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Top 15 Best Online Survey Sites to Earn Some Extra Cash

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Internet market has revitalized the ways to earn online. Now, you can earn in your spare time right from the comfort of your home.

Online earning has converted into a big giant with a lot of big fish in this market.

Where there is an opportunity, there is always a risk of being scammed.

With the inception of making money online, there are many scammed companies who pay you nothing.

When you take the survey, it ends up asking your credit card details and you cannot complete the survey without giving your personal information.

So, you need to be very careful before you start taking the survey.

Nowadays, most of the people are very much keen to earn money as a passive income.

Research has shown, while people research a gateway to earn money, their first preference is to make money online.

I am going to list 15 Top 15 Best Online Survey Sites to Earn Some Extra Cash. Hop on the board to get started.

1: Swagbucks:

When it comes to easy money, Swagbucks tops the list. It gives you money, not only for taking surveys but also for doing some tasks and watching videos.

You can earn some exclusive points by completing the tasks that resonate with your behavior and you’ll always prefer to come back for what this site has to offer.

You’ll get some cash and reward in return for the points you earn. You can use these reward points to their retailer they are incorporated with.

There is also an option available if you want to convert points directly into cash.

If you earn 16000 Swagbucks, you’ll be liable to get 100 cash via PayPal. The easiest way to earn SB points quickly is to join the SB search engine instead of Google or Bing.

I have also penned down the detailed Swagbucks Review. Click here to check the review.

Join Swagbucks

2: MindSwarms:

Top paying survey sites give you $15 or 20 for every survey you complete.

This is the area where MindSwarms differs, as it gives you $50 for every survey you complete. You must know one thing before you start that survey, they are the video surveys.

As soon as you sign up, you need to record the video in order to answer the available questions.

This video is needed to create the demographic of your profile which then uses to resonate with the surveys looking for your demographic.

Every survey comes with 7 available questions. It will hardly take 15 to 20 minutes to complete the survey.

Did I mention that there are also other surveys available that have one question only? But you’ll get only $10 for this type of survey.

The amazing part is that there is no minimum eligibility criteria to withdraw your money.

Sign up MindSwarms

3: MyPoints:

Started in 2004, MyPoints is a legit site to earn some extra cash online. In order to join MyPoints, you must be 18 years or above and a resident of US or Canada.

It gets you beyond taking surveys only as you’ll get paid for various other tasks too like reading email, printing out coupons or playing games.

As the name suggests, they pay their members in terms of points. And you get the flexibility of redeeming that points in terms of cash, travel miles, or gift cards.

You’ll get your cash in 4, 5 days after you redeem your points.

Sign up this site. As you fill it up with your info, it will take you to the survey.

For every 1400-1700 points, you’ll get a gift card of worth $10. However, if you want to withdraw $25, which is a minimum limit to withdraw from PayPal, then you have to get at least 4550 points.

The point worth mentioning is that MyPoints comes with a lot of links pertaining to brand stores. You’ll earn 2 points back for every dollar you spend through any of these links.

Join MyPoints

4: Survey Junkie:

Introducing Survey Junkie – An online platform to complete a survey which gives you some extra cash and reward points in return.

Sign up with Survey Junkie. It comes with a list of the surveys to choose from.

You can pick the right survey based on your needs and points you want to earn.

You can withdraw cash through PayPal once you reach the minimum threshold which is $25.

You will be awarded $10 as long as you are able to get 1000 points.

There are not many surveys to take because it only comes up with the survey that interests you or you may be qualified for.

Another area where it lacks is their availability to countries like UK, US, Canada, and Australia only.

Join Survey Junkie. You will get 25 reward points when you create your account.

5: Inbox Dollars:

In terms of ease of use and earning some decent income (if not thousands of dollars), Inbox Dollars is worth mentioning here.

Established in 2000, it is a platform that connects advertisers to consumers. You will be getting money by taking part in surveys, redeeming coupons, playing games and much more.

One of the easiest way to earn some extra cash is by switching your search engine into Inbox Dollars.

Once you reach as much as $30, you can withdraw your payment. You must be a Gold Member in order to process your money quickly.

The great part is that it houses the members internationally provided that you are 18 years or above.

As you sign up, you will be rewarded with $5 bonus immediately.

Join Inbox Dollars

6: Valued Opinions:

This survey site was founded in 2000. Equipped with over 6 million members, it delivers its services to 37 countries internationally.

The amazing part is that members can take surveys in 15 different languages.

You can join Valued Opinions free of cost. As you sign up this site, you will be getting emails pertaining to surveys which hardly take 20 minutes to complete.

When you reach a threshold of $20, you will be allowed to redeem it for gift cards.

You can get the gift cards from some branded store like Amazon, Macy’s, and BlockBuster.com. This app is available for both i.e. Android and iOS.

Join Valued Opinions

7: Savvy Connect:

If you are keen to take surveys, you must consider this site. Savvy Connect comes with an elusive offer of getting $5 for installing this app in your device.

