How to Make Money Freelance Writing? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

    how to make money Freelance writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    Words have power. They can leave a huge impact on the readers when arranged and delivered the right way.

    If you have a knack of creating a good story out of ordinary event, you can make decent money writing.

    In this post, I’ll discuss How to Make Money Freelance Writing? The Ultimate Guide for Beginners. Let’s jump right in.

    The invention of the internet has revitalized the writing industry and given it new shape altogether.

    Around twenty years ago, printing was the only media that would hire plenty of writers, but digital media is turned out to be a game changer for valuable writers more than ever before.

    If you have no degree in journalism and English literature, you can still start writing and make money right off the bat.

    Of course, no one is asking you to be next Hemingway and write like a professional columnist.

    There is a wide difference between writing for a newspaper and churning out a copy for the blog post to attract the number of visitors.

    How to make money Freelance Writing? The ultimate guide for beginners

    You may be wondering, when there is a lot of competition out there, how can I groove and fit in this field where I can make decent money that doesn’t put me in a constant struggle and haunt me every time whenever I think about leaving my 9 to 5 job.

    If you ask, does everyone make money writing who comes with a diverse background? The answer is No. And do you make a decent earning out of this? The answer is Yes.


    Because some people join with the intention, they just need to write a couple of words to get the bunch of dollars.

    And when they fail to make a decent income, they give up thinking there is no scope in this field.

    Reality is, they look for the shortcuts to make money online and thought of working hard gives them jitters.

    It is understandable when you are a beginner, you may find difficulty finding a good client who pays well.

    Following are few tips that may help you find your first gig.

    Start with guest posting

    If you are starting out the very first time, you can start a guest posting on other blogs.

    Yes, you will be writing free for them, but this is a good marketing strategy to showcase your skills in the start.

    Before submitting your article, just ask the blog owner, you want your name mentioned at the end of the article.

    In this way, they will get valuable content and you’ll get a first post ready for your portfolio which you can present to a number of visitors and attract potential clients.

    When you intend to submit your post on any platform, weed through the terms and conditions for crafting a blog post.

    Most of the blogs who accept guest posts come with clear guidelines on which basis they accept the guest post.

    If you don’t follow the guidelines and start shaping your post according to your will, there is a high chance your content will get turned down right away. Make sure, you do your proper homework before submitting the post.

    Write your content from the visitors’ point of view where you help them solve their particular problem.

    Keep one thing in mind – no need to add complex words in your article that makes it very difficult for the readers to understand and grab the main idea, eventually leaving them to consult the dictionary for every next word you have added in the post.

    A golden rule of thumb is to create easy to read and easy to digest content where all words stand fit and support each other in the post.

    Pitch the potential clients

    This is an important part. If you have done it correctly, you have won the first battle. Your pitch is the first impression on your client, so make it count.

    You may have to deal with a number of rejections before your pitch gets accepted. It is not that you haven’t pitched good, sometimes client gets too many emails and your pitch gets lost in the crowd.

    Nevertheless, if you pitch properly and professionally, you come with a more chance of being accepted.

    Don’t pitch everyone the same copy you have created. Be sure to tweak it according to the guidelines of the client.

    how to make money writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    You may be wondering how many times should you pitch in the start? Your skepticism is valid.

    It is observed, you may have to pitch 50 times before you get your potential client. Yes, 50 times, you heard that right.

    You are lucky if you seal the bet in your 5th pitch, but normally when you are just starting out and you don’t have enough work to show, you have to reach out to the potential clients aggressively.

    The more you market yourself and the more effort you put in, the better. You can’t pitch just one or two times and pray for your writing business grow skyrocket.

    Pitching 50 may seem quite overwhelming in the start. But you don’t have to do it in a single day.

    Set a goal that you’ll pitch 5 client’s every day or whatever seems feasible for you.

    Don’t be afraid of trying different methods and content for pitching. It is naive to pitch every client the same manner when you are not getting the results.

    And when you get a signal response from any client, try to build a rapport with them.

    No need to give them a clue, you are desperate to work for them and want this job anyway.

    Don’t forget to keep your integrity intact while dealing with your customers.

    Start blog

    You can start your own blog if you intend to appear as an authority in writing niche. Blogging itself will help you grow your portfolio.

    In this way, you don’t have to depend on others to showcase your work.

    You can adapt to any writing style as you wish and you don’t have to wait for days, sometimes even months, to get your post accepted. You will be your own boss.

    When you start your blog as a venture, make sure to publish the quality content.

    The copy you produce should be clean, precise, to the point, relevant to the title, and free from grammatical errors.

    how to make money writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    Proofread your content before hitting the publish button, otherwise, it can scare the hell out of the visitors, putting them in sheer doubt – if you’re not taking care of your own content, how could we except, you will be dispatching a quality work as per our needs and requirements.

    No worries if you are taking too long to shape a single post, however, once your content is published, it will become your brand voice on which basis people will gauge your content. High-quality content automatically attracts the high paying jobs.

