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How To Earn With ClickBank? One Of The Best Affiliate Programs

how to earn with clickbank, how to make money with clickbank

(Published Date March 13, 2019)

You come over, visit multiple sites, read a lot of information, get overwhelmed, and fail to make a single dime.

I can understand. I have been there a lot of times.

What is the solution then? Let’s figure it out together.

Working hard carries less value when you don’t know where and how to start that actually pays off in the long run.

When everything pertaining to online earning is tried out with no positive outcome, most of the people find haven in affiliate marketing.

There are a lot of affiliate programs out there, but only a few of them provide value and deliver exactly what they promise at first place.

This is the main reason behind crafting this post. I wanted to keep you on the safe side.

We will be discussing how to earn with Clickbank and make money affiliate marketing? Sound’s good?

Let’s get started.

How To Earn With ClickBank?

You may already know what affiliate marketing is, right? If you don’t – let’s define it first before moving any further.

Affiliate marketing is known as promoting the product of other companies and getting a commission when the item is sold out.

To be more precise, let’s jump in and see what Wikipedia has to say about affiliate marketing.

“Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts”

You may be skeptical before starting out, right?

When you are diving in the very first time in affiliate marketing, you may feel shady how can I earn money affiliate marketing with no solid grip on marketing strategies and how do they work?

If you are getting overwhelmed by these thoughts, it is a clear sign, they do more harm than good.

Yes, little bit skepticism is valid as long you keep your curiosity alive to learn more.

how to earn with clickbank, how to make money with clickbank

No need to inundate yourself with too much information that leaves you with no option but give up.

If you don’t take the risk, you won’t be getting a major breakthrough in your whole life.

Back to the point.

Digital marketing is different than traditional and orthodox marketing strategies that, more often than not, don’t work anymore.

If you were learning marketing plans a long while ago, when there was no internet and concept of selling a product online, you would be requiring a business degree to plan your work.

Nevertheless, digital marketing has taken one step further and set your free from the limited circle of old marketing strategies.

Now, you can learn anything right in front of your computer screens. Your excuses for not making money won’t be working anymore.

If you work hard with proper planning in place, no one can save you from earning a decent income right from the comfort of home.

1. How to hunt down product?

It all starts with the product you intend to promote.

There are a few things you must be considering before you nail down the marketing strategy to promote it.

a. Products you are passionate about

Most gurus advise you to pick the product you are passionate about – be it any physical product or the digital one.

However, I don’t advise you to do that if you are looking for a big commission.

When you come over to generate revenue, you are not mainly conscious about if the product falls under your passion, instead, you will be looking at how it can generate commission. Yes, you need to be practical this time.

There are four types of products that sell like a hot cake:

  • Health and fitness (related to obesity control)
  • The Woman Men Adore (fashion and beauty)
  • The CB Passive Income (digital products)
  • Shyness And Social Anxiety System (human psychology)

Before you pick any product, look for the following things on the company’s site.

– Sales Page

This is the first impression buyers get when they come over and visit the vendor’s site.

And if the sales page comes with some video discussing the major problem and how that particular can help solve it, you have already won a half battle.

how to earn with clickbank, how to make money with clickbank

When it comes to marketing and converting the visitors into buyers, one video can work wonders.

– Testimonials

You can find vendor’s site with testimonials from the potential user using that particular product.

When companies brag about their product, it looks fishy, on the other hand, words from the actual users bring more value and turn out to be a brand voice of that company.

If a number of testimonials are available from the actual buyers, that product is a good fit to promote over the web.

2. Easy to use Affiliate Medium

Some vendors provide easy to use and an instant tool to promote the product.

You are not supposed to carry out much effort in designing the banners or ads for a particular product.

They provide you everything right from scratch.

You just need to grab that link and paste it over your site or whatever platform you are using to drive sales.

a. Gravity

Gravity is the measure of the product how it is performing over the web and social media.

Some people recommend picking the product that comes with gravity more than 30. But, this is not a hard and fast rule to get started.

It is highly certain, a product with high gravity will be picked up by most of the affiliates, making it difficult for you to pull off.

What is working for someone doesn’t mean will work for you the same way.

It is observed the product with less gravity sometimes brings more sales. The reason is obvious. Because the few numbers of affiliates are promoting them.

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b. Call to Action

If you see business comes with a clear call to action where users are informed clearly what they are buying, it can be a good pick to fetch more commission.

Some sites don’t come with a clear call to action, bouncing off the potential buyer sooner than later.

How to Drive Traffic

Until now you have picked the relevant product, here comes the important part: traffic.

You need traffic, a lot of it indeed, over your landing page or whatever strategy you develop to present the product to your visitors.

More the traffic, more the revenue will be.

However, it is not certain the people you are driving over to vendor’s website will convert.

It depends on a number of factor i.e. what is the product, how it solves the relevant problem most people face, cost factor and the quality it brings to the people.

It is possible the product you pick gets a lot of traffic but hardly converts. On the other hand, exactly opposite happens for some products.

If you are thinking, deploying one strategy is enough to attract a number of visitors, this is not how it works. Stern analyzation with quick succession is required to get the desired results.

You can drive traffic three ways

  • Organic traffic
  • Paid traffic
  • Social Media Traffic

Organic traffic is the traffic you get directly from Google without paying anything which mainly depends on both:

  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO

It requires some time to plan and execute SEO. Rest assured, if you do it properly, it does pay off eventually. Just make sure, the content you create is user-friendly and brings value to the customers.

Second is the paid traffic. This is mainly called CPA (cost per acquisition) which is termed as the amount spent for making the single sale.

This is no brainer, your CPA must be less than the actual commission you get in the end. Otherwise, you need to pay more than the actual revenue you get in the end. It turns out to be risky and can put your money on hold until you know what you are doing actually and how you are optimizing your marketing campaigns.

The last one is driving traffic using social media. You can make the page on a particular niche, and drive traffic. Like SEO, it will take some time to work and give valuable results.

There are a few steps you should take into consideration before you create a page.

First, you must develop the authority before nudging a sales pitch. If you start bombarding visitors right away as they come over and join your page, they may bounce off immediately.

Social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram also come with paid campaigns.

It works similar to buying paid traffic from the Google where you pay for appearing your ad in front of the potential visitors.


There is some risk involved when you start any venture. Affiliate marketing is no different.

Time is money. You understand the practical meaning of this phrase when you delve into making money online. A lot of effort and time you may require to put it before you actually get the valuable results.

It is true, 99% of vendors pay well and on time. But exception is always there.

It is possible, the sale is made around 60 days ago before you get the commission for that. So, be patient and wait before actual money starts kicking in.

Some vendors pay you almost 60 to 80% commission out of the actual price the sale is made. There is some trick involved in this lucrative offer you may hesitate to let that sink in at first glance. You get the commission only once for a particular product. But it is possible, the vendor builds a long term relationship with the visitors and succeeds in selling them a lot of products in future for which you get nothing in return.

Still, it is a Win-Win situation. I just wanted you to understand, no need to worry, if you fail to make sales for some particular vendor.

Reserve calculated time and money for a specific vendor and if you fail to get the results you expected, move on and pick the next vendor with tailored and customized strategy this time.

This is all for now. I’d love to know the strategies you plan to make money affiliate marketing. Thanks for reading the post.


this comes with step by step process to earn with clickbank. This is one of the best sites to earn with affiliate marketing.


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