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Get Paid To Play Games: 21 Sites You Would Regret Ignoring

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(Published Date March 31, 2019)

Hobby takes no money into consideration.

This phrase looks lucrative if you are born with good luck and following your hobby doesn’t haunt your budget a fraction.

However, this is a totally different story for people whose budget starts wobbling as soon as they follow their interest that is mainly dependent on money – a lot of money indeed.

There is a list of hobbies people love to pick ranging from reading books, collection coins, surfing social media, increasing social circle to playing the game – be it physical or online.

Physical games require some drill where money plays a significant role to equip up with the prerequisite of the game. Nevertheless, online games are entirely different and require no physical activity.

If you are obsessed with online games, I’d suggest you read this post all the way through. I assure it will worth your time.

It is true, most sites charge you a heavy price for playing games online, but there are some sites that give you the opportunity to follow your hobby without spending a single dime. You’d need sneaky eyes hunting down those sites. Don’t you worry, I have done this exercise for you.

I’ll be discussing the top 21 sites where you will get paid to play games.

Let’s jump right in.

Get Paid To Play Games: 21 Free Sites

1. ChessClub

I can understand the curiosity of chess lovers. They always strive to look for the partner they can play with.

That’s where ChessClub comes handy.

You can play with other chess players online free of cost. Sounds too good to be true? But it is.

Get enrolled today and start playing right away. Their free referral system is a great way to make some decent cash.

After joining, you come with a variety of options – you can play with another player individually, or you can take part in the tournament.

You can’t only play online, but also get help from qualified professionals that will guide you on how to learn, play and improve.

2. Bovada

Some people are addicted to casino games because of the enticing offers coupled with curiosity they come with.

If going over and paying a visit in physical to casinos looks cumbersome, you can join this site that gives you the virtual platform to play and take part in a bid to various jackpots.

There are above 300 casino-related games including a bet on sports and horses.

3. PaidGamePlayer

Thanks to online technology that leaves no stone unturned to entertain their potential users with innovation and brilliance.

PaidGamePlayer is another platform to fill up your gaming appetite. It provides a user-friendly and interactive interface, where you can interact with other visitors around the globe.

A list of educational games is there, giving you the opportunity to get valuable information without getting bored.

You can make extra cash just by reviewing the new games introduced on their system. And their referral program is another idea to make money with ease. Both online games and surveys are available to pick from and make money as per your interest.

4. Swagbucks (review)

Swagbucks stands out when it comes to giving a prompt opportunity to making money online. There is no denying, this is one of the best survey sites to help you earn side hustle.

Apart from completing the surveys online, this site comes with a plethora of online games that are free to join and play. You only have to create the account and start playing right away.

If you are a “game geek” and will be playing online games anyway, why not make few bucks out of this site? It’s a win-win situation.

As you create an account and complete the given tasks, it will help you make Swagbucks points that are equivalent to money i.e. if you succeed in making 2500 Swagbucks points, you can claim your $25 straightaway.

You must be 13 years old to join this site. Residents of the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, and Ireland are eligible to join Swagbucks.

5. AppCent

AppCent is another option to start with and give your earnings a quick boost. It is available for both Android and iOS users where you can download apps, play games and refer a friend in exchange of earning online coins.

The best part is that you can redeem these coins for online shopping and other paid apps. And if you hesitate to redeem these coins, you can also convert them into real cash which you can withdraw from your PayPal account later, giving you the flexibility to spend as you like.

AppCent comes with an online video which helps you understand how it works. Of course, this is not a get rich scheme but is enough to supplement your existing income.

6. InboxDollars 

InboxDollars is very prolific in nature. It is mainly a reward site that helps you earn a lot of money for completed tasks, where playing online games is one of them.

This site has been working since 2000. I won’t be exaggerating if I call it an elusive brand for making money online.

As you sign up and register with this site, you will be eligible for $5 right away. You can earn reward points for different tasks ranging from completing surveys, playing games, taking part in the competition, online shopping to watching the videos. You can pick any task that resonates with your nature.

