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How to Make Money Using Facebook? Effortless Earning

how to make money using facebook, how to make money from facebook

Facebook is not new.

You might have already heard about this platform unless you are living in Stone Age.

It connects you with other people and helps you increase your social circle.

I am sure you get the idea of the new definition of a social circle, I am not talking about the orthodox and traditional way of increasing your social circle. It is more than that.

Facebook was first introduced with the intention of bringing people together where they could share their interest, daily routines, and political views.

However, this platform has adopted a new path and proved to be quite handy for new businesses to grow and grab the attention of potential customers.

If I’m not wrong, you will be using Facebook quite often day in and day out.

Sometimes, when you don’t get notifications and your inbox becomes dry as a desert, you feel left out and alone.

I’m not here to point out the limitations of Facebook.

I’ll highlight some ways to make money, so you can keep your cell soaked up with a bunch of notifications with good news to bag you some decent income.

Why not turn your hobby into full-fledged money making machine?

If you need to use Facebook anyway, you can make some extra bucks out of it.

Yes, it is possible. You don’t have to think out of the box and lay out a complex plan to make money using Facebook.

There are some easy ways that you can start today without getting down to the whole nitty-gritty of online marketing strategy.

Let’s jump right in.

How to Make Money Using Facebook?

You are not the first person who thought of making money from Facebook.

There are a lot of people out there who remain in a constant struggle to make a side hustle.

But most of them fail to find the right way to do it. Why? Because they don’t have any plan to start with.

You need a proper strategy to stand out from the crowd and stay ahead of the curve. If it was so easy like a walk in the park, everyone would be doing it.

Don’t you worry, there is still a huge potential to make money from Facebook.

And don’t get confused between words like effortless and easy. Former starts with planning, while later puts you in the illusion of getting a bunch of dollars with no input and proper strategy in place.

Before you start out, you should get an idea – how Facebook algorithm works?

Facebook algorithm

Facebook comes with a huge audience with more than two billion users sharing their thoughts and personal activities on regular basis.

It is true Google is a great place to make money but when it comes to creating a brand identity that is mainly based on user experience, social media marketing always stands out with Facebook platform creating the mainstream of regular income.

Facebook takes four points into consideration before appearing the relevant pages and posts in front of the active user.

ONE. First is the inventory based algorithm that mainly evaluates the posts and pages liked by user’s friend list.

TWO. The second evaluating process is based on the signals that highlight the user’s past experience and overall behavior pertaining to certain posts….who made the post, its tagging, engagement, number of likes and the information it carries.

The third process depends on the prediction which indicates how the users will react and reflect for certain posts, do they share it, like it or leave a comment?

FOUR. Final process involves the overall score based on the past three evaluating processes. It then brings the most relevant posts for a specific user. This is where the targeted audience comes into play.

how to make money using facebook, how to make money from facebook

When you put your on TV and pay for it, you don’t have control to play it before the relevant audience….and you don’t have any clue, the person who is watching your ad, is your actual prospect anyway.

On the other hand, Facebook comes with total control to put and play the ad in front of most relevant people, giving maximum opportunity for business to grow and generate more sales for the targeted audience.

Decide First

First off, you need to decide how you take on making money from Facebook. Are you aiming for running your profile as an individual or you have a bigger perspective in mind with running your profile as a business or an influencer?

It is up to you and differs from the products and services you are going to offer.

If you intend to stand out as a brand, it is advised to build an influencer profile first. And start posting valuable content right away. Engage with your visitors and help them in any way you can.

It is observed, businesses have a lesser tendency to spread their voice around as compared to people talking about their businesses.

If you brag about your business, no one would take you seriously unless you approach and instill your voice with the help of your potential visitors.

Your satisfied visitor is your brand voice.

If you want to go above and beyond, make sure you are addressing the exact needs and demands of the visitors.

Don’t you worry if you aim to start out as an individual, you can still make money using Facebook. Just bear with me, it will be discussed below.

Point is……before starting out make sure you have a proper plan and future perspective….where are you right now and where you intend to go within a specific duration of time.

Number of Ways Discussed

Following are some ways to make money from Facebook.

1. Promote Other Websites

This is one of the best ways, if done right, to make money using Facebook.

Other websites owners will provide you a link to promote on Facebook and seal a deal to pay you for a particular number of clicks you drive on their sites.

You can pick the niche of your own interest, however, it is advised to promote the niche that comes with a huge audience.

