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Graphic Designing: One Of Lucrative Work From Home Jobs

graphic designing one of lucrative work from home jobs, how to make money graphic designing

Image is worth a thousand words.

I’m sure you might have heard this quote a thousand times before.

And Graphic Design is a catalyst to make image lucrative and enticing with the possibility to attract more visitors.

Graphic design is nothing but presenting your ideas in a visual form which, if written in words, will unravel less value.

It is another way to make side hustle or adopt it as a full-time job in general.

In this post, I’ll nail down each and everything related to graphic designing: one of lucrative work from home jobs.

It is observed, most of the readers who land over and visit your site, won’t necessarily be reading your content word by word.

They mostly scan through the content and try to digest as much information as possible in the minimum time spent.

And if the content is given in infographic and contains some enticing images, it will take no time grabbing the visitor’s interest.

Graphic Designing: One Of Lucrative Work From Home Jobs

We won’t be exaggerating if we claim, Graphic designing has become part and parcel of the blog that gives flavor and support to the written content.

There are many ways to make money online ranging from clicking ads, completing surveys, giving reviews to data entry jobs.

These jobs are good to start as a beginner and add a few bucks in your pocket, however if you really aim to build a strong base that results in the constant stream of an online earning, you must develop some skills that set you apart from other people who are just doing jobs with no skills which any person can do with no degree.

If you start your online journey with completing surveys and clicking ads, after 5 years you will be doing the same with no boost in your income.

You must start with proper planning and set a goal that at a certain period you will be making a specific amount you have imagined.

There are two ways, people take on and start their career in the online world.

graphic designing one of lucrative work from home jobs, how to make money graphic designing

Some take it as a side hustle and don’t put enough hard work in the start, as they are confused if they are ready to increase their income and live in the illusion that simply pressing some buttons on the keyword will get them money.

This is not as easy as it seems and not as difficult as it sounds.

Some people take it as a full-time job and they really want to quit their 9 to 5 job so they can dictate and control their lives according to their will.

No matter which route you take and the plan you have in place, you can’t succeed in making money online if you don’t work with persistence and patience.

You may have to wait for an almost full year before you start making a handsome amount from the internet.

Quick income with no skill holds less value than the income that comes with skill and improves over time.

Jump in with an intelligent and productive mindset rather than operating like labor who makes money on daily basis with no clue what he is going to make the next day.

Common FAQs

Before you start making money online as a graphic designer, you may come up with a lot of queries in mind.

I have discussed general questions you may encounter while starting out your journey as a designer.

1. What if I’m not creative?

This is something interesting.

It is observed, some people join graphic design field with the notion, as soon as they get familiar with the working of available tools in the software, floodgates of money will open overnight, making them rich without putting too much hard work.

And some leave this field after three-four months of joining, as they think they are not growing and excelling in this field as they expected.

They force themselves to unlock their creativity so they can transform their ideas into reality by making flawless images that make people amazed and put their jaw dropped thinking how can come someone unleash too much creativity into a single artwork.

And the more they force, the more they get stuck and fail to employ creativity in their work.

graphic designing one of lucrative work from home jobs, how to make money graphic designing

This is a high time to mention one incident of Pablo Picasso (World Renowned Spanish Painter and Designer) for the people who think creativity is God gifted and they cannot develop this quality over time with practice.

Once Pablo Picasso was present in a gathering. One lady recognized and graced him with a warm welcome and admired his elegant work. She asked him to give her something which she could show to her friends and impress them saying I met with Pablo.

Pablo drew some painting on the paper in 30 seconds and handed that paper to her telling this painting worth millions of dollars.

She got very much impressed and thought if I got that skill I could become a millionaire overnight.

She requested Pablo to teach her that skill so she can make dollars without much effort. Pablo replied it took me thirty years to practice before I’m able to draw this gold in thirty seconds.

So, don’t rush over things and don’t give up too early thinking you can’t grow as you fail to design flawless artwork in less time.

Rest assured, if you practice with time, accuracy and precision layered with elegance will become inevitable.

Some artwork takes one or two weeks and some get completed within a day.

It all depends on you how you practice with focus and how you nurture the ability to complete the task within deadline.

In graphic designing, the sooner you learn the skill of time management, the better.

2. What if I have no background in designing?

I have seen some designers who design like a pro but they totally started out with no background in graphic designing what so ever.

Before you start learning graphic design and take admission in an online program or institute, clear your mind with the polluted thoughts like – as I belong to some other field and come from diverse backgrounds and experience, I cannot grow in this field.

