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How to Make Money on Medium – Generate Side Hustle by Writing Articles

how to make money on medium, how to earn with medium

(Published Date June 28, 2019)

Words matter? Of course, they do.

And when they are wrapped up in a good shape, forming a well-connected meaningful pattern, they help you earn decent money. If you are adept in creating a good story out of common words, you can make money on Medium.

Medium is place where you get paid to write articles. It was introduced by Evan Williams in 2012. He also co-founded Twitter as a Chairman and created Blogger which is now owned by Google.

Don’t confuse medium with other writing platforms that show a bunch of distracting ads to generate revenue. It doesn’t show ads, instead, it makes money by dedicated and regular paid subscribers. And paying only 5$ per month totally worth it.

You will find almost articles of every genre ranging from technology, personal development, health, fashion, writing, DIY to digital marketing. You name it.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to make money on Medium. Let’s get started.

How to Make Money on Medium

How does it work?

There are two ways to join Medium:

1: Becoming a subscriber

2: Join the partner program

When you become subscriber, you get unlimited access to read articles from a number of elite writers. And if you become a part of the partner program, you publish your own articles and get paid in return.

If you are new to medium and don’t join any of the mentioned programs, you can read 3 stories per month free of cost. When writers publish articles with the aim of making money, they put their posts behind the metered paywall which gives access to the paid subscribers only.

Paid members pay 5$ per month which is distributed between the writers based on the number of engagements and the quality of the articles. Medium has a team of editors and sub-editors who keep a sharp eye on the content and scan through each article. And if they find your content is top-notch and dynamic, they don’t shy away to give lucrative bonuses on a monthly basis.

The money you make per article is calculated against the depth of the engagements, and you get the report on every Wednesday.

Medium still hasn’t revealed the full criteria based on which they distribute the money among writers, so you cannot game the algorithm. That said, if you write quality articles that provide value to the visitors, you will make decent money out of them.

What is Claps?

If someone likes content better, they can hit the claps button at the end of the article which is an indication of quality content. The more claps you get, the more money you can make.

One person can hit the claps button 50 times, however, it is not necessary. If you find some impressive content, it is wise to give it 3, 4 claps than hitting the claps 50 times. Also, claps from paid subscribers will give writers money. Getting claps from non-members which only increase the claps count but doesn’t affect the overall earning of the writer.

Why should you pick premium membership?

A valid question.

Premium membership gives you the opportunity to publish your own content and get paid in return.

Medium is almost similar to any social media platform where you attract the followers based on the quality content you share. When you publish two three articles a week, it helps to engage the potential audience, ultimately giving you the flexibility to increase your readers reach. Revenue depends on the value you unleash to the readers and the number of engagements.

Other benefits of getting paid membership include:

1: Accessibility to a smartphone app where you can read the content on the go and save the articles you like the most.

2: Some articles come with audio versions. So if you don’t find time reading valuable posts, you can listen to them while driving or doing mundane tasks.

Difference between Paid Membership and Partner Program

You may be wondering joining the partner program will give you the opportunity for both – reading the content and publishing your own. But this is not true.

Joining the partner program won’t give access to all written content, you may be reading more than 3 stories per month because some authors don’t hide their content behind the paywall and some post content that doesn’t fulfill the payment criteria.

Few people have complained their payment started to taper off once they made money the first two months. They review, the medium helps you make decent money in the start, so you can tell others to join and make money. But after some time, they see their earnings starting to dwindle.

There can be one reason that stops their money from accelerating – not producing the impeccable content. If you write for the sake of making money and overlook the idea of providing value, you may find yourself complaining about the same problem of money freeze.

Driving traffic to your main site

Of course, you want more traffic to your main site to generate more revenue. It is observed, some people have joined this platform for driving traffic to their main site. Yes, you can do that too.

The best thing about writing on the medium is that you can link back to your main site. Although it is a no-follow link, it will totally worth it. Medium is a recognized platform. Few people may already know about your business, but highlighting it over medium will give your business a much-needed boost.

No SEO is required

One more thing that escalates your tendency to write for the medium is that no SEO is required to showcase your work. I hope most of you are familiar with what SEO is, if you don’t – it is the method used to optimize your content for both search engines and readers, helping your articles appear on the top of search results.

If you create content for your own blog, writing quality content takes much time and you need to put equal effort to curate your content for the search engines. And if you write on medium, you don’t need to do that.

As they already come with potential readers and it will take no time engaging them with your words. I mentioned it earlier, quality is all that matters when it comes to creating the viral content that provides value. If you create too many articles with no value, there is a strong possibility you may get lost in this competitive ocean of elite writers.

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Why prefer Medium over other writing platforms?

There are other platforms where you can publish your content free of cost. They generate revenue by selling ads. This is no secret, blocking ads extensions are on the rise. People don’t want to get distracted from the content they read. So, there is a little risk involved in writing for other platforms.

If you write on medium, you need to pay in the start to get membership and partner program, but it will totally worth it. You can read unlimited content in return and publish your own to make money on medium.

how to make money on medium, how to earn with medium

Make it niche specific

Before you plan to write on medium, select a niche and stick to it. Juggling from one topic to another and crowding your profile for no reason will do more harm than good. It will only increase your bounce rate.

When someone follows you on medium, they intend to read the same content based on which they followed you at first place.

You cannot relate the medium audience with readers on other platforms. Of course, you cannot compare people who get free content flooded with unnecessary ads with the ones who pay for it.

Medium people are genuine readers. They love to read the quality content and don’t hesitate to share stellar content with others.

Do you get organic traffic?

You won’t be getting organic traffic (from Google) here. Yes, it is possible, once in a blue moon, your articles get ranked in Google search engine.

But more often than not, you get an audience from the readers who genuinely visit medium quite often and hunt down the content of their own liking.

If you write independently, you may need to worry about SEO more than attracting followers, on the other hand, you get paid on medium if you get more followers who pay for a subscription.

Medium Publications

Medium is a haven for both: who love to read and love to write. Apart from writing for this platform, you can pick publications hosted under medium. This gives you the flexibility to write for niche selected publications.

Why write for publications?

Your skepticism is valid. If you write for publication, you will get the audience who is already interested in the subject.

You can become your own boss and start your own publications linked with medium URL. This way you will have the authority to publish relevant and quality content from other writers who opt-in to write for your publication.

  • Most famous medium publications include:
  • medium.com/futuresin
  • medium.com/plaza-systems
  • medium.com/lit-up
  • medium.com/the-junction
  • medium.com/the-dad-hammer-pub
  • medium.com/live-your-life-on-purpose
  • medium.com/direct-selling
  • medium.com/the-metrilian
  • writingcooperative.com


If you take a deep interest in writing and love to spread your thoughts with the help of effective words, you cannot write off the amazing value of the medium.

Some people start with writing on medium.com, while others love to write for selective publication hosted under a medium domain.

It is your choice. I have already defined the advantages of writing for niche selective publications.

Again, I mention this quite often in my other articles, but I can’t help reminding it here; making side hustle is not a get rich scheme overnight. You need to put a lot of effort before turning any side hustle into a full-blown career.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the article. You are most welcome to share your valuable thoughts in the section below. Thanks for reading the article.


This is a quick post highlighting how to make money on medium? If you can produce good story out of common words, you can make decent money writing articles on medium.



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