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80+ Ways to Make Extra Money Even if You’re Totally Beginner

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(Post updated April 05, 2019)

Technology has been evolved in an amazing way to facilitate people and make their lives convenient.

Now, you can earn money right from the comfort of home without paying a single penny.

Most of the companies don’t give you 100% job security and increment on a regular basis, no matter how hard you try and make progress.

This is the high time, you may consider working on the skills that can help you make extra money passively.

Remember, any kind of earning doesn’t grow sky-rocket in one night, you need to be very smart and work with consistency and patience in order to gain a decent amount of money.

It is good to keep your expectations high, but more important is keeping your hopes aligned with reality. So, you don’t get frustrated and quit if things are not going in your way.

It takes a lot of effort to reach a high level of earning passively before you leave your regular job.

80+ ways to make extra money

80+ Ways to Make Extra Money

Following are the 80+ legit ways to make extra money with dignity and you can make your life risk free and enjoy some lovely moments with your family.

1: Blogging:

Blogging is one of the easiest, I didn’t say quick, ways to earn money online.

First, you need to choose a niche you are passionate about, then start writing in that niche and gain the confidence of your audience.

Once you get the attention of your visitors you are good to grow and progress. More often than not, more the visitors are, more the revenue will be.

Once you are done with your top-notch content, start promoting your blog and build relationships.

If you are getting a fair amount of traffic then you can attract the advertiser by showing your blog stats.

Again, this is not a one-click process, you need to keep patience in order to get a decent amount of money.

2: Flipping Domains:

Buying and selling domains is a profitable business if you do it right. Domains which include business or location name come with a high possibility of selling.

Once you have purchased a domain, put it up on auction. In this way, you can be able to get the highest possible rate.

Buying a domain name also involves some risks. It may happen the domain you pick for profit fails to fill up its original price.

Before getting started always make a proper plan and do research in order to keep the risk minimum.

3. Completing a Survey:

Everyone is busy in this world.

Sparing your time is very difficult.

You always look for the ways that require minimum input and give maximum output.

Completing a survey is one of the easiest ways to earn money online which involves minimum or no qualification.

Some companies pay as much as $50 per survey. It all depends on the nature of the survey you start with and the time you take to complete the survey.

Some surveys won’t get completed unless you give them your personal information.

It is better to check the reviews on the particular survey before giving it a shot.

You can check these best websites to make money with surveys.

4. Affiliate Marketing:

What is affiliate marketing? In this technique, you simply refer the visitors, coming on your site, to the merchant’s site and you get a commission once the sale is made.

In order to start affiliate marketing, you need to join the affiliate program of the company that falls under your site niche.

You will be provided with a link which you need to put on your site – once the visitor clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you will be awarded commission. More clicks come with more commission.

The business you are going to promote must fall under a reliable category, otherwise, it may damage your reputation.

If visitors who are referred to merchant site don’t satisfied with the product you market, they are not going to use your site as a referral again.

You can join following sites for affiliate marketing:


5. Freelancing:

Freelancing is another way to add some extra bucks in your regular income.

There are many topics available for freelancing to choose from i.e. article writing, web designing, web development, fashion, art, health and fitness, technical support and many more.

You need to choose the topic you are good at. You can charge more once you have got enough confidence of your clients.

Always try to complete the project within the time period assigned, and do a revision of completed work until your client gets satisfied. You can join following sites for affiliate marketing.


6. Review Products:

Review products to get some extra money. Amazing! Isn’t it? Yes, you heard that right.

You will be asked to review the products online and you will get money in return.

It helps the businesses to improve their services and products in order to make their customers satisfied. You can join following sites to review products.


7: Youtube Videos:

Are you obsessed with making videos on the tips and techniques you are expert at?

YouTube is a great opportunity to earn by uploading your videos.

It can help you to show your presence online. All you have to create a personal channel associated with your account.

You can earn by both ways i.e. either by creating your own videos or you will get paid for watching YouTube videos.

If you want to upload your video, always choose specific keywords that fall under your video category, they will help the visitors to search your videos online.

Try to make your content of some extra quality, however, you will learn and grow as you proceed.

