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Get Money For Walking: Top 12 Apps That Blow Your Mind

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(Published Date April 04, 2019)

I’m not sure who introduced the idea of making money by walking – using smartphone apps – but whoever did this, deserves a standing ovation.

You may feel overwhelmed for thinking about walking only, let alone doing hectic exercises.

You don’t have to anymore.

There are some companies that not only look for their financial benefits but also strive to design solutions as per the demands of potential customers.

In this post, I’ll be highlighting the top 10 apps that help you get money for walking.

Did I read that right? Yes, you did.

These apps won’t make you rich overnight and they are not the substitute for your regular jobs either. They are introduced to keep you motivated and inclined over the benefits of walking by providing lucrative offers that you would hardly overlook.

Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

Get money for walking: Top 12 apps

1. Achievement

This app is a major development in terms of making you fit and healthy. It tracks your walking and other physical activities and gives you reward points in exchange for them.

  • The points you earn are nothing but your money in cash i.e. for every 10,000 points you are eligible for $10. Yes, it seems less for what you expected in the first place, but it is enough to keep your motivation alive for walk, keeping you fit and healthy.

You may be wondering why they would pay you anyway. In the presence of too many scams operating these days, your skepticism is valid.

These apps get the data of your physical activities which is then sold to third parties in exchange for some cash and the part of that commission is given to the actual users.

2. Sweatcoin

Sweatcoin pays you to walk outside the door. Your phone GPS and accelerometer is used to track your steps, making sure you won’t get paid in case you’re walking around inside the house.

get money for walking, get paid to walk, how to earn with walking steps

Your outdoor steps are then converted into Sweatcoins which is another name of digital currency for this app.

  • You can use these coins two ways – convert them into real cash for buying services and other goods Or you can donate them to charity as per your liking.

Although you can earn coins for every step you take, it is a UK based company, most offers and discounts are beneficial for the UK residents, especially the goods that need to be shipped over.

And if you ask, is it worth installing this app in your smartphone? The answer is “Yes”.

  • Again, you cannot make hundreds of dollars using this app, but you can arrange your next meal or two.

3. Doorcash

Doorcash, as the name suggests, is a remarkable app that helps you earn decent for delivering items to other locations from door to door.

Car and bike is the most viable option for delivering the item to far places. Nevertheless, you can install this app and opt-in to deliver by walking in case the location is not too far.

If you still think technology is not making your life easy with more options to make money, think again.

4. CharityMiles

CharityMiles is introduced for the people who take a deep interest in helping charities with or without money.

I can understand, not everyone comes with an affluent background and most people left with no money in hand at the end of the month. No need to worry. Don’t let money deter your love for helping others, now you can achieve that feat only by walking steps.

  • As you install the app, simply sign up and pick the charity you intend to donate to, and every step you take will be converted into cash and eventually donated to the charity you picked in the start.

It is true you won’t make money by yourself, but the self-satisfaction and peace you get by donating in the form of money for your walking steps become inevitable.

5. HealthyWage

HealthyWage is a one-stop place to convert your steps into real cash. I’m not bragging. You’d hardly refuse my statement after you install this app and get practical experience using it.

  • It comes with easy to use and interactive interface and helps you earn big by evaluating the weight loss goals you have set in the start.

You may start glaring with suspicious eyes in case I write another line in their support. So I won’t be doing that. But I can’t help mentioning HealthyWage has been featured on some elusive brands like CNN, The Washington Post, Today, Shape, and Good Morning America.

6. Higi

Higi helps you earn reward points for using their health tracking system, referring your friends to join and completing other physical activities.

get money for walking, get paid to walk, how to earn with walking steps

Actually, it is not one app, but gives you the flexibility to connect with a range of apps including Garmin, Fitbit, Under Armour and lot more.

Points you earn can be redeemed for rewards or donated to other charities for a good cause.

7. BetterPoints

Betterpoints is similar to other apps in walking niche where you can earn reward points in terms of both Betterpoints and Bettertickets.

The points you earn can be redeemed for a number of vouchers, on the other hand, Bettertickets help you to enter in a lucky draw where you can win a profound number of Betterpoints.

In order to get started, simply install the app and sign up for their programme. They come with lucrative National Rewards Winter Challenge programme that rewards users with one Betterticket in exchange of every mile completed.

Apart from other enticing offers it comes with, you have a chance to win lucky draw worth 5,000 Betterpoints.

8. Gigwalk

Gigwalk has been around since 2011. You can make decent cash with gigwalk by doing various tasks including physical activities.

It works on a simple gig system like another freelance app where you come with a good chance of getting gigs as per your liking. And it is compatible with both Android and iOS.

  • A number of gigs will pop up on your screen and you can pick the right one near your location. These jobs can stretch from few minutes to hours and range so get yourself well prepared before selecting the gig.

Evaluate the gig before picking the right one, as you come with a chance to earn anywhere from $3 to $100 per gig depending on the complexity of the given task.

As you complete the work you need to submit the photo of the completed task as proof.

9. Stepbet

Betting sounds fishy for some people, while other get curious and exited at the same time for taking some risk.

With Stepbet you will get paid for walking, however, you can bet on yourself with real cash against reaching your setup goals.

It is available on both Google play store and Apple store. As you install this app and sign up, you automatically get connected with apps like Fitbit, Garmin and other health related apps. You can join the game and select the bet that requires specific amount for joining.

It is wise to prioritize your health with some cash than strolling around in the house, stacking up a lot of fat that may cause harm and spike up the cholesterol level in your body.

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10. United Healthcare Motion

It is a medical insurance company and if you are insured with this company you can convert your steps into a few bucks that will be compensated in your policy package.

  • And if you are a prospect and sign up for the very first time, you can claim fitness tracker worth $55 that will be shipped to your home straight away.

You are provided with three tasks to compete every day called Intensity Goal, Tenacity Goal, and Frequency Goal.

The points you earn can stack up to worth $1100 which you can utilize for covering your medical expenses.

get money for walking, get paid to walk, how to earn with walking steps

11. Bitwalking

Bitwalking is another remarkable platform at your disposal. With this app installed in your cell mobile, you can convert your steps into “walking dollars”. Sounds enticing? I know.

Bitwalking is a digital currency you earn just by walking steps.

The currency you earn can then be converted into real cash and for other payments. Each bitwalking dollar is equal to 10,000 steps (5 miles).

12. Lympo

Lymo pays you to complete different tasks, mainly related to physical activities and walking. You can claim Lympo tokens after completing different challenges involving running or walking.

Similar to other apps, you will earn reward points for gift cards, real cash or goods. It is compatible with both iOS and Android and comes with a good rating in terms of meeting their demands and paying well and on time.

Don’t believe? Try it yourself.

Final Thought

Signing up for these apps is a good idea, knowing you will get paid to walk. They don’t offer big reward schemes so don’t come and visit these sites with the aim to replace your regular job.

  • I observe the idea of joining the gym is daunting for some people and it gives them jitters. They find haven in walking which, of course, requires less hard work.

I’m not here to belittle someone who loves to join gym, I wanted to highlight the benefit of walking that sets you free from both heavy gym fees, tiring workouts and keeps you fit and healthy with little effort.

If you are looking for some platforms that pay big, I’d suggest you check these survey sites where Survey Junkie stands out.

Similarly, this comprehensive read covering almost 80+ ways to make extra money will help you brainstorm and create side hustle without much effort.

Do you have any experience making money out of walking? I’d love to hear from you in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


Do you take deep in your health? This read comes with top smartphone apps that will help you get money for walking.



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