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Top 12 Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

Top 12 Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners, how to earn with online transcription

(Published Date January 10, 2019)

Making money online is easy as long as you know, how to do it effectively.

There are tons of jobs out there, hiring a number of people ranging from beginners to experts based on the nature of work and location.

With the recent surge in freelancing jobs, people are grossly shifting from traditional jobs to freelancing and becoming their own boss and do what they truly love.

Online transition jobs for beginners are the best for people who come with little to no prior skill in any particular niche.

In order to get started, all they need is a computer with a solid internet connection.

And if you are good in English, that is an added advantage, however, with little know-how about the English language can bag you a bunch of dollars. You don’t need to be grammar geek or flawless in communication.

If you are a student, looking to earn some extra cash to pay off a student loan or a housewife with a bunch of spare time, you can turn your free time into pure gold and make money as a transcriptionist.


We will be discussing it in this post. Just bear with me a few minutes.

What is transcription job anyway?

Most of you already know, what transcription is all about, however, if you don’t – transcription is nothing but converting audio files into words. You will be given an audio file from your client, and you have to convert it into words in a given time.

It can be anything ranging from business, finance, law to general audio files. If you have any background in medical or law field, you can stand out from others and make more money.

As a beginner, it is advised to join general category, and as you progress and grow with the passage of time and become pro in converting the file, you can pick a certain niche and build your portfolio around it.

What are the prerequisites to get started?

There are very few requirements to work as a transcriptionist. They are so easy, anyone can do it.

If you plan to work as a transcriptionist, you must encompass

  • Good typing skills
  • Good listening skills
  • English to hunt down grammatical errors
  • How to deal with client effectively
  • Ability to listening client’s requirements
  • Fast and reliable internet connection
  • Proofreading skills
  • Ability to meet deadlines
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere

Benefits and Limitations

Every job you do online comes with pros and cons.

In case of working as a transcriptionist, you have the flexibility to work from home and any time you want.

You can work both ways: either with a direct client or with companies.

There is one limitation of working with companies, although you get a job instantly, companies pay less than an individual client. However, there is a consistent flow of work, the more you spend time converting audio into words, the more you get paid.

It is true it takes time hunting down the potential client who pays well, but once you get the client, you will get paid more than other companies.

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Top 12 Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners

I have nailed down top 12 places for online transcription jobs for beginners. Let’s dive in and get down to the nitty-gritty of freelance online transcription jobs.

1. GoTranscript

It is a UK based company hiring freelancers around the globe.

They have dedicated a team to keep a constant look at the quality of work you deliver and give feedback on regular basis and in case you lack any requirement client demands at first place, you will get notified instantly.

They pay through PayPal or Payoneer on weekly basis. You have a lot of potential to make money anywhere from $150 to $1200.

It all depends on the complexity of the work and the working hours per month.

Of course, these are not getting rich schemes, but they are enough to help you arrange your next meal.

You must have good listening skills, as they pick only those candidates who pass their test as an eligibility criteria.

Pay special heed on your typing skills, it is imperative to increase your earnings.

And it is not about how fast you type, but how you type with accuracy in less time brings more value to your work.

2. Scribie

Scribie is another great option to start with and they pay anywhere from $5 to $25 per hour. They hire freelance transcribers from all around the world.

Audio files for conversion are short and normally stretch over 6 minutes or less.

In terms of payment, they are one step ahead from their peer as they give payment per day as compared to other companies that pay per week.

There is a good part – there is no minimum withdraw criteria with no obligations or monthly commitments.

3. SpeakWrite

This company offers a variety of transcription jobs depending on your expertise. You can pick any job related to medical, law, legal or private sector clients.

They hire people from US and Canada as an individual contractor working from home.

This site pays well and values both: earners and clients. People can make anywhere from $300 to $500 per month.

4. Transcribe Anywhere

It is one of the best websites bagging you transcription online jobs. You have both options: pick up their online course and brush up your skills for securing the high paying clients or you can start transcribing right away.