InboxDollars is very quick in delivering payment to its eligible visitors and is associated with renowned brands. Based on millions of active users, feel free to join this site without any doubt.

7. Bananatic

It is easy to use and interactive platform for the game lovers. The digital currency you produce after completing certain tasks is called Bananas which you can redeem for gift cards or convert them into a real currency as per your liking.

You will get paid for reviewing and testing a number of games. Or you simply get in-game quests that you have to complete for claiming the virtual currency.

You can also redeem your Bananas for multiple game content i.e. CSGO skins and CD keys for multiple games.

They have already invited more than 2 million users to their game quests which have become a landmark for new visitors. Join this platform and start making decent cash straightaway.

8. CashCrate

CashCrate was introduced in 2006 and has been working exquisitely since then. More or less, it is similar to Swagbucks and comes with 2 million active users.

Did I say 2 million? Yes, you heard that right.

Tournament games are the USP (unique selling point) of CashCrate where you can interact and play with a bunch of active users with similar interests. Only a few points are required to take part in these games and the winner gets a prize.

There is a minimum threshold of $20 to reach before you can withdraw your payment.

This site works simple. Although playing games is a vital part of their exclusive offers, you can make money trying different products from multiple companies.

Based on your review, these companies tweak their deployed strategies and come up with improved product next time.

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9. AppLike

AppLike is a haven for game lovers. It pays you to install and play new games.

Sponsors pay these sites for advertising their games on this site which gives a part of that commission to its users.

Similar to other reward sites, you will get some points as you complete the given tasks. The more time you spend over this site, the more reward points you can make. No brainer.

You can redeem earned points to a number of places like CVS, Burger King, Amazon, and Google play store.

AppLike comes with splendid referral system where you can earn a few points for referring this site to your friends. You are eligible for %25 of the earnings referrals make.

10. AppNana

AppNana is similar to AppLike in terms of giving reward points which you can redeem later. This app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

The reward points you earn are called Nana. This app is free to download and install which gives you the flexibility to play games that suit your interest.

When you reach a certain threshold of reward points, you become eligible for gift cards of multiple platforms like Amazon, Google, Xbox, and iTunes.

It also comes with a referral system which helps you earn rewards points. It is advised to open this app on a regular basis so you keep connected with other visitors and come with a great chance to earn more reward points.

get paid to play games, how to earn with playing games online, make money with playing games

11. GamesVille

GamesVille was introduced by Lycos. It houses a number of fun games like Quick-Draw-Poker, Hot Streak Solitaire, Magic21, Super Chef and many others.

Similar to other apps, it is famous for generating game currency called GV Rewards that are nothing but a digital form of real cash.

GamesVille comes with two option to earn points and make money one is taking part in tournaments and other is related to Bingo. Both are equally valuable and work best for potential visitors.

If you are lucky, you can win a jackpot that is an integral part of various games.

12. Pogo

Pogo is another remarkable addition among sites famous for playing games online.

As you open the site, it provides you an interactive interface with multiple gaming options ranging from puzzle games, board games, hidden object games and many more. You can pick any category based on your liking.

It gives three daily lucky draw offers where one is worth $50 and the other two $25. It is, no doubt, a great platform to play games and interact with other players online.

13. QuickRewards

QuickRewards has been working since 2002 and helped millions of users earn decent since then.

The amazing part is that no minimum payment threshold is required and you can withdraw as little as a penny.

You can utilize your earnings both ways – cash out through PayPal within 72 hours or in exchange for gift cards starting at $5 within one week.

Exceptional customer service, quick payment, and over 50 redemption options are what set them apart from their counterparts.

There is one limitation. It accepts residents only from the US, UK, and Canada.

14. BingoZone

You can make money playing Bingo online. BingoZone is introduced particularly for bingo lovers that provides a list of games on a regular basis.

It is a quality product introduced by the makers of GamesVille – so no need to question their credibility.

15. PlayandWin

It is a UK based website, particularly made for aggressive game lovers. There is a list of games, divided into various categories.

