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How to Earn with Swagbucks – Is it Worth Joining this Site?

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Online earning has created a hypnotic trance and engulfed many people in its sheer magnetism. It is not easy though, it takes time.

Have you already ditched too many ways of online earing because they are not trustworthy and you ended up wasting your time with nothing?

Don’t you worry, we have got you covered.

Let’s have a quick review of Swagbucks. Why should you join this site? And how you can earn maximum using minimum time and effort. I’ll cover each and everything in this review.

What is Swagbucks?

Swagbucks is a legit GPT site where you will be generating money in the form of Swagbucks by completing different tasks.

  • You are eligible to get swag bucks when you play games, use swag bucks search engine, watch videos, complete surveys, or give answers in available polls.

Signing up:

Signing up is quite easy. You simply need to put your email, choose a password and click on the option indicating you are not a robot. As you complete the information form, it will take you to the Swag bucks dashboard.

Earn with Swagbucks:

There are a number of ways to earn with Swagbucks. Let’s discuss each and every option one by one.

1: Using it as a Search Engine:

First off, quick way of earning swag bucks is by installing swag bucks toolbar on your computer.

You will be rewarded swag bucks points for using Swagbucks as a search engine.

  • You should keep one thing in mind, you won’t get awarded swag bucks points for the number of searches you do on a search engine but it depends on the time duration you spend on this search engine.

And if you are committed to earning more swag bucks you need to use this search engine after every hour. Searches that appear on this search engine are quite similar to Google.

Protip: It is recommended you don’t use this search engine for your office or college work. As the searches appear on this search engine are sometimes quite weird and can deviate you from your given topic. For corporate use, you must use a Google.

2: Watch:

You can watch different promotional videos to earn with Swagbucks. The idea behind Swagbucks is quite interesting, they don’t give you quick cash for watching different videos rather they reward you some swag bucks in return.

  • You can redeem these Swagbucks later for gift cards or for dollars to add into your PayPal account.

The best thing is that you can play the playlist of videos in the background and can do normal things as you do. You will be able to get swag bucks for the videos you play in the background.

  • Each swag buck is equal to one cent. If you want to earn $1, you must get 100 swag bucks.

Swagbucks is quite committed to their offers and rewards; they don’t promise to make you rich overnight but they give you enough that you can get some gift card or cover your student loan or it can be a good fit for buying routine groceries.

3: Games:

Swagbucks houses a number of exciting games like Scrabble Cubes, and Wheel of fortune. You will get approximately 1 to 10 SB for every game you play.

  • You can give it a try if you want to play the game anyway. Of course, you won’t like to reject the money you get for doing your normal routine tasks.

4: Bonuses:

There is a minimum threshold of getting swag bucks to reach your daily ultimate goal. Once you reach your daily goal, you will be able to get 10% extra Swag bucks for the Swag bucks you earn on that day.

5: Trial Offers:

You will get paid for signing up for available offers. You will be able to add enough swag buck point to claim your $25 worth amazon card.

  • Some offers are free, some are paid ones and require your credit card details. If you are comfortable sharing your details with them, you can make more money than getting free offers.

What if I say you will get paid for donating your money to charities? Yes, you heard that right.

If you have made mind to help poor people then it is a good option to give your money through Swagbucks. They will reward you additional swag bucks points for every donation you make.

6: Surveys:

There are plenty of surveys available to get some swag bucks. There are some surveys who ask for your personal information before you get started.

  • You need to be very vigilant while giving out your information, if they find you have put some incorrect information, they will ban your account and all the swag bucks you have earned will be revoked.

7: Shopping:

A number of retailers are incorporated with this website, like Amazon, eBay and many more. You will get a cash back in the form of swag bucks if you make a purchase through the number of retailers listed on this site.

  • Do you get confused why would they give you cash back for purchasing? It is pretty simple, different retailers pay to this site for displaying their ads on this site. And if someone makes a purchase from these retailers through Swagbucks, these retailers payback to Swagbucks and some part of this payment goes to your account.

I would recommend you to earn more swag bucks before you redeem it for gift cards. Because more swag bucks come with more value. For example, you will get $5 worth gift card if you have 500 swag bucks in your account. In order to claim $25 worth amazon gift card, you only need 2200 swag bucks points.

8: Answering Pools:

You will be able to get swag bucks if you answer different polls in place.

  • If you are impatient and cannot wait too long to get your swag bucks points redeemed, it is better to redeem your swag bucks as long you earn them.

Is it worth joining this Site?

Before joining any online earning site, it is wise to check online reviews given by their existing members. They have already 15 million members and 1.3 million Facebook users.

  • They have already given 210 million dollars to their online members. If you check online reviews, you get to know the site is legit and has been working since 2005. It has made a renowned name in the field of online earning by giving flawless service and paying its visitors well and on time.

It is easy to earn swag bucks if you approach this website in a typical manner. Simply you need to switch to Swagbucks search engine from your Google search engine.

  • There are some people who take every available survey, play every game available and utilize every offer. This is not the best way to gain maximum from this site.

Swagbucks is not an alternative to your normal job and you cannot make your living out of it. If you are happy to make 2 or 3 dollars in a day, then you are good to do, otherwise, it is not worth giving out your too much time.

  • Sometimes it is much difficult to qualify for the survey and you get rejected in the middle of qualification criteria. You need to pay special heed before taking surveys, and you need to weight the amount of time you waste in taking up these surveys.

Swagbucks is one of the largest paying GPT sites. You can guess the authenticity of this site by the fact, they daily give 7000 gift cards to their regular members.

It houses a list of countries in their eligibility criteria including US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Ireland, Germany, and France.

  • If you are looking for quick ways to get some extra bucks, this site is worth giving it a try. There are some surveys which give you more than $5 dollar per hour. But this is not the case with most of the available surveys. However, if you leave some of the videos playing in the background, you will be able to claim more swag bucks.

Buying through Swagbucks will cash you back few swag bucks and if they are added up, in the same manner, they are enough to claim your gift cards.

If you haven’t made your account on this site, you can sign up here. Sign up quickly and hop on board to earn few bucks online.





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