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How to Earn with Freebitco.in


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Everyone is becoming more curious to earn with Bitcoin with every passing day.  There are a variety of websites available who provide you the opportunity to earn free Bitcoin. The idea behind these websites is to give the visitor a chance to earn free Bitcoin either by playing the dice game or taking part in the lottery which happens to take place every now and then.

Freebitco.in started working in 2013 and it has gained a massive success by giving flawless service and paying their visitors well and on time. I don’t brag much but you should add this site to your list of online earning websites. Earning from betting sites is quite tricky though. You should play smartly and you need to be lucky at the same time.

Let’s have a look at Bitcoin betting site named Freebitco.in by which you can earn some decent cash.

How to Register:

Signing up is not typical though, rather this site provides quite responsive and easy registration form. All you need to put your valid email ID and password. Click here to register.

After putting your email and password, it will take you to the page like below.

freebitco.in dashboard

Earn with Freebitco.in:

The idea to earn with Freebitco.in is