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21 Best Places Where You Get Paid to Write Reviews

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(Published Date May 13, 2019)

Words come with glorious power to persuade anyone.

They have a massive ability to leave an impact and influence the mind of so many people.

What if you can harness the potential of words and turn it into some bucks?

Yes, it is possible.

There are plenty of places on the internet where you get paid to write reviews for the products & services they offer.

You may be wondering, you must have some degree to manipulate words and exploit them to convince anyone for buying a certain product.

This is a myth.

If you can write English that is easy to understand and easy to digest that even a third grader can catch on, you are eligible for writing reviews and make money out of them.

In this post, we will discuss 21 best places where you can get paid to write reviews. Let’s get started.

Get Paid to Write Reviews

Before we discuss the top places that pay you to write reviews, let’s point out why companies need reviews anyway?

Why do companies need reviews anyway?

There is no denying, online space has taken over conventional marketing strategies where we used to go from place to place to convince potential prospects.

Technology has evolved a long way. You can’t rely on traditional marketing techniques and pray your business gets off the ground real quick.

This doesn’t work anymore.

If your business doesn’t appear online, people would hardly believe if you even exist.

Previously, there was no concept of buying items online, be it related to dresses, food, gadgets, appliances, and shoes, you would need to physically go to the market and pick the stuff you like.

Things have changed now.

Buying your favorite product is now one click away. But what is the key thing that helps you make a final decision before completing the purchase?

Yes, you guess that right. Reviews.

Based on the number of good reviews, you decide if the product is worth buying.

get paid to write reviews, get paid to write product reviews, how to make money writing reviews

When companies launch a particular product, they need reviews to highlight its main features to a number of visitors. It is highly likely, they send the first two-three items for free to the potential customers in exchange of giving a good review.

More reviews lead to more sales, and eventually more revenue. No brainer.

You don’t need to have a fancy blog or vital social presence to make money by sharing your words.

Yes, some sites make it compulsory to have a blog, but not all of them.

Most of the sites, we cover in this post, pay you to write reviews, even if you don’t come with a vital online presence and a whopping amount of followers.

1. Netgalley

Netgalley has been working since 2007, so no need to question their integrity.

This platform is a haven for authors planning to leave a mark with their words. Writers will give preliminary copies of their book to the potential readers in exchange for good reviews.

You can make a request for the book you plan to review. It is up to the publishers if they accept or deny your request.

2. Software Judge

Software Judge, as the name suggests, is a place where you get paid for reviewing software websites.

Don’t get panic from the word software. You don’t have to be a tech geek to evaluate these websites. If you have a system with a fast internet connection, you can do the drill without much effort.

You can get paid up to $50 per review. However, earning starts from $1 per review. Your earning depends on the quality of the review you give.

3. MySurvey

Completing the surveys is one of the best ways to make money online. And MySurvey gives you a wonderful opportunity to make money while giving feedback to different brands. You earn points as you complete the survey.

You can use earned points both ways – in exchange for real money or you can get gift cards from a number of renowned retailers like CVS, Amazon, Applebee’s.

4. Review Stream

It is a remarkable place that pays you to write reviews. They value your words and you are open to give honest reviews to almost everything. It helps companies improve their product and services.

They have been around since 2005 with the main aim to listen to the potential consumer. You don’t have to install any software and no technical expertise is required to give a review.

If you are unsure how to use this platform and give a review, you can go to their website and hover over to the FAQ’s section. You will find almost everything you are curious about. Also, they come with a dedicated portion indicating how to write a review the right way.

Amazing thing is that you can pick to write content where you get paid a regular price or you can choose to write in bulk where you are eligible for a bulk rate.

5. CrowdTap

You will get paid as you share your valuable opinion on Crowdtap.

Once you sign up, you will be offered a number of question on a daily basis related to different brands. You get paid in terms of gifts cards and free product samples from different companies.

No credit card is required for signup and within five minutes after completing the profile you will be sharing your opinion online. Amazing, isn’t it?

Earning potential is directly related to the number of questions you answer. The more question you answer, the more points you earn. Easy.

6. Swagbucks

More often than not, you find Swagbucks on the top in terms of making money online. There is a reason that allows them to achieve that feat. Their flawless customer service, paying customers well and on time help them stay ahead and stand out from their counterparts.

Apart from taking surveys, answering polls, playing games, you can also make money by providing your valuable feedback to the potential brands available on their platform.

7. User Testing

User testing is a platform where will get paid for testing website. This practice may put you in an authoritative role for quite a while. Don’t allow it to take over your daily routine. Just kidding!

Exercise is easy. All you need is to visit the website or app, complete the given tasks and give an honest opinion about the particular thing you are asked about.

There is a limitation. Sometimes, you will be given a quick spot for testing a website as you visit their website, and if they have all places occupied, you may get a message on the main screen “Unfortunately, we currently have all the panelists we need at this time”.

8. Story Cartel

If you are a book worm and love reading different books, you can get free books in exchange for giving a review on Story Cartel – A single for a number of books covering diverse topics.

If you are a blogger and post review over your blog, it is an added advantage, however, it is not necessary. You can also pick other platforms to write reviews where your voice will be equally heard like Barnes, Noble, Amazon, and Goodreads.

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9. Famebit

Famebit has been around since 2013 and in this short span they have come out as an elusive brand in terms of providing sponsorship opportunities to people who aim to influence the world with their wonderful content.

They offer sponsorship opportunity to platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

You need to send the proposal to a number of sponsors who fall under your niche. If they find your content valuable and think appearing on your platforms would benefit both, they take no time accepting your proposal.

It is a win-win situation. Your sponsors can market their product in front of potential audience and you will get paid the return.

