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The Ultimate List Of Online Sites That Pay For Everyday Tasks

the ultimate list of online sites that pay for everyday tasks

(Published Date January 18, 2019)

You live a routine life.

And sometimes you weed through the internet and strive to find the ways to make side hustle and supplement your regular income.

You may be wondering, you need a bunch of technical skills to make decent money online.

This is not true.

Online technology has made things easy more than ever before.

There are some online sites that pay you for everyday tasks? Sounds too good to be true?

I can understand.

You would hardly believe when making money so easy that you get paid for the tasks you do every day.

If you are using smartphone or laptop anyway, why not turn into a money making a machine that gives you peace of mind with the thought – if you are spending some time on the internet, it won’t get wasted and help you make decent money sometimes for surfing the internet only.

Most of the times people fail to make money online, not because they don’t want to, but they don’t do their homework and proper research to find the sites that pay well and on time for doing minuscule tasks that you overlook quite often.

In this post, I have compiled the ultimate list of online sites that pay for everyday tasks.

Let’s jump right in.

The Ultimate List Of Online Sites That Pay For Everyday Tasks

Following are some sites that pay you for tasks you do every day.

1. Bing Rewards

Most of the people use the Google search engine for surfing and finding the relevant answer for their query.

However, this is not the only search engine that gives you valuable solutions for your queries.

Bing is another great place to get your question answered.

You can switch from Google to Bing search engine and make money for surfing including various tasks that you can do on this platform.

This program is introduced by Microsoft and you will get paid for doing micro tasks that you do on a regular basis.

Here you will be awarded for specific points for every task you complete ranging from surfing, playing games, doing shopping and taking quizzes.

They upload offers on daily basis you can pick from and make decent money completing them.

This is one of the easiest ways to earn money for things you do every day.

2. Swagbucks

If you fond of making money by surveys sites, I’m sure you have heard about Swagbucks that comes with different offers like watching videos and ads, playing games and completing surveys.

This is one of the best websites to take surveys on regular basis and make a side hustle.

You already know, completing the tasks on websites like this won’t keep your pockets full of dollars but they will help you boost your passive income.

3. User Testing

Online technology keeps us connected effectively.

The potential visitor is the main asset when it comes to giving feedback about the working of particular websites. This helps companies grow and develop the products as per the needs and requirements of the customers.

User Testing is a great place to share your opinion about certain websites and get paid in return. You can make up to $15 for every product you test and review in exchange for spending only 20 minutes of your precious time.

4. UserFeel

This is a great platform to become a tester and earn $10 per test.

It gives you the flexibility to complete tasks from your computer or smartphone. If you are feeling difficulty to get started, you can watch video on their front page and get a hold of how it works.

You need to pass the qualifying test before you become eligible for testing the different products.

Each test will take anywhere from 10 to minutes for completion.

Once you make your profile and get accepted after completing the initial test, you will be given some tasks to perform like finding the product on an e-commerce store and walk from picking the product to the end of checkout process.

It will help site owners see problems customer may come across when they choose the product and check out.

5. Analysia

This is somehow similar to UserFeel. You will get paid to share your personal experience about a particular website.

You can make up to $10 while only spending 10 to 15 minutes for surfing the particular website.

Get paid surfing website while telling them your personal experience about it.

If you have a good internet connection with system and microphone in handy, you can qualify for the test.

They accept people from around the world with diverse backgrounds.

6. Cash4offers

Cash4Offers comes with many offers to make money right from the comfort of your home.

The mostly online activity you will get paid for includes taking surveys, reading emails, completing cash offers and referring to your friends.

Once you sign up and make an account with this site, you can claim $5 in your account right away. And as soon as you reach the minimum threshold to withdraw your amount, you will switch to Gold Member who can get payments in less than 72 hours.

You have a lot of earning potential to earn and make money from this site which will either transfer amount in your PayPal account or accommodate you with gift cards which you can use online and buy things of your interest.

7. Perk

Perk website is the true example to meet the need and perks of being at home.

As you complete different tasks, you will get perk points which you can redeem for cash in return. It is five start app which gives you the flexibility to earn decent money.

Apart from watching TV, there are so many ways to earn and they have given above $57m till date to their valuable visitors.

You can redeem your Perk Points on a variety of Gift Cards from a different online store like, Gap, Starbucks, Target, Amazon, and Walmart.

8. MrRebates

As you join this site and do shopping from different online stores available as a partner of this platform, you will get some amount of cash back instantly.