Paid2youtube is the best site to watch YouTube videos to get paid.

8. Web Development:

If you are programming freak and have sound knowledge in PHP, HTML, and CSS then you can earn some extra cash by selling your technical skills in this niche.

First, you need to develop your own website then start giving your services to potential clients.

It is highly recommended to go some extra mile to meet your clients’ expectations, it will keep them coming back for what you have to offer.

9. Email Marketing:

Email marketing is one of the best ways to showcase your marketing skills.

Your success rate on this niche is highly dependent on the number of people who are directly subscribed to you.

There are also other programs available online that can polish your skills in email marketing.

Whatever you offer, be an expert in it, it will help you stand out from others in the online market.

10. Design a Mobile App:

You can earn money by designing a mobile app. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, as it requires some special skills and technical knowledge.

It is one of the best ways for any product and service to show their online presence.

11. Selling Photos Online:

What if your hobby helps you to generate some great revenue? Yes, that’s true.

If you have some extra skills to unlock your abilities in photography, then it is a great opportunity to earn online by selling your photos.

There are some companies who pay you as much as $100. You can join following sites to sell your photos.


12. Virtual Assistant:

This concept is becoming popular with every passing day.

The job of the virtual assistant is same as administrative assistants working onsite – but the only difference is, virtual assistant works from a remote location.

The best part is that virtual assistant can work with two or three organizations at a time, hence he has a potential to earn a large amount of cash from both hands. You can join following sites to work as a virtual assistant:


13: Get Paid for Installing Health Apps:

What if we say you will get paid for recording your daily healthy activities like tracking your food, walking or jogging? Yes, that’s right. Install AchieveMent on your phone and keep updated this app with your daily health activities.

There is no limit on your earning, the more time you spend using this app, the more reward points you will be able to get i.e. when you reach 10,000 points you will earn $10.

When you install this app, it automatically connects to your fitness app that you might have already installed like MyFitnessPal, HealthKit, and Run Keeper.

Sign up AchieveMent and claim your 10 reward points absolutely free.

14: Get Paid for Testing Websites:

There are companies in this world which care about your opinions more than anything else. You can earn up to $40 per hour for just sharing your views about websites.

Websites owners want their sites to get reviewed by someone else for providing the best user experience. You fill your pockets with extra bucks when you give honest opinion about the websites you have reviewed.

The best part is that you don’t need any prior experience or special skills to test websites. There are some general criteria that must be full-filled.

  • You must be 18 years old
  • Must have PC with fast internet connection
  • PayPal account for requesting your payment

Analysia requires website testers from different locations. You must have a microphone in order to complete the test.

Each test requires almost 15 min and bags you $10 through PayPal.

15: Download and Install these Apps to Get Paid:

There are companies which pay you for installing their apps. Possibility to earn extra cash depends on the time duration you keep that app installed in your device. Some of the apps include:

Nielsen Mobile App:

You can Sign up here to install this app. Nielsen company bags you $50 dollar when you keep their app in your device for one year.

After going through the registration process, they give you instructions to install the app, this may involve restarting your cell phone.

Placed Panel App:

This app works in the same fashion as above. When you keep this app in your device, it will reward you some points which can be redeemed for cash. Sign up here to get Placed Panel App.

16: Sell Your Cell Phone:

Cell phones are high in demand. If you are fed up with your old cell phone then you can sell it to make money for the new one. Site like Decluttr can buy your old cell phones and pay you for that.

17: Watch Videos and Make Extra Cash:

Nothing is more awesome than watching videos to get paid. Swagbucks will reward you Swagbucks points for watching celebrity videos, news or movie preview.

There is a time duration associated with every video you watch. The points you earn can be redeemed later for PayPal cash or gift cards.

Swagbucks gives you $10 for sign up. You can see detailed Swagbucks review here.

18: Tutoring:

If you are pretty nifty about your teaching skills, online tutoring is for you. Time flexibility is another advantage of using tutoring websites – you can pick any time to teach without disturbing your daily routine.

Join Tutorvista and share your skills in the relevant subject. You need to pass a subject exam and mock test before joining this site.

They accept the application for different subjects including Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and English.