10. PinchMe

PinchMe is another amazing site to get a hold of free products. There is one drawback. They don’t ship or get members outside the US.

Every Tuesday you get an opportunity to pick the sample product and leave your honest review. You will get that product for free in exchange for sharing your words.

Also, this is not a reward site. You get free samples to use and give your feedback after using them, so companies can take care of the limitations of the products and fix them before they go available in the market.

get paid to write reviews, get paid to write product reviews, how to make money writing reviews

11. Inbox Dollars

You may have heard about Inbox dollars before – One of the best platforms for completing the surveys, writing reviews, watching videos and getting paid for them.

As you watch the videos, you come with an opportunity to give your valuable feedback on them. It helps the sponsors improve upon their product & services and give better user experience next time.

As you reach the minimum threshold in order to get paid, Inbox Dollars will dispatch check against the points you earned on their platform.

Options for getting money with Visa prepaid and eCard are available for the Gold members only.

12. MomsMeet

MomsMeet is a great place for moms to connect with other mothers and share honest opinion for good parenting. This way moms can get benefit from the things working for other women in bringing up their kids.

You will earn points that can be redeemed for printable, gift cards, and other prizes. As a qualifying member, you will receive different organic and natural products at your doorstep which you can share with your family members.

This place is free to join and you are eligible for 100 points right away as you sing up and complete the profile.

13. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a survey site where you can share an honest opinion on different brands and get paid in return.

As you complete the survey, you earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards or PayPal Cash.

There are almost 1000’s of survey opportunities to leave your feedback on. Also, no purchase is necessary and it is 100% free to join. Unfortunately, they accept residents from the US only.

14. My Voice

My Voice has been working since 2013 and it is run by Viacom Media Network.

It is an invitation-only website – means you can’t take part in any of their surveys and writing tasks unless someone else refers you on their website.

As you complete the tasks you will get rewards points in return which you can redeem for Amazon gift cards and other retail products.

It is compatible with both Android and iOS. Before you start working on this site, make sure your system comes with up to date version of the browser.

15. Vindale Research

Vindale research is an online platform for taking surveys, and it also provides the opportunity to review products in so many different categories. Watching videos and sharing your feedback on them in another way to make money from this platform.

It is free to join and you will get paid through PayPal or Check as you reach the minimum amount required to withdraw cash.

You will get $1 right away after signing up and building your profile. Some feedbacks are worth $75 which depends on the nature and quality of the feedback you provide on a particular item.

Till date, they have already paid $6,955,991 to their members which rules out the possibility of questioning this platform.

Like other survey sites, you won’t be earning points here but cash straight into your account.

16. Influence Central

Influence Central is a place that helps you share your opinion on the areas you are expert at. If you are a blogger and social media influencer, you will get paid writing reviews and sharing them on your platforms.

There are no fix payment criteria and it varies from business to business. Some sponsors pay more than others as you share their words with your community, be it online or people you know personally.

Your opinion or feedback help companies grow and provide services that are quite in line with consumer behavior.

17. Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll Online is one of the best sites to claim rewards from a variety of renowned brands. Your honest opinion can influence the decision makers in govt. and non-profit organization sectors.

You can share your valuable insight into the upcoming campaign some particular business is aiming to launch in due course. It will help them tweak the already made campaign and design it as per the needs and demands of the potential visitors.

Similarly, you may be asked to give feedback on certain product designs before they get unlocked in front of actual prospects. As you share your opinion, you earn reward points which can be redeemed for gift cards.

18. Socialix

Socialix is an affiliate network where you earn money by promoting product and services of a particular business. It can be done in various ways.

You can promote the link provided by sponsors or you can write a review post about a certain product. And if you are a social media influencer, this is an added advantage. You can share your opinions on social media platforms and make money out of them.

A number of options are available to pick from, however, main categories cover fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and entertainment.

Apart from other benefits like team collaboration and custom integration, you are given the opportunity to automate the marketing process of the influencers.

19. Modern Mom

Modern Mom is an amazing platform that gives you the opportunity to connect with renowned brands and help them market their products. As you make a voice for the products different sponsors offer, you will get paid in return.

Actually, they come with influence program that is a goldmine for potential bloggers. If you have an ability to engage a number of visitors and people love listening to your thoughts, it is wise to connect with other brands using this platform.

20. Smiley360

Smiley360 is a great place to give your honest feedback on a number of different products and get free samples in return.

It is different than the sites where you get paid to write product reviews. Here you will be getting free samples for your words, not any reward or gift card.

It is one stop shop that helps you connect with other people of similar interest. If you come with huge social media following, you can earn more by sharing your honest opinion with online visitors.

Minimum age limit to join their community is 13 years.

21. BrandBacker

BrandBacker is a platform that bridges bloggers with sponsors. You can pick a product from a number of different categories, share your honest opinion and get paid in return.

As you visit their website, you will see the message that reads “Build your brand with influencers”. Big brands get help from the influencers who are adept in engaging the audience with their valuable content.


You may be wondering how much you can make using these platforms by sharing your insights.

Valid curiosity.

It all depends on the effort you put in and your ability to manipulate the words to influence the audience.

Bloggers and influencers can make decent money, however, non-bloggers can also get benefit if they know how to write reviews that catch the eye of sponsors.

Again, consistency is the key to ultimate success. You cannot pitch one time and get away with it. Keep pitching, keep creating the quality stuff, and don’t fear to tweak the strategy if things are not well as you expected.

That’s all for today. Do you have any experience making money by writing reviews? I’d love to hear from you in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


You can get paid to write reviews. Yes, it is possible. This post comes with top 21 places that pay you for sharing your honest opinion.



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