account and set up your profile over there in less than 30 minutes. If you are planning to make living out of writing, you can easily make somewhere from $2000 to $3000 using this platform.

It works both ways: you can become a freelance writer or you can post a job and hire a writer. This platform is very handy and works as a bridge between potential employers and writers.

Warning: This a paid community. You need to pay for them before you get started and work for them. You have both options to pick with a one-time payment or pay on monthly basis.

You may have heard, if you intend to make money, you have to spend money first. There is no harm joining their paid program.

There is a takeaway. If you are a blogger and already have developed a website, you can join their affiliate program and make a decent income when someone joins using your affiliate link.

14. A List Apart

They will pay flat $200 for every accepted post. And they mainly cover the topics related to the internet.

Article Length: Articles must contain anywhere between 600–2,500 words based on the subject covered, however, 1,500 words is about average.

If you know how to write content with casual yet impressive tone, you can make decent money doing it.

As mentioned above, content should be based on current and fresh topics in the web industry.

15. Tetheredbyletters

It is basically a contest website that pays writers.

They have a definite list of contests covering many topics including literary, poetry, f(r)iction contest. The winning prize can range anywhere from $100 to $500 depending on the niche and topic discussed.

If you love to write and come with a good taste in poetry, you can earn by churning out words that can be laid out as you wish, and make sure each poem doesn’t exceed from 3 pages in general.

The winner of our short story contest is eligible for $1,000.00 and publication in F(r)iction. And the Five finalists will get free edits from professionals and will be considered for publication.

This is also a paid program. You have to pay $15 entry fee for submission and story of any genre must cover words anywhere from 1000 to 7500.

16. Treehouse

Treehouse is an amazing place for tech-geek people who love coding and design stuff. There is a variety of languages you can write about ranging from HTML, CSS, JavaScript, iOS to many more.

They are open to giving you a remote job offering if you have sound knowledge in a particular field related to coding.

Apart from writing for them, you can join their team of experts, become a part of it and help them grow their business.

Pay per post: You can make around 100-200$ per post based on the quality and nature of the content.

17. International Living

This site is all about traveling and covering the experiences related to the people living overseas.

If you are living in the US and might want to travel around the world, in doing so you can write something with a fresh perspective that people love to read.

An international living will be paying you from 250-400$ per article. If you have experience in living and retiring overseas, you can make handsome money writing about your own experience.

That’s all for now. I have tried my best to cover genuine online writing sites that pay writers.

You are most welcome to comment in the section below and share your valuable experience with us. Thanks for reading the post.


If you love to write, you can make decent money doing it. This post contains a list of 17 best online writing sites that pay well and on time.






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