19: Become a Translator:

Some people are from diverse backgrounds and know multiple languages.

If you are one of them, then this can be a good opportunity for you to become a translator and make money out of it. You can join Andovar and look for translator jobs.

20: Sell Your Antiques:

Are you fond of collecting antique things? Wouldn’t it be amazing to sell the things you collect and make money?

Before selling your antiques coins or sceneries, make sure the payment you get in return worth it.

There is no need to sell your antique collection for less than you deserve.

21: Share your Views:

There are companies which pay you bucks for sharing the honest opinion about their product.

It will keep them updated and allows them to provide the best user experience with top-notch quality.

You can earn up to $100 depending on the company you join for sharing views.

Join 2020panel and share your views to get paid.

22: Make Money by Sharing Videos:

You can make money by sharing viral videos with your friends on Whatsapp and Facebook. There is a list of videos to choose from.

Signup 101img and make money.

23: Switch your Search Engine:

It is likely your default search engine would be Google. You can make money doing the same things you normally do by simply switching the search engine.

You will get paid if you use Bing as your default search engine. Swagbucks is another option to get paid for your routine surfing.

24: Data Entry Jobs:

Fast typing skills can pay you bucks. You can find data entry work at Upwork.

Your earning with data entry work depends on how fast you can type with great accuracy.

Start working with this site even if you are a total beginner. You will grow as you proceed.

25: Work for Amazon:

There is a list of micro-tasks you can choose from Amazon Mechanical Turk.

Get paid for different tasks right from the comfort of your home. Choose flexible hours as you like and work with world-renowned retailers.

26: Pet Sitting:

If you are a pet lover, pet sitting can be extremely helpful to be with someone you love and feel happy spending time with.

Some people are concerned with their pets as much as they are for their children.

They don’t want their pets feel alone when they are not at home. They want to hire someone they can trust and feel comfortable leaving their pets with.

You can earn up to $3000 depending on the location you live in.

27: Drive Uber or Lyft:

Nowadays technology tries its best to leave no stone unturned in providing facility and convenience to people. Uber app connects drivers with riders through online technology.

You can drive for Uber or Lyft and pick any hours to drive that suits your daily schedule.

Earning depends on the time duration and the number of rides you take. More rides come with more commission.

28: Become a Brand Ambassador:

Showcase your glaring personality and get paid for it.

There is a number of renowned companies which look for a brand ambassador to increase their sales.

Check Indeed to look for the job as a brand ambassador.

29: Peer to Peer Lending:

Saving your money in your Bank Saving Account is a good approach to get some return on your investment.

However, if you want to increase commission, it is wise to lend your money in Lending Club.

There are a number of people who are willing to pay you more if you lend them money.

Lending Club works in a smooth and legal way, once you invest in this club, they will take care of everything and make sure you get a maximum commission on your investment.

30: Social Media Manager:

Social Media Manager is someone who handles social media accounts for any business.

He helps in maintaining and spreading an online presence for a specific business.

For example, there is a Pizza shop in your city and they want their online presence and don’t know how to do it.

You can help them as their social media manager and assist them in growing their business.

31: Start a Podcast:

It is very difficult to survive and grow without getting the advantage of online technology.

If you have skills and knowledge to share, you can choose any platform to spread your talent and make people aware of your expertise.

You can start Podcast, A platform works similar to blogging except here you need to speak instead of writing.

If you have great communication skills and have the ability to make people understand your point then starting a Podcast is best for you.

It is not one-night success process, it takes time. However, when you manage to maintain enough traffic then you will be getting many sponsorship knocking at your door.

32: Sell Your Hair:

Mostly you pay for getting a haircut.

This is not the case every time.

You can actually sell your hair on Hair Sell On and get few bucks.

33: Sell eBooks on Amazon:

Amazon houses a list of amazing books. If you have writing skills that can engage the audience, you can write an eBook and put on Amazon for people to buy.

You don’t have to write like a journalist, you just need to write in a way that can help people solve their specific problems.

If you know how to market your book, your chance of growing in this field is pretty great.

34: Start a Membership Site:

Starting a membership site is another way to make money.

In order to progress in a membership site, you need to target a specific niche.