    Plan your work

    If you don’t have any plan and ultimate goal in your mind, your growth will become cloudy.

    No need to get overwhelmed and inundate yourself with too much information.

    I can understand the thought of working strictly to the timetable develops an obstinate nature.

    Make yourself relax. Starting out with no planning and getting stressed out with too many overwhelming thoughts are the two sides of the same coin.

    how to make money writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    You need to find the gray areas where you can adopt the subtle approach to gear up your mindset, so working becomes a fun experience and not just the next battle you fight every day for the sake of money that leaves you stressed, stained and drained.

    Just to let you know, freelance writing is not the only way to pull it off in earning online, you can take part in freelance graphic designing and convert your passion into money.

    How much should you charge?

    Before I advise you to charge something from your client, keep your mind clear with the notion – you’re not going to accept every low paying job just for building a portfolio.

    Not every client is too gracious and willing to spend extravagantly. Some offer you too low that you can’t control abusing them million of times (in your mind).

    Yes, some writers have effected this field drastically as they get ready to work for any client, irrespective of the money they get in return.

    It is okay to work for few clients at low rates when you’re starting out but you should have the audacity to ask more for your work.

    You must have the ability to earn respect with your quality work.

    If you are not focusing and giving special heed to the content you produce, you will be the next person saying there is no scope in this field.

    how to make money writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    If you want to excel, try to disguise the professional approach in your writing style and don’t forget to proofread your content 2,3 times before handing it over to your client.

    Make reading your regular habit. The more you read the more you get an idea how the seamless content looks like.

    Join blogs, news websites, journals and start communicating with other writers and discuss the difficulties they faced and what helped them grow and progress in this field.

    How many words per day?

    It all depends on you and varies from person to person. However, it ranges from writing 500 words to 3000 per day.
    If you are just starting out, you may feel trouble writing content using good sentences that make sense and flow in the article.
    It is advised to write as you think without filtering out any information. Writing and editing at the same will cost you more time as compared to writing first and editing later.
    You may have heard the quote “write like a drunk and edit like sober”
    If you really aim to fuel your income through writing, you must be working to develop a skill to write more in less time while keeping the quality of the content intact.

    Dilemma of writing a post in 45 min

    Some bloggers claim to write a single post in 45 min only. It is achievable if you solely focus on writing.
    It doesn’t include editing time and layering the post with all prerequisites required to make it ready for publication where you take care of all on-page Seo and relevant image creation.
    When you are planning to write a post on a particular topic, it also requires a bunch of research, you can’t pick any topic and get away with it without prior research.

    If you already come with a solid grip on a relevant subject, you will definitely need less time writing it.

    I normally spend 4,5 hours writing on 2000 word post from scratch. Watching other bloggers claiming to write a post in 45 min doesn’t put you in inferiority complex.

    We all are humans and we need practice to develop any skill. The more we practice, the more we are able to write with clarity and elegance.

    Top 5 Best Sites for Writing Jobs

    I have compiled 5 best sites where you can find writing jobs as per your needs and requirements.

    You must be familiar with the common freelancing sites like Upwork, Freelancer, Guru and Fiverr.

    These sites are already saturated with a lot of writers and you have to deal with a lot of competition.

    how to make money writing the ultimate guide for beginners

    Following are few sites specially dedicated for the writing jobs. You can find some potential clients over there.

    1. ProBlogger

    Darren Rowse is the owner and editor of ProBlogger which is basically a blog that gives tips and techniques to grow your blog skyrocket.

    Now, this blog comes with a dedicated section for jobs where you can search for any writing job as per your needs.

    It covers a bunch of writing jobs ranging from blogging, news writing, copywriting, academic and journal writing. You can check this job board and apply for the relevant job.

    2. Freelance Writing

    Freelance Writing is another job board for the writers. You can apply to this board and get the writing job pertaining to your relevant skills in a particular niche.

    3. Freelance Writing Gigs

    Freelance Writing Gigs is one of the best jobs boards that help you find the writing job.

    Amazing thing is that you can search for the relevant job by typing certain niche industry key-words. It is more like an encyclopedia for finding the writing jobs.

    4. Contena

    Contena is a paid job board that provides the option to hunt down jobs by both category and niche. You can find some best writing gigs over there.

    No prior experience is required to join this site.

    Nevertheless, if you want to target some high paying clients, you must provide some quality work that shows elegance and sets you apart from your counterparts.

    5. iWriter

    iWriter is one of the best and most accessible platforms for beginners. You need to pass a small test as you sign up, which is an eligibility criteria for hiring.

    They have introduced a rating system for every writer from the client which helps you grow in your field.

    The more quality you employ in your work the more quickly you switch from standard to elite writer.

    That’s all for now. I hope you have found this read valuable. If you have any question, you can approach me in the comment section below.

    I’d love to help you the best way I can. Thanks for reading the post.



    This is a comprehensive guide to make money freelance writing. You can start right away even if you are a total beginner.


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