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How to Make Money with NeoBux? Is it Really Worth Joining?


When you try to explore easy ways of making money online, you really get overwhelmed by the given options and you are not able to decide which method you should pick to make some extra bucks. In terms of ease of use, PTC (Paid to Click) sites are the best to make money online. These are the sites who pay you for watching ads or completing different tasks. One thing worth mentioning is that you need no or minimum qualification to get these task done. You can make some decent money if you work properly and according to the instruction given on the site.

What are PTC sites?

PTC sites are the sites which give you money by watching ads or completing different tasks. There is only a time limitation associated with making money from PTC sites. More the time you spend in watching ads, more the revenue will be.

The main idea behind PTC sites is that they connect the advertisers to the visitors. Advertisers want to have more traffic on their sites and they want to approach quality visitors to sell their products. PTC sites provide a middle pathway for those advertisers who give money to PTC sites for displaying their ads and visitors get few amount of the money paid to PTC sites by advertisers.

NeoBux Review:

Do you really think you can make money by NeoBux? Is it worth joining and how you can make money from this site without investing much time? Let’s figure out how it works.

NeoBux is not a new idea in this revolutionary market of making money online. It has been paying its members since 2008.

One thing I must say, when it comes to making money online with PTC (Paid to Click) sites, Neobux tops the list because of their easy and quick ways to give you money at home without investment.

I would suggest you to read the full article. I will disclose how you can earn maximum from this site. And what are its drawbacks and how much money, if any, you need to invest to start earning from this site?

How it Works?

When you are at the home page of this site, you need to click “register” at the top right corner of the page. Once you click on the register button, it will take you to the page below.

Here you need to put your correct information in order to get activated and start earning from your account. Once you fill up the page with your information, an activation email will be sent to the email you provided. You need to click that validation email ID in order to activate your account.

Now you are few clicks away from claiming your first payment. On the main page of your account, you can see the options by which you can make money i.e. View Advertisements, Games, and Offers.

1: View Advertisements:

When you click on the “view advertisements” option, the page will appear on your screen like mentioned below. You can see the ads and money associated with them.

1.1 A problem associated with Dynamic IP address:

You don’t need to worry about that if you encounter with a message “another user with my IP address has already seen the ads in last 24 hours”. As they only credit for ads under same IP address within 24 hours. Most of the times dynamic IPs are delivered to the system according to geographical location, so it may happen the IP address that assigns you today, would be assigned someone yesterday or some hours ago.

Note: Advertisements must not be viewed on the phone and tablets otherwise it will result in the complete suspension of your account. And advertisement must be clicked by mouse only, not by any other method.

2: Games:

When you click on the “games options”, you will see a page as mentioned below.

Reward per game session is $0.0005. There are some rules and regulations to make money by playing games. In order to get the credit, you need to play the game for at least 2 minutes. You can play for less than 2 minutes but the company won’t be compensating you in that case.

In order to get the money you must finish a game either by winning it or losing it. You must not quit games too many times without losing or winning it otherwise you could get banned from the system or least you will be abandoned from playing games.

3: Offers:

When you click on the “offers” button on the main page, it will take you to the mini-jobs. The main idea of doing mini-jobs is to solve problems relating to business lead verification, product categorization, data collection and academic research.

Although you will get paid instantly for doing mini jobs, but sometimes there may be a delay of 15 minutes and in rare cases delay could extend to 2 days. Rest assured you will get paid for the task you do successfully.

3.1 Commission associated with Mini Jobs:

When you complete your mini job and earn $1, you will be liable to get 18% commission as a standard member and 30% commission as a golden member. And you will be awarded 12% commission when you referral earns money by completing mini-jobs.

3.2 What if you don’t find any Mini Job:

You don’t need to worry if you can’t find any mini job to do. The availability of mini job mostly depends on demographical criteria and the requirements and needs of mini-jobs’ providers. But it doesn’t mean you won’t be provided new jobs again. You need to visit the site quite often as they upload new mini jobs every now and then.

4: Earn through Referrals:

You can also earn by direct referrals and rented referrals. In order to get direct referrals, you must be a member of this site for at least 15 days and you must have clicked 100 clicks. It means the older member you are, the more referrals you may have.

4.1 Drawback of Rented Referrals:

When it comes to rented referrals, you may have a problem in earning from them. Most of the people give up this site when they aren’t able to get money from their rented referrals. Stats show only 10% of members made money by renting referrals, 90% of members lost their money by renting referrals.

In the start, renting a referral seems good, but with the passage of time you come to know, 70% of rented referrals are inactive and it would be very difficult for you to recover the money you invested on that referrals. So, it is advised you should try to get direct referrals in order to make decent money.

5. AdPrize:

You are eligible to get reward points by completing different offers or by AdPrize. The idea behind AdPrize is to give prizes to many daily lucky winners. It works on a simple principle: if your watched advertisement falls within their lucky winners category, you will get a prize for that advertisement.

PayOut Method:

You can get your daily earning by following methods:





The good thing about NeoBux is that it is not restricted to US and Canada only, instead it covers the visitors from most part of the world.

Tips to earn Maximum from NeoBux:

  • I would suggest you to read terms of service of this site before you start earning. They have a right to suspend your account at any time because of the violation of the terms and conditions mentioned on their page. Rest assured, any major alteration to their terms and conditions will be announced before it gets implemented.
  • Don’t ever use a proxy to complete the tasks. If they find you have used a proxy or have changed your IP address, it may result in the suspension of your account.
  • Always try to get direct referrals instead of rented referrals. You will get frustrated in case you are not able to recover the money you spent on getting the rented referrals. Even as a golden member, you may have a higher chance of losing your money, so it is better to get direct referrals.

In the end, I would recommend you to add this site to your list of online earning. Although there are some drawbacks and limitations, but if you work carefully, you can earn some decent amount of cash.





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