This is where you can grow your audience and stand out from others.

35: Get Paid to Lose Weight:

What if we say you can get money for being healthier? You would hardly believe but that’s right.

You can join Healthy Wage and take part in a daily competition organized by this site.

You are becoming healthier and wealthier at the same time. Don’t believe me? Check the site above.

36: Contract Jobs on Upwork:

Upwork is a place where clients pay for lending your skills.

You can find number of jobs based on your skills including web designing, writing, graphic designing, data entry, programming and many more.

Clients always prefer Upwork if they want quality work.

Joining site like Fiverr is another option, but it is already saturated and clients pay you less than normal rate.

37: Sell Your Unwanted Stuff:

Pleasant feelings strike you hard when someone pays you for selling your unwanted stuff. Amazing, isn’t it?

You can sell your unwanted stuff on Craiglist.

38: Become an Online Proof Reader:

Every business intends to maintain an online presence.

They have writers to write stuff for them, but there is no one who can take care of written stuff if it is written correctly.

This is where you can step in and provide your skills.

You can make up to $60 per hour for being a proofreader. You can get more than that depending on the quality of work you provide.

39: Invest your Savings:

After maintaining your budget, if you have some money to spare, invest in something.

The good part is that your actual money would remain intact, and you will get a commission for your investment. More investment comes with more commission.

You can invest in Money Market Fund that comes with minimum risk.

40: Sell Gift Cards:

It is observed some people have a number of gift cards which they don’t use or redeem for cash.

If you’re one of them, you can sell your gift cards and get something in return.

You can sell them on Raise, A site which buys almost every kind of gift cards.

41: Participate in Paid Research Studies:

There are a number of companies who need someone to test their products. In this way, they can maintain quality and provide the best user experience.

They use paid research studies before launching their products.

You can find a number of companies online near your town which provide Paid Research Studies.

42: Grocery Shop for Others:

People of this era are busier than ever before. They don’t want them to involve in something that can take their pleasure of being at home away.

They want to hire someone to do their grocery shopping.

Sites like Shipt and Instacart are always in need of new shoppers.

43: Become an English Teacher:

People are highly concerned about the language that can help them grow and progress in their relative field.

Most of the knowledge we share and the skills we learn are written in English.

You can become an English language tutor and get paid for it.

A site like Aim4A always looks for people who can speak and teach English.

44: Creating an Online Course:

Creating an online course is an amazing way to get steady but sure money.

There are a number of people who don’t bother going physically to any institute for any education, they prefer online courses.

If you are worried about getting a huge audience before launching your course then Udemy is an amazing option to launch your course in front of huge audience.

45: Fixing a Resume:

In order to apply for any job, everyone needs a resume. But not everyone is pretty nifty about writing a resume.

You can step in and fix resume and help them in applying for a renowned employer.

46: Become a Personal Trainer:

Nowadays people are very obsessed with their health. They want their body in shape, so they are willing to pay high for this purpose.

You can be a personal trainer and provide health tips to a number of people. Your body must be in shape prior to being a personal trainer.

47: Start a Car Washing Business:

Starting a Car washing business is a decent approach to make money and it is high in demand in some places than others.

People don’t have time hand washing their cars, they prefer a company that can do it for them.

48: Edit Essays:

When you are writing something, editing is a necessary part to do it correctly.

In order to develop this talent, you need proper training and elusive skills.

Students want to get admission in the best college and writing an admission essay is necessary before getting admission in well-reputed college.

Almost everyone can write an essay but not everyone can edit and proofread it perfectly.

You can step in and develop this skill and become an editor for college admission essays.

49: Become a Copy Writer:

In an online world, every business needs to keep an online presence in order to increase sales.

A copywriter is someone who knows how to manipulate words in order to increase sales.

You can opt-in to become a copywriter and help business to progress and grow.

50: Start a Pop-up Shop:

Staring a pop-up shop can be an evident approach to increase financial growth.

Good thing is that you can work for flexible hours and continue working for your regular job.

51: Place Ads on your Automobile:

Wouldn’t be awesome to drive a car and earn some extra bucks? Place an ad on your car to help specific business to progress and grow.