If you start your journey with this mindset where your whole day goes thinking like this, your graphic design learning will be built on shaky grounds that will do more harm than good.

3. How much can I make?

You must have heard the quote – the sky is the limit. The more effort you put into learning and unlocking your natural ability in graphic designing, the more doors of opportunities will get opened.

There is a difference between an operator and designer.

If you adopt the operator mindset, you will always be thinking, how I can make more business cards, logos or greeting cards.

You will focus on quantity, rather than quality.

graphic designing one of lucrative work from home jobs, how to make money graphic designing

Nevertheless, if you start your journey with a designer mindset, you will never get stranded in quantity, you mainly focus on retaining and producing the quality where your work will be based on some valid logic and reasons rather than just copying and pasting from other designers.

Yes, you can get inspiration from the artwork created by other designers but avoid copying them word to word, pixel to pixel, vector to vector.

How to Make Money Graphic Designing

Following are the number of ways you can make money using your graphic design skills.

1. Join Freelancing Sites

If you are just starting off, you can join the freelancing sites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork that come with a lot of potential to make money by lending your skills where graphic designing is one of them.

There are some sites that give you a number of opportunities like 99designs and LinkedIn ProFinder that connect the employer with the designers where they can pick anyone based on their requirements.

Patience is the key. You may have to deal with a number of rejections before your work starts getting accepted by potential clients.

2. Make your own blog

Blogging has made earning easy more than ever before. If you are unsure, you can check this post How to Make Money Blogging?

You can make your own blog where you can show your work to attract potential clients. Presenting your work on your own blog has an edge over making a portfolio on other sites.

This way you can optimize your work and show it with testimonials from your clients. Yes, there are some sites like Behance where you can make a portfolio.

You have to deal with a lot of competition over there as most of the people start with Behance before they actually create their own blog.

It is okay to put your work on multiple sites and create a strong portfolio before you actually succeed in making your own blog.

3. Start designing t-shirt

You can make a decent income by designing t-shirts.

No worries if you can’t afford printing and delivery cost, you can simply upload your t-shirt design on some sites like teespring that gives you commission based on the number of sales made for that particular design.

Printing and shipping cost is on them, you just need to provide them your design – more the number of sales made, the more commission you get.

4. Start your printing press

If you can afford, you can start your printing press that covers all prerequisites for designing ranging from creating a design, then printing and delivering to the potential client.

It includes business cards, brochures, greeting cards, flex, templates and many more.

As mentioned earlier, don’t confine your thinking merely on producing business card and flyers, if you come with deep insight and have strong imagination, you can design and organize events pertaining to the growth of graphic design, you can make GIFs, animations and videos which have a great scope in drama and film industry.

5. Adopt recent technologies

If you get stuck with the old designs and employ old technology in your design work, you may be left out in the process of making a good income as compared to the designers who are adaptive to new technology and know the number of ways to complete a specific task in less time.

graphic designing one of lucrative work from home jobs, how to make money graphic designing

Like if you use Adobe Color or Coolors.co to give an enticing look to your design, you can make good color schemes in less time.

It is good to have a basic concept of color theory, but you can get help from the software that automates your working process in one way or the other, giving you a slight edge over other designers in terms of time management.

If two days of your life are equal, you are a dead fish. Make sure, you learn at least one new thing every day.

Learning is important as long as you have the ability to retain the old information where you can transform it according to the client’s needs and requirements.

That’s all for now. I hope I have given you everything you needed to know about making money online and otherwise using graphic design skills.

If you have any question, you can ask me in the comment section below. I’d love to help you the best way I can.

How do you make money graphic designing?



Graphic designing is another way to make a side hustle. You can make 100$ daily if you learn few things before getting started your career in designing.


  1. I love this post and idea! I do a bit graphic design myself, and I’m quite good in it. However, it’s a shame that the prices are going down a lot because of freelancers that work for only $5. In the end, you will get what you pay for, and to be honest that’s a lot of crap these days. Have you checked deviantart already? There is some really amazing artwork to check out!

    • Yes, it seems very frustrating when someone pays less than you are worth. I have seen clients paying only $5 for the logo design which is very disturbing for the designers who spend almost 6 to 7 hours, sometimes more than that, shaping the captivating logo and get only 5$ in the end.

      Actually, there is a lot of competition out there. We have to compete with everyone by providing quality work, otherwise, we will get lost in the crowd.


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