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7 Powerful Ideas To Earn With Social Media

powerful ideas to earn with social media, how to make money with social media

(Published Date January 26, 2019)

The social media obsession is grossly increasing over time.

If you don’t show up on this platform, people would hardly believe, if you even exist.

From Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, to Google Plus, you have a great opportunity to engage with total strangers here and there and turn them into an intimate friend.

And most importantly, you have a sheer potential to make money using these platforms.


Just bear with me. I’ll help you learn how to harness the power of social media and make a decent living out of it.

Facebook comes with 2 billion active users, similarly twitter successfully engages 230 million people and Instagram is another big giant to get the attention of 400 million people.

Needless to say, these mediums prove to be very handy in bringing people together. If you are an individual or running a local business, you can’t live without them.

I’m sure, you would be using these platforms anyway, why not convert them into a full-time income or utilize them as a catalyst to make a side hustle? Sound’s good?

If you are struggling to make money online, few tips and techniques are enough to fuel your existing income. And if you have a knack to solve major problems people are facing right now, your online success becomes inevitable.

In this post, I’ll be discussing 7 powerful ideas to earn with social media.

Before we dig down further and get down to the nitty-gritty of making money with social media, it is wise to address few questions you may have in your mind. Let’s get started.

How much can you make on social media?

Your earning potential is widely dependent on the effort you put it. And if you apply the proper strategy in place, the sky is the limit.

This is a job anyone can do remotely. If you are a freelancer, there is a great opportunity for you to earn with social media.

How to brush up skills?

It is wise to take some online course related to social media marketing if you really aim to boost your earnings. Udemy is a great place to buy the valuable course as low as 10$.

It is observed, most of the people get themselves enrolled in these courses, take two-three classes and with the passage of time, they lose real spark that provokes them to join the course at first place.

If you really want to keep yourself motivated, put yourself in a thirty-day challenge where you will be taking the course dedicating a few minutes every day. This will keep your inner spark alive and you can successfully complete the course in one month.

Taking the course and get away with it within two days is the worst thing you can do to learn something new from scratch.

How many hours per week?

It all depends on your routine. If you are doing a regular job, you will be spending less time to make a side hustle.

Working 10 hours per week is enough and will worth your time. You may need to work your butt off in the start to target the potential clients who pay well.

You can start off with less, however, as you develop your skills and become pro in social media marketing, you can charge more.

How many followers do you need?

This is the most important question that makes people skeptical in the start and put them in sheer doubt if they can make decent money out of social media marketing anyway.

The answer is yes, you can make enough money if you have almost 1000 followers.

Having a whopping amount of inactive followers where you fail to engage them on regular basis is less important than active followers who value your opinion.

Marketing is all about targeting the right audience with the right product at the right time. If you succeed in nailing down the problem your followers are facing right now with a definite solution, you have sealed the deal.

7 Powerful Ideas To Earn With Social Media

Following are seven easy ways you can earn with social media.

1. Affiliate products

Promoting affiliate products will help you earn decent revenue. And if the product you promote resonates with your nature, your earnings will turn to triple inadvertently. People love to buy a product that is already used and endorsed by someone else.

Click bank and Amazon affiliate is a great option to start with. Make an account over there and pick the right product for the right audience.

powerful ideas to earn with social media, how to make money with social media

Make sure, the audience you have built over the time with your social media profile comes with a great demand of the product you are promoting.

Of course, you can guess the nature and interest of your followers with regular engagement.

2. Create your own knowledge product

Online technology never fails to stun the people with its sheer effectiveness in terms of ease of use, quality, reliability, and efficiency. You can create your knowledge product in the niche you are expert at and cell it online.

This is called a real passive earning where you need to create the product one time that will help you bag lifetime benefit – whenever a product gets sold, a specific amount will be transferred into your account.

3. Handle social media accounts of a business

Nowadays, if the business is not online, it will die out sooner than later. This is where your earning potential comes in.

You can become the social media account manager for a particular business and handle their accounts online.

They will pay you and sometimes they reserve a certain commission for your services. The more you help them increase their sales, the more your earning grows.

4. Run Ads

Running ads on social media can bag you a bunch of dollars. Here you will be creating campaigns for different businesses.

There are two types of ads you can run online – one can be put on Google while others you create on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

You can increase your sales if you provide value to the customers. Otherwise, they will bounce off right away in case they find traction of hint the product you are offering doesn’t resonate with their needs and demands.

5. Offer your services

This is different than selling your knowledge product.

Providing call center services or virtual assistant services are accepted by potential companies by open hands.

If you become a virtual assistant, you can work for an individual or complete the regular tasks for the company like replying to emails or arranging meetings with customers.

These services are not limited to becoming to virtual assistant or call center agent only. With the inception of online technology, almost everyone is paying attention to brush up the skills where they can make money freelancing.

You can offer multiple freelancing services like graphics designing, freelance writing, proofreading and many more. You can work per hour or charge per project. Both ways are enough to help you fetch decent income online.

The good part is that, during freelance work, you are not bound to work under any boss and meet the unnecessary obligations of the business. You work for an individual client.

powerful ideas to earn with social media, how to make money with social media

And if you think you can’t work with the current clients anymore, you can softly turn down their request and switch over to the next one.

Liberty and working flexibility are those pies of the cake that make these freelancing jobs quite lucrative and appealing for the people who aim to live the life on their own terms.

6. Make Videos on YouTube

If you have a knack to edit and make good videos, YouTube is the best place to make money doing it. Just pick your relevant niche and start making videos.

Most of the people come over and fall under the trap of covering every niche and making videos on almost every topic. This is not the right way to make money on YouTube. Your channel must be niche specific. This will help you turn out as an authority in your field.

What do you like the most, the people who are expert in a particular skill or who is covering almost every field? I hope you will pick the first one.

And no need to mess up the videos with a number of ads at the start. Once you build a brand and make some videos, and people start living your videos and come over to your channel over and over again, this is the right time to pull the trigger and start running ads.

Still, value stands first while making the video. If you think the video you make provides value and solve someone’s problem, visitors will take no time picking you over others.

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7. Become influencer

With the inception of online marketing, companies feel save to target right influencers and increase their revenue.

The need of the influencers has profusely increased over time. And you can leverage this opportunity before it loses its true color and gets saturated.

All you need is to write the post around certain product or service you intend to promote of a particular brand over your social media profiles and you are all set to make your first commission.

As mentioned above, you can start off with as low as 1000 followers, however, as the number of followers increases, so does your revenue.

Be careful while promoting the product. No need to bombard the audience with a number of posts all at once. Doing this will badly affect your followers and you will struggle to retain them for a long time.


There is a lot of potential to earn with social media if done a right way. Making rich overnight is nothing but a façade that will leave you shattered in the end.

If one technique doesn’t work, come up with another idea and implement it with a fresh perspective.

You can’t try once and get away with it when you are not getting results. I can understand, it is difficult to stay motivated when things are not going in your way. However, if you keep digging and endeavor to streamline new ideas with hard work, success becomes inevitable.

From offering your own products, promoting affiliate things, offering your own services to becoming an influencer, social media is giving you the opportunity to earn with hands wide open.

It is true Google tops the list when it comes to advertising, but with the recent surge in their advertising charges, marketers and businessmen are shifting towards social media, so they can create the maximum revenue with minimum income spent.

If you become a solid player and come with a sound knowledge to leverage social media, you can turn your potential into pure gold.

That’s been all for now. You are most welcome to share your valuable suggestions in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


Are you struggling to earn online? No need to worry. I have arranged powerful ideas to earn with social media and supplement your side hustle.


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