Percentage of cashback varies for every store. You can save anywhere from 2% to 15% from the amount you spent buying different products.

9. Ebates

Ebates is quite similar to MrRebates – you can get up to 40% cash back for shopping on different e-commerce stores.

Online stores make a partnership with Ebates and pay a commission every time visitors come over and buy from online stores. It is another way to pay for deriving traffic to other websites.

You can sign up three ways – from Facebook, Gmail or putting separate personal email ID. As you signup and complete your profile, you will get an instant bonus of $10.

10. Intellishop

Intellishop is a great place for a mystery shopper.

You know it already what mystery shopping is, if you don’t – it is a process in which you’ll call or visit companies and act like a regular customer.

After paying a visit, you have to give feedback to Intellishop about how you feel and the service you get in the shop.

It will help companies create a careful customer experience and solve the major problems regular customers may come across on daily basis.

They also work in another way.

You can join their team of experts and carefully evaluate different websites by clicking and exploring the websites carefully and help companies grow, excel and improve upon the areas they lack.

Sign up right away and turn your spare time into few bucks.

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11. BestMark

BestMark is another great place for mystery shoppers. You will get paid by just sharing your personal experience.

They have a handful of potential clients ranging from restaurants, financial institutions, resorts, hotels, retail stores, to casinos.

They evaluate and pick the mystery shoppers after the initial test as they claim to provide the fresh and relevant perspective to the clients that help them increase their sales and revenue in general

BestMark provides 10,000-plus mystery shop opportunities to plenty of people each month covering more than a dozen industries.

12. AppLike

You can earn to play games.

Yes, you heard that right.

Download AppLike on the device, earn points and make money for the apps you download and continue to play.

The more time you spend playing and using different apps, the more you can earn real rewards and gifts.

Anyone will little or no skill in hand can leverage this app and make decent money every month.

13. SurveySavvy

When it comes to making money online using Survey sites, SurveySavvy never fails to secure its position in one of the top survey sites that pay well and on time.

Here you will get paid to share your opinion. They come with a strong referral system, where you will get paid for referring this site to your friends.

Based on their valuable experience with a lot of people, they have introduced their app called SavvyConnect that gives you the opportunity to earn with your smartphone.

If you download it for all your devices and you’ll get $5 a month for each one just to keep it installed.

14. FusionCash

Before you get to know about this site, there is one limitation, it only works in the US.

As you signup and complete the profile, you will get $5 bonus right away.

You have multiple options to earn with like completing the offers, clicking links, watching videos and downloading mobile apps.

There is an amazing opportunity for people who love to write and share their expertise across the web – if you join their forum and post almost 30 threads or comments a month, you can earn $3.

15. Qmee

This extension will help you earn with tasks you do every day.

You need to install Qmee in your browser.

This extension is highly based on the user experience and when someone searches for anything over the internet, it comes up with best deals. It makes online shopping easy and hassle-free more than ever before.

16. MainStreetShares

You will get some percentage of cash back for every shopping you do from this platform.

Moreover, they are one step ahead from others in their niche.

You will not only get the opportunity to get cash back, but you can earn virtual shares as part of their profit sharing program.

17. JoinHoney

JoinHoney is nothing but a Qmee in disguise.

It is also another browser extension that helps you save money as you shop online.

It comes with a number of promo codes for different deals. As you use this platform, you will earn HoneyGold which is a term used to bag you some points that you can redeem for Amazon and other gift cards.

Honey is a one-stop shop to give you a bundle of options to pick with and offer the best codes that save you both time and money.

18. Extrabux

Extrabux has been working since 2006 and, of course, you can’t argue about the authenticity of this platform and the best service they have provided over the period of time.

It is a house for more than 2000 stores, where you can get cash back anywhere from 2% to 30%. Sounds weird? I know.

19. Second-to-None

Again a mystery shopping service provider.

They work similar to other companies falling under mystery shopping where you will be getting paid every time you visit any shop as a mystery shopper and give your personal experience about the product.

They have been working for almost 30 years and come with an A+ rating from BBB.

Still one drawback.

They only work in the US and Canada.

This has been all for now. I hope you have got a clear picture of a number of online sites that pay for everyday tasks. You are most welcome to share your valuable suggestion in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


This is a list of online sites that pay for everyday tasks? If you are using computer or smartphone anyway, why not convert them into a side hustle?



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