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How to Earn with Primedice

Cryptocurrency has revitalized the concept of online earning. You can get an idea about cryptocurrency from the article I’ve written on What is Cryptocurrency and Is it worth investing in Cryptocurrency. When it comes to online earning, you always try to find an easy way to make some extra bucks. There are thousands of sites out there which give you tips on online earning, but finding a reliable and quick way of online earning is not too easy as it seems.

Bitcoin has got market value in no time after its inception in 2009. Now, it is considered as a brand name for the cryptocurrency. Now, Bitcoin is trading at $5429.4. Today I have got you covered, as I’ll explain how you can get some Bitcoin with a Bitcoin gambling site like Primedice.

Very first thought that comes to your mind after listening to word gambling is “are these site worth using or do we really get something with these sites?” Although there are many sites who give you nothing except wasting your time and money, but Primedice is a site which is worth giving it a try.

Earn with Primedice:

Primedice started working in 2013, and it claims to be the best and trusted Bitcoin gambling site. At the time of writing this article this site shows, its members have won 416.5 BTC in last 24 hours. This figure shows the random value in last 24 hours, as they don’t reset after every 24 hours, rather they just show how popular this site is, among people.

Let’s have a look how you can earn with Primedice.


Signing up is quite easy. Click here to join. As you go to the website, you need to put your username and tick the box mentioning you are not a robot, above 18 years old and you are agreed to their terms and conditions.  As you enter your username, it will take you to the page mentioned below.

prime dice dashboard

Now you are on the dashboard of your official account. You can set your password and email, but that’s optional. If you want to secure your account, it is recommended to complete the two-factor authentication. Don’t close your account tab or browser window without setting your password, otherwise you need to go through the hassle of contacting their customer support service to retrieve your account.

The Primedice Game:

The Primedice game is quite interesting and easy to follow. Here you need to set the bet amount, set the payout according to your requirement and click the roll dice button.

As you click on the roll dice button, you will be able to see your result in the bet list given below the game.

Primedice comes with amazing features. You can switch between day and night mode by clicking on the “More” option given on the top of the page. To make site highly responsive, Primedice has incorporated live chat option where you can chat with the members playing online.

Primedice also includes automatic betting option by which you can select the number of rolls as you prefer and increase the bet by a specific amount.

Primedice also houses the hotkeys feature which is off by default. You can make it enable if you prefer to ON these hotkeys. Similarly, you can turn animations and sounds on and off as you prefer.

Bitcoin Faucet:

You can earn with Primedice by using its faucet option. You can get minor percentage of Bitcoins by clicking on the faucet option on the top of the page. One point that is worth mentioning, Primedice rewards you 150 Satoshi after every three minutes (even if your account balance is zero). However, the amount of Satoshi given to the member increases as the level of the playing member increases.

You can achieve specific level by gaining minimum threshold of experience required for each level.

You need to get the faucet to get BTC and put that BTC in gambling in order to earn with Primedice. No worries, if you lose your BTC, you can again get your BTC by clicking on the Faucet. Balance in your account must be zero to claim faucet.

Maximum Payout and Affiliate Program:

The maximum payout for this site is 30 BTC per individual bet. You can join affiliate program by which you can earn with Primedice for every referral who logs in through your referral link.

To get your referral link, go to the “More” option on the top of the page, then select affiliate and then search for your campaign link.

Deposit, Withdrawals, and Fees:

If you want your deposits to get credited, you need at least one confirmation. However, withdrawals can only be done as long as there are no unconfirmed deposits in your account. You will be charged 0.0002BTC for every transaction you make, in order to earn with primedice.

If you find a bug, will you get paid for it?

Primedice comes with a whitehat bounty program. You will get paid for every bug you report, depending on the severity of the bug. As of now, Primedice has given 40+ BTC for honest bug reports. You need to contact support@primedice.com if you find any bug worth fixing.

Now, you have got a clear idea you this site works and how easy is that to earn with Primedice. You need to be very careful when you deposit your money for betting, it is likely you lose all of your money. You can start by a small amount, and go to betting big as you proceed. It is recommended you put enough money on a bet for which you get no regret on losing.



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