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5 Ridiculous & Practical Ideas to Earn With Pinterest

how to earn with pinterest, how to make money with pinterest

(Published Date August 14, 2019)

You made a blog and you failed to get traction.

Feeling depressed, drained, and shattered? You don’t have to anymore.

When you are unable to snatch traffic from Google, Pinterest comes into play. For a new blog, most probably, it would take almost four to six month to appear in the Google search results. But you love quick and fast results like me. Waiting for this long seems forever.

So, what’s the solution?

This is the reason I’m writing this post, to let you know about the alternative that can help you get more traffic quicker than expected.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the 5 ridiculous & practical ideas to earn with Pinterest. Some of them you may already know, but most are brand new techniques that will help grow your traffic skyrocket.

5 Ridiculous & Practical Ideas to Earn With Pinterest

1. Work as Pinterest Virtual Assistant

Working as a Pinterest virtual assistant can help you earn decent money. When a brand plans to launch their products, they need people to voice their business online.

While they have to focus on other things like improving the products, manufacturing and delivering process, maintaining quality, they cannot do everything on their own. They outsource their marketing work to the potential freelancers who are willing to deliver optimum results.

This is where a Pinterest virtual assistant comes handy. If you become pro in using Pinterest, how to make boards, build authority, leverage the audience, you can make a good side hustle.

how to earn with pinterest, how to make money with pinterest

I’m sure you would be using Pinterest anyway for searching anything you love or for any query, why not turn into another stream of income. This way you can work right from the comfort of your home and pick your own hours. All you need is to deliver the results.

Not everyone can design pins. You can see hundreds of pins that are poorly designed with mediocre headlines. Designing a good pin that generates sales is an art and not everyone is adept in it.

Pins, for example, that are designed in portrait get more visibility than the pins made in the landscape. Similarly, you build a brand. You can’t follow one design format in the making of one pin and ignore it in another.

Developing the hierarchy in every pin you create is necessary so it can reflect a particular brand. So, when someone looks at the particular pin, they can recognize it immediately.

2. Teach Pinterest Online

No doubt, online technology has leveled the field for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you are living in a low privileged area or posh location, if you have some skills, you can make money out of them.

Many jobs are available for teaching online. People in some countries don’t get the chance to study in a prestigious university that can help hone their skills, so they pick an online platform to brush up their talent.

You can create a course online about how to leverage Pinterest for your business growth, and make money out of it.

As mentioned earlier, Google is very handy when it comes to producing decent results. But it takes time. And you cannot use Google ads right from the start of your business as you have to maintain your budget. Pinterest gives the opportunity to unlock your potential skill or product in front of potential audience and get quick results.

how to earn with pinterest, how to make money with pinterest

It is true, Pinterest can take your traffic on the tip of the iceberg one day and rock bottom the other. But it will worth your time and energy. For long-lasting and delayed outcome, Google outperforms Pinterest. But Pinterest comes first when you need fast results.

3. Start Upselling

Once you get your first client, get stick to the offer you accepted at first place. Be consistent. Once you feel, you have built a rapport and helped your client in one way or the other, this is the right time to upsell your services. Diversify your offering. Deliver more than you promise. This will help build your credibility.

It is likely, once you try to upsell, your request gets turned down right away. Keep this in mind, one time “NO” is not a rejection. It all boils down how you negotiate with the client and do things going the extra mile.

You may start with designing the pins, later you can offer for the full management of the Pinterest account. Or you can set the value – you’ll get a commission once sales or traffic get passed from a certain point.

There are many ways to handle the project. You can start with a fixed amount or you can work per hour. Either way, you can pick the hours you like and work in your own terms, marking sure it doesn’t hurt the client’s requirement.

4. Sell Your Own Product

Pinterest no longer entertains affiliate links. I’m sure most of you are familiar with affiliate marketing. In case you don’t – it is a process in which you promote someone else’s product using their affiliate link and whenever someone clicks and buys from that link, you’ll get a commission.

how to earn with pinterest, how to make money with pinterest

Pinterest has officially banned promoting these affiliate links and, instead, they encourage you to make and sell your own products.

Apart from making money, Pinterest is a great place to get inspiration from the number of people who are already selling their products.

Enter the keyword or product name you aim to sell, and you’d come up with a bunch of different ideas. It is not necessary to create an exact similar product. You can modify the existing item, customize it with more features as per the needs and requirements of the visitors and sell them at your own price.

You can sell t-shirts, hand-made shoes, jewelry, and sceneries. The list is endless.

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5. Should you follow your passion?

You may have got this advice hundreds of times (if not thousands) that if you aim to generate side hustle you should follow your passion.

I’m not against this advice as long as you are willing to work without thinking about and taking money into consideration. This way you can focus more and work on your progress and develop your skills in the craft you love.

However, you’d agree, people who plan to generate side hustle often need quick results. They don’t tend to live their whole life focusing on the craft they love with empty pockets.

No doubt making money while following your passion is the best way, but if you make money that you don’t love doing is still better.

You’re getting money, right?

Sooner or later, it all comes down to the money you make for the effort you put. If you are getting money in commission for the product you don’t know about very much, you are still doing a good job.

Final Thought

With the inception of the digital revolution, people rely more on reading and reviewing products online compared to physically going to the market and hunting down the items they love.

Study shows, people normally spend 4 to 6 hours daily online – surfing, scrolling, commenting, chatting and watching videos online.

Pinterest is a great place to make decent money for the things you are already doing. You still be spending time on social media, it is preferred to utilize your time wisely.

Turn your time into bucks, so you don’t regret at the end of the day you have wasted whole day online doing nothing.

From Pinterest virtual assistant, creating your own course, selling your own products, to diversifying your existing skills by harnessing the power of Pinterest, you can generate a good income stream online.

Be persistent in what you do. Juggling between your skills will do more harm than good. When I said diversify your skills, it means going in-depth you already doing in a particular field.

Like if you aim to work as a Pinterest virtual assistant, you can start from designing the pins to managing the whole business account with profiles management on other social media platforms, and later you can offer your writing and design services to the brand you work for.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed the article. If you have anything to share, you are most welcome to comment in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


When you are unable to snatch traffic from Google, Pinterest comes into play. Post highlighting how to earn with pinterest and generate another income stream right from the comfort of home.



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