Not every niche is created equal, some are better than others. You need to be very vigilant before evaluating and picking the most profitable niche.

If you plan your work before starting out, you come up with more chance to generate decent revenue.

Some people agree to promote any product they get at first place, which is good if you are born with good luck, otherwise, there is more chance you will lose your invested time in the process.

There are different types of deals. Some pay you for getting any engagement on the promoted link i.e. comment, like or share of the particular post and some pay you for driving a certain number of visitors on their site.

More often than not, companies will pay around 5 to 8$ for every 1000 visitors on their site.

2. Get Paid Traffic

You need a website or blog for this purpose. If you evaluate some blogs post on your site are doing well, you can promote them on Facebook to get more exposure.

And if you are selling any product, you can come up with a great chance to boost your revenue. You may be aware when you are new to blogging and creating a post on regular basis, you need a lot of traffic and exposure before you actually come out as an authority.

The more people get a hold of the services you offer and get benefit from the knowledge you share, the better. People will start considering you as a brand sooner than later.

Spending money on paid ads may turn out to be a risky bet in the start, rest assured, it will definitely pay off in the long run.

3. Promote Affiliate Links

Affiliate marketing is producing a rage these days. You promote other services on your Facebook page or blog and get paid in return.

You can start promoting links on both: Facebook page and your blog. Whenever someone purchases from the affiliate link….given by the manufacturer…you will get a commission in return.

When you promote the affiliate link of the business that has a great rapport, you need to put little effort to get the sales as compared to the business that is new and nobody gets an idea of the product.

Remember, working hard with no planning bears lot less value than working smart with proper planning in place.

What if you don’t have Page or Blog?

You might be wondering, what if you don’t have any owned platform to promote affiliate links? Your query is valid.

Good news is you can still make money using Facebook. All you need is to join the Facebook groups or pages that fall under the niche you are promoting.

It is observed most of the groups and pages don’t allow you to directly put the affiliate link on their platform…as they approve every post before publishing it.

You can join the groups and instead of directly putting the link on their pages, you can put the links in the comment section.

Before doing so, figure out the most engaging post in the group where people are commenting and engaging each other.

And when they are talking about a certain problem they are facing and you come up with the affiliate link that solves that problem, you have sealed the bet right way.

4. Grow Your Friend List

Grow your friends to grow your income. This may sound a little bit fishy and selfish but this is true as per the recent development in the marketing strategies.

If you have some skill and you don’t have someone to see it, no one will come and buy from you.

It is advised to grow your friend list, but avoid doing it outrageously. Before promoting your skills or services, build a rapport with new friends, like their posts and start commenting on the regular activities they share on their profiles.

If you send a friend request and you get accepted, avoid bombarding them with your promotional products right away.

Start with building a healthy relationship first.

Similarly, if your friend is promoting something, give value to their opinion and promote their product on your profile. This is a win-win situation.

5. Create a Support Group

Creating a Facebook support for your blog is another way to generate revenue and get in touch with your visitors.

If you are creating content without grooving into the minds of your potential visitors and getting a clue of their liking and disliking, there is a wide change your content will do to dust.

Try to engage with the visitors and create the post with the valuable content that solves their problems.

Put it another way. If you constantly producing content with no one to have a look at it, what is the point of creating your content so vehemently?

Your visitors are your valuable asset.

The more you address and solve their major problems, the more you come up with the ability to generate good revenue.

6. Leveraging Facebook Market Place

This is another way to earn some extra cash. You will sell items on Facebook like another eCommerce store available online.

Before you post any product and services on Facebook, make sure it comes with clear features of the desired product.

If you are doing this very first time, you may fall into a trap of putting the price of the relevant product more than available in the market.

Customers don’t like the following things:

  • Delayed delivery
  • Product out of stock
  • High price
  • And failing to dispatch the product with exact features that you promised in the ad at first place

It is observed 950 out of 1000 retailer business that open up with the intention to make money right from the comfort of home, end up bankrupt.

They are either developing the product that fails to solve the mainstream problems of the visitors or they fail to follow the prerequisites that are mainly required to get their business off the ground.

That’s all for now. I hope you have found this post valuable. If you have any question, you are most welcome to comment below. I’d love to help you the best way I can. Thanks for reading the post.


If you know how to do it effectively, you can start making money right away. Check out this read to get a hold of some tips and tricks to make money using facebook.


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