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Top 10 Genuine Online Captcha Entry Sites

earn with captchaTechnology has changed substantially over the years.

The sooner you adopt the diversity of technology in all of your life matters, the better.

Making money is not same as it was several years ago. Now, when it comes to making money, you consider both the amount of earning and the way how you earn.

Adopting the ways to make money that requires hard work are becoming obsolete.

Now, you can make more money if you work well but in a smarter way.

Internet world comes with a lot of ways that allow you to make money online.

But, when it comes to legit ways to make money that requires less work and gives you maximum output, options are limited. I have already discussed top 12 genuine ways to make money online.

Let me take you in the world of making money online in the easiest way that requires no skills.

Yes, it is possible. All you need is a computer and fast internet and you are good to go.

Online Captcha entry sites allow you to make money in the easiest way possible.

What is Captcha? And why do companies need Captcha solver?

Before you try and hands on these Captcha solving sites, you need to have a clear idea what actually Captcha is?

Most of the people are well aware of the Captcha solving criteria but this is for the people who have never listened to the word Captcha before.

Captcha is an image that comes with characters and numbers and you need to identify the exact numbers and put in the box given in the Captcha solving image.

Sometimes, when you come to your Facebook account or you want to join any other site – before completing the registration or login process – an image comes before completing the registration process that demands you to enter the exact characters appearing on that image.

Most of the sites require this type of Captcha solving image to avoid the scam log in from bots or automatic systems.

earn with captcha

There are many enterprises who need to sign up on different sites for marketing purpose and for creating a brand name.

The software of these companies generates the Captcha image in order to sign up for different sites.

As for now, there is no technology available that identifies and solves the Captcha correctly.

So these companies need a Captcha solver in order to properly log in to different sites.

Online Captcha Entry Sites:

Following are the top 10 Captcha enter sites to make money online in a smarter way.

Amazing thing is that you don’t need any technical skills to join these sites. If you know English alphabets and have good typing speed, you can easily make $2 to $3 per hour.

The money you earn depends on your typing speed and how quickly you apprehend the word written on the image. You will get paid for every Captcha image you solve successfully.

1: Captchatypers:

Captchatypers is one of the well reputed online earning websites. They have gained a great repute because they pay well and on time. Your typing skills will give you money.

If you can type 30 wpm then you can make a decent amount from this website. For every Captcha you solve correctly, you can earn from $0.5 to $1.5 per 1000 image.

You need an admin panel in order to make money from this site. Be aware, there is no money required to get admin panel, it is free of cost.

2: 2Captcha:

2Captcha falls second on this list of making money from online Captcha entry sites.

One thing worth mentioning is that this site loads images very fast i.e. within 10 seconds, so you can earn well in limited time.

You can earn up to $1.2 per 1000 Captcha image you solve correctly. Once you reach the minimum threshold of payout i.e. $3, you can request your money and withdraw it from PayPal.

3: Qlickgroup:

Qlinkgroup is another top paying sites for Captcha solving.  Minimum payout is $2 that you can withdraw from your PayPal account.

In solving the Captcha, accuracy is important – this site may block you if you are unable to solve a number of Captchas correctly. So, you need to pay special heed in identifying the characters in the images correctly.

4: Protypers:

Protypers comes forth because of their flawless service and user-friendly interface. If you work with consistency, you can earn $200 from this site.

You can earn more, however, it depends on the time you would spend in solving the Captcha image, your accuracy and typing speed.

Type more to earn more but with accuracy. They pay from 0.5$ to $1.5 per 1000 Captcha image you solve successfully. Protypes comes with a lot of payment options including Paypal, Western Union, Payza and Perfect Money.

5: Kolotibablo:

Kolotibablo is a popular site to make money from online Captcha entry sites.

You can withdraw your payment from Webmoney and Payza. Before joining Kolotibablo, it is wise to read their terms and conditions.

They strictly follow their rules and your account may get banned if they find any suspicious activity and you are unable to submit the Captcha image correctly many times.

This site comes with a referral program, so more referral comes with more commission. You need to work hard and with consistency in order to earn well.

6: Megatypers:

Megatypers earns the 6th position in Captcha entry sites. You can withdraw your payment through Payza, Western Union, and Paypal.

It is one of the best online earning sites where you get paid up to $1.5 per 1000 image you type correctly.

Earning capacity from this website is massive and you can earn up to $300 per month.

7: Captcha2cash:

Captcha2cash lands on top earning online sites where you earn as much as you can if you work with dedication and persistence.

In terms of ease of use, despite its study look, it gives you the chance of decent earning.

Once you reach a minimum threshold of $1, you can request your payment.

8: VirtualBee:

VirtualBee started working in 2001. It is one of the oldest Captcha entry sites.

Evaluation test is required in order to qualify for this site. Captcha work depends on your score, more the score, more is the chance of massive earning.

9: Fasttypers:

Fasttypers pays you well and on time. You just need a fast internet connection and system and you are good to earn from this site.

Spending more time on this site is of no use if you don’t type with accuracy.

You can earn up to $1 per 1000 image you type successfully. Add this site in your list of online earning.

10: PixProfit:

In Pixprofit you need to type the correct alphabets and numbers appearing on the image.

Minimum payout is $3. If you can type 10 image per minute, then you have a good chance of decent earning.

PixProfit comes with a lot of payment options including Alertpay, Webmoney, and Paypal.

Points to Remember:

In order to earn maximum, it is wise to sign up for maximum sites. Sometimes it may happen, the server of the specific site goes down, and you cannot make money at that time.

If you have joined other Captcha entry sites, then you have an equal chance of making money from other sites.

Working hard is necessary, but how you work that’s important.

If you try to solve maximum Captcha in minimum time and you don’t consider accuracy your first priority then there is no need to join these sites.

You will end up getting nothing if you are unable to comprehend image correctly.

This is not a quick rich job. You have to be patient and work with dedication in order to earn decent money.

In the start, it may seem you are not getting good income after giving you much time. But you need to be persistent in order to earn well.

Don’t get frustrated if you are unable to make $3 per hour. Just continue your hard work, first you need to make a repute with your dedication then you will grow as you proceed.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t worry if your typing speed is not too fast. You will obtain high typing skills with the passage of time.

These are the top 10 Captcha Entry sites. Do you have any experience of making money from Captcha sites? Please share your experience in the comment section below.


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