Sites like Carvertise would love to connect with brands that will pay you if you help them advertise on your car.

52: Start Home Day-Care Business:

Some people love children more than others. If you love children you can start home day-care business at your home.

You need to go through a whole verification process for starting home day-care business in your area.

In this way, you will find massive time to spend with your children as well.

53: Work for Google:

Search Engines are always in need of improving their search results in order to provide user experience with the best quality.

This cannot be done automatically, it needs human force to do this.

You can become a search engine evaluator and help search engines improve their results and credibility.

Check Leapforce for getting this opportunity.

54: Paint Homes:

Where there is home, there is a need for painting. You can choose to become a painter and provide your services to paint homes.

55: Calligraphy:

Have you ever thought of playing with letters? Design wedding cards and invitation cards in your own way.

Spread your skills with different font combination and get paid for it. You can check Indeed for calligraphy jobs.

56: Home Cleaning:

There are many people who don’t want to involve in the hassle of cleaning their homes.

You can clean their homes and make money for it. Site like Housekeeper always remains in need of house cleaner.

57: Dog Walking:

This may be a good way to make some passive income.

If you don’t get too frightened under the company of dogs, then you can stay with them and get paid for accompanying and walking with them.

Join Rover and get paid for walking dogs.

58: Transcriptionist:

If you suck at design and writing skills, you can opt-in for transcriptionist job.

You can join TranscribeMe and get your hands on in this field. You can earn up to $1500 per month.

59: Apps:

Mobile demand is increasing with every passing moment.

And where there is mobile, there is always a need for a mobile app.

With thousands of apps in the market, there is still a scope of creating thousands more.

You could be someone who can create a multimillion app.

60: Become a Landscaper:

Are you fond of playing with flowers, plants and are interested in getting your hands on creating superb landscape?

There are companies which pay you for delivering your services for landscaping.

Check this site iHirelandscaping and look for your job regarding landscaping.

61: Online Coaching:

If you are well qualified for one specific niche, then this is the time to unlock your skills and get paid for them. Upwork is a great place to look for online coaching jobs.

62: Cooking:

If you like cooking and love to try different recipes, then you can start your own catering business right from the comfort of your home.

Cooks are high in demand and people love to hire people for birthday parties, wedding dinners, and other corporate events.

If you are a housewife and looking for passive income then cooking can turn out to be very profitable business for you.

63: Start a Side Business:

With the revolution of technology, some people don’t like 9 to 5 job and they don’t like to work under someone else’s rules and regulations.

You can beca ome personal stylist and start your own side business.

It takes time, but once you are able to grow your audience and build a brand name, chances of your success are pretty awesome.

64: Cell your Books:

Keeping a book which you have already read a number of times wouldn’t be a good idea.

You can make money for the books you think are of no good anymore.

Site like BookScouter buys your old books and pays you a decent amount for that.

65: Rent Out Your Car:

Thought of getting benefit from the things you don’t use for a certain amount of time is pretty fascinating.

If you are looking to plan a visit to your favorite place then you can rent out your car for a certain period.

You can check hyrecar to rent out your car.

66: Rent your Parking Space:

Have you ever thought of renting out your parking space during work hours? Try using Craiglist to rent out parking space.

67: Rent Clothes:

Some clothes you wear only on parties and weddings and they cover massive space in your closet for the rest of time.

You can rent out your clothes at Rentnotbuy that you wear every now and then.

68: Start Wedding Planning Business:

Where there is a wedding, there is always a need for well reputed wedding planner.

Wedding business can never go unpopular. You can step in and start your own wedding planning business to help couple arrange a well planned and organized wedding.

69: Flip Blogs:

Flipping blogs is similar to flipping websites. Simply you need to find a blog that no one is taking care of, you can do some work on them and sell them for higher value.

Blog that you buy for $500 can easily be sold, if you work with planning, in $5000.

This is when your blogging skills come into play. And you can turn your blogging skills into a well reputed business.

70: Start Interior Designing Business:

Do you have any designing skill that puts you ahead from others? Then this is the best time to start your interior designing business and make some extra money.

71: Sell Online:

Selling your daily usage things for the worth of garbage wouldn’t be a good idea. There are sites which pay you money that you deserve.

You can sell your things which you think are useless on Ebay or Craiglist.

72: Work with Airbnb:

Some people love to move around the city. If you are one of them, then you can work with Airbnb and guide tourists in your area. Or you can host them in your house.

73: Work as a Security Guard:

No company agrees to compromise on safety and security.

They always remain in need of security guards. You can step in and choose to become a security guard for a certain amount of time.

74: Work as a Delivery Driver:

You can work as a delivery driver and work for businesses in order to help them manage their deliveries.

Working with Uber Eat is a great option to start with.

75: Call Center Representative:

Do you have elusive communication skills? Then this is the right time to get paid for your talent.

This may look boring but you can make decent money for working as a call center representative.

76: Use Credit Cards:

You can take advantage of credit cards that come with lucrative rewards.

There are a number of companies that provide amazing offers for credit cards including movie points, travel points, and cashback rewards.

77: Make Infographics:

Articles with infographics have more chance to be shared on social media.

If you have the ability to make info graphics then you can make money out of it.

Clients are ready to pay more, depending on the quality of work you provide.

78: Earn with ETSY:

Make an account with ETSY and showcase your skills about art projects.

Clients on ETSY are willing to pay you what you deserve depending on the art project you produce.

79: Review Apps:

Similar to web develops, app developers also need someone to test their apps before launching.

In this way, they can get feedback and provide the best user experience.

You can be an app reviewer and make money by just providing your opinion.

80: Become a Mystery Shopper:

What is Mystery Shopping? A mystery shopper is someone who goes like a stranger and notices the activities of employees in the restaurant or shop and gives feedback to the employer.

You can become a mystery shopper and get paid for it.

81: Sell DVDs, CDs:

With the inception of online technology, most people love using internet for watching their favorite videos.

You can get rid of your piled up DVD collection. You may not get good payment for that, but it would be enough for you to have a dinner or two.

82: Give a Paid Speech:

If you have top-notch ability to convince people and can engage them in a proper way then you can become a speaker for some brand or business.

You can give a paid speech and unlock your sales ability to persuade customers.

83: Join Airtasker:

Airtasker is a freelance marketplace where you can find people who can do a task for you. Airtasker has a wide range of tasks where you can also make money by doing these tasks for others.

From cleaning, handyman, web development and many more, Airtasker can help you do it easily. You can go online or download the app and Airtasker will take you from ‘things to do’ to ‘everything’s done’.

Living outside Australia? No worries, the taskers are not necessary to be an Australian to join Airtasker. Just for example on the virtual assistant which is more on online works, the taskers can work in other counties and by the way Airtasker is also available in the UK and planning to expand in other countries soon.

Tips to Maximize Your Earning

The potential of earning online and otherwise is huge, however, it depends on your hard work and what is the most suitable niche that totally aligns with your abilities.

However, if you have a little know-how about any skill, you can start with that, you will grow with the passage of time.

Always keep an eye on scam sites. There are sites who give you nothing and you end up giving your personal information.

The sites that show too good to give you huge money without doing much effort are mostly scam sites.

You should agree on the same terms and conditions with your client before starting your project.

This will help in avoiding any hassle that may damage your reputation.

Do your homework properly. Don’t beg for projects, you can earn respect and make your name in this market by your hard work and proper planning.

Try to deliver your project within the time period assigned. In this way, you can create a positive impact on your client….. as the review client gives after the completion of your project does matter in the long run.

Kindly share your views and experiences with us about online earning in the comment section below.

And what are your reviews about this article? Your opinion would be highly appreciated as it will help us create quality stuff.

How do you make money? I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks for reading this article! Happy Earning.



A comprehensive read highlighting more than 80 ways to make extra money. Pick anyone as per your liking and start earning right away.



  1. great tips for earning some extra cash…. but I don’t necessarily think blogging is an easy way to make money. there’s a lot of hard work that comes into it I think.

  2. Maria, I can understand there is a lot of work involved in blogging. But if you work with proper planning and don’t get overwhelmed by the information spread across the internet, blogging turns out to be easy.


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