You must have Paypal account to withdraw payment and only UK residents are eligible for their products to be shipped over.

Prompt help is available in case you feel difficulty in the understanding of any game and payment criteria.

16. FunforCoin

Whatever the interest you come with, online world embraces you with hands wide open.

If you take a deep interest in cryptocurrency, and love to make money in digital form, FunforCoin proves to be very handy.

It allows you to earn Satoshi which is nothing but a fraction of Bitcoin – a world’s famous cryptocurrency based on which other cryptocurrencies are evaluated.

17. CorporationMaster

CorporationMaster, as the name suggests, is a great place to evaluate your managerial skills in a fun way.

It is mainly related to business games that help you polish your existing skills or develop a new one.

You can earn virtual currency for doing different tasks like a real company – you can create a new company, invest big, hire employees and manage them. The virtual you earn can be converted into real cash.

18. SparkProfit

It has been working since 2013 and helps in making quick money with ease, depending on your common sense.

Yes, it allows you to play games online free of cost but it works differently as compared to another gaming website. How? It provides an interactive platform to gauge your skills as an investor where you can predict the values of Bitcoin and Real Estate.

If you predict accurately, you can win big in the form of Bitcoins.

19. FreeSlots4U

This site was introduced in 2008 which is a great place to play free games online. It gives you the opportunity to win cash prizes on select slot machines.

It is famous for dispatching lucrative cash prize like Kindle Fire Tablets, iPads and similar technology related gadgets, to their potential visitors.

They offer a whopping 85 slots online which you can take advantage of, from anywhere around the world. And you can take part in different games with 7 different ways to make real money.

If you feel difficulty in understanding how these slots work, you can find a number of informative articles related to these slots where you can find answers related to:

  • What slots are available at which casinos?
  • What are the best slots that I can play?
  • Are all casinos the same, what are the differences?
  • Which slots have the best payout rates?
  • When and what new slots games are out?

Register right now and covert your free time into few bucks.

20. Givling

The app name itself looks captivating, no?

They are eager to give away money to their visitors who take a deep interest in playing games online.

It is more like an interactive platform where you not only get a chance to play the game but also can help others in the process.

As you start playing, the system helps you gang up with two other players where your score depends on the number of statements you answer correctly.

There are other teams involved in the game and the team with the highest score can claim the reward with prize money that is equally distributed between three team members.

This app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

21. Nintendo

There is no need to introduce this platform. If you take a deep interest in playing games online, you would know it already.

It is one of the best and well-known game companies. You may have well aware of some addictive games like Donkey Kong, Mario, and Zelda. They all are developed by Nintendo.

This company creates new jobs related to game testing every now and then. You can get a chance of playing paid games free of cost and evaluate them for a decent cash amount.

If you work for them, you need to evaluate UI (user interface) UX (user experience), development software, and quality assurance document.

There is a downside applying for these jobs. You can’t work from home. You need to show your actual presence inside their headquarters. So, unless you live in the US, this job is not suitable for you.


Playing online is one of the best ways to whip up your gaming obsession.

Before you join in and take part in playing games online with various websites, it is advised to read their terms and condition page and their mode of payment, making sure the time you spend worth it.

As mentioned earlier, don’t come over and visit these sites with the aim to get rich overnight. These sites are made to provide a platform where you can play games free of cost, preventing you from spending a bunch of dollars in purchasing the games you like the most.

Instead of joining all these sites, it is wise to pick only 2 and 3 of them where you can interact with other people. And don’t forget to pay a quick visit on a regular basis. It gives you the flexibility to make more money.

Still, if you are skeptical if playing games online does actually pay in real? The answer is YES, it does. You just need to do your due diligence before joining these sites so you don’t fall for getting rich schemes, tricking you to pay in exchange of big rewards.

That’s all for today. Do you have any experience playing games online? I’d love to hear from you. Thanks for reading the post.


 Are you obsess with playing games online? Why not turn your addiction into some bucks? This read comes with online sites that will help you get paid to play games.




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