You need to pass their test for securing your position on their platform. They will guide you step by step with useful techniques to get the job in an effective way.

You can make anywhere from $20 to $40 as per your existing skills and the nature of the work handed over.

5. TranscribeMe

TranscribeMe is another place to start with as a beginner. The eligibility criteria is similar to transcribe anywhere. You need to pass the test in order to get the relevant job.

You must have PayPal account in order to get paid. And you will get paid on weekly basis.

They have clearly written some enticing points on their website to persuade:

  • No need to look for work. It comes to you.
  • Transcribe whenever and wherever. (24/7)
  • Work as much or as little as you like.
  • Transcribe short 2-4 minute clips, not long interviews.

If these points are not enough to make your mind to work as a freelance transcriptionist, then I don’t know what will.

This platform is quite handy in terms of making money right from the comfort of home and work with potential clients.

6. VerbalInk

This company works on the similar pattern as mentioned above. You need to pass the test before start working for this company.

They hire freelancers that can work remotely located anywhere in the world.

They have a thorough screening process to hire potential employees, and they promise to deliver quality service to their clients.

The clients have to pay $1.50 per minute in order to convert their audio files into words.

7. DailyTranscription

Be it beginner or an expert in transcription, they are always open to hiring new members in their community.

They have some limitations in terms of hiring people from remote locations as they hire people from US and Canada only.

Job opportunities lie anywhere from entertainments, legal, medical to business.

8. CastingWords

Here, you will get paid per minute converting audio files into words.

They come with flexible conditions and you have an option to pick the relevant audio file, listen to it and decide if you can transcribe it effectively.

They hire both beginners as well as experts and you can apply from anywhere around the world.

9. Appenscribe

This company provides you with a great opportunity to work right from the comfort of your home. It is based in Australia and is open to hiring freelance transcriptionist around the world.

You need to pass the English test in order to get selected for jobs available on their platform.

Don’t get haunted by the word “test”. They are not going to gauge your communication skills with strong grammar.

If you understand English well and come with good listening skills, you are good to groove in and start working for them right away.

10. 1888-Typeitup

You will get paid twice a month via PayPal. No past experience is required. You can join and start working after passing the test.

You can make up to $2 per minute for successful conversion of audio files.

If you plan to work for them, fill out the job application and they will get back to you at their earliest.

Warning: Once you intend to work for them, make sure, you don’t call them for any query. As they have written on their page:

“Please understand that we strive to keep the telephone line open for clients, so we ask for no phone calls from applicants, please. It is imperative that we test both your transcription accuracy and your ability to follow directions. Ergo, any phone call from an applicant results in an automatic failure of that applicant’s transcription test.”

And most importantly, they are not interested in your typing speed, they are highly concerned about the accuracy of the written content.

11. BabbleType

You can apply for work over there. All you need is a strong internet connection, laptop and a few hours to spare in peace where you can work with full attention and dedication.

It is all about delivering the quality work, instead of dispatching the work with full of errors.

With Babbletype, you can work anytime you pick as per your daily routine.

They work on a daily assignment cycle where you can sign up for assignments anytime up to 4 PM Eastern Time each day, and you need to complete all assignments by 4 PM the next day.

Make sure to pay special heed on the quality of work you deliver as they routinely provide feedback on all of the work delivered.

You will get paid on weekly basis.

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12. TranscriptionHub

They hire freelancers from around the world. You can turn your free time into a money-making machine.

You won’t be earning enough to make your living, but this turns out to be a great opportunity to make a side hustle.

Your work will be evaluated before you actually start working for them. And based on the quality of work you provide, you will be classified in any of three categories i.e. Gold, Silver or Bronze along with access to their Live Transcription Marketplace.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading it. You are most welcome to comment in the section below with your valuable suggestions. Thanks for reading the post.


These online transcription jobs are quick way to bag some dollars in your pocket right away. Turn your free time into money making machine



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