You will get the same amount if you install it for more than one devices.

It has a referral system by which you will earn from $5 to $15 for every person you refer provided that the person installs that app.

Great thing is that there is no minimum cash criteria to withdraw your earning.

Sign up Savvy Connect

8: PineCone Research:

Run by Nielsen, PineCone Research has made their name in online market by providing quick and easy service.

It is a product testing platform which is available on invites only i.e. there is no register or signup button on their site.

You can only sign in on their site if you are invited by some of their affiliate links.

It has an A+ rating which comes with a reward point system. Each reward point is associated with $.01 cash.

It means you will be getting $10 for every 1000 points you get.

Minimum eligibility criteria to withdraw your cash is $3. Another area where this site differs is their reliable and efficient customer service.

They go far, far out of their way to make their customers satisfied.

Rest assured, the survey you take and information you fill in won’t be exposed to any third party.

Join PineCone Research

9: YouGov:

If you are looking to meet your petty needs, then YouGov is a perfect solution for you.

It comes with a reward system which can be used either way i.e. by turning it into cash or getting some gift cards.

You need to achieve a certain threshold before having that points to be redeemed.

YouGov also comes with a feature to reward you some points when you share your opinion on their site.

You can sign up for free just by providing your name and email address.

As soon as you get 5000 points, you will be eligible to get 50 British pounds. YouGov accepts their members internationally.

Join YouGov

10: eMiles:

Are you obsessed with traveling? If yes, then you should consider this site to take the survey.

As long as you complete the survey, or watch ads, you will be awarded exclusive points which can be redeemed to get hotel or flight offers.

Point to be noted; the points you earn come with a flexibility to be used both ways i.e. to travel or to get gift cards from Amazon.

Signing up is too easy and quick. I guarantee you will be taking surveys and completing tasks just after signing up.

Sign up eMiles

11: SpringBoard:

SpringBoard is a well-reputed site that comes with short and easy surveys.

You will be eligible to get some extra cash for every survey you complete successfully. Money range for every survey you take is between $0.05 to $5.

Once you reach $50, you will be allowed to withdraw your cash. The moment you sign up, you will be added by default to their lucky draw worth $1000.

Join SpringBoard

12: Parent Speak:

This is one of the leading survey sites specially designed for parents.

It is a platform where parents can discuss anything with each other.

Most of their surveys are pertaining to products and topics which are directly or indirectly related to parents.

Completing some surveys may give you as much as $50.

However, it depends on the time of the survey you take and the nature of the survey.

Sign up Parent Speak

13: KidzEyes:

This site is specially designed for kids and it covers the topics related to TV shows, toys, clothes, and games.

In order to get started, you must age between 6 to 12 and a resident of US.

The idea behind making this site is to allow the companies to get feedback from kids in order to improve their services and products.

Getting 10 points is equal to $1 and when you reach $10, you will be allowed to withdraw the payment through PayPal.

Join KidzEyes

14: VIP Voice:

VIP Voice comes with some interesting and legit surveys to take. Unlike other survey sites, they don’t give you an option for gift cards or direct cash.

You can claim your points in two ways:

Sweepland: here you can win electronics or some extra cash

BidLand: here you will be asked to bid on different available products and services.

VIP Voice is available at 5 different levels. As you complete the survey, you will gradually move up to the higher level.

You will be awarded VIP qualification points as you complete the survey successfully. Level 1 members are eligible for getting 25 points, while level 5 members are eligible for getting 200 points.

Sign up VIP Voice

15: Harris Poll:

Harris Poll is more like fun with versatile features. Some surveys are short with a total duration of 5 minutes and some are long enough and take 25 minutes to complete.

It comes with a variety of surveys ranging from direct mail assignments to telephonic surveys.

They also give prize money of worth $10,000 to their lucky winner in every 3 months.

Once you click to redeem the rewards points, your request will take up to 15 days to be processed. You may be asked to download different software to your device.

Sign up Harris Poll

Things worth considering before joining online survey sites:

Following are the main points you must consider before you start taking surveys.

ONE. There are plenty of sites out there that are scams and give you nothing in the end. Sites that anticipate to make you rich overnight or promise a big reward without doing much effort are mostly scams.

TWO. Always try to withdraw your payment when you reach the minimum Sometimes it happens they put your money on hold for no good reason.

THREE. Don’t ever fall a prey of giving money for joining these sites. The sites listed above are totally free to apply for.

FOUR. It is highly recommended you sign up for as many sites as possible. It will give you an opportunity to earn more and you don’t need to wait too long as some surveys only come up once or twice in a month.

FIVE. It is advised to create a separate email ID for creating an account on survey sites. Giving your regular email would result in piling up your inbox with a bunch of emails. If you create separate email, you can easily check emails that are totally related to survey sites.

Share your experience about earning through survey sites in the comment section below. And what are your views about this article? Do you find it useful?

Your opinion would be highly appreciated as you are the people who keep us alive and motivated and we try our best to give you the quality content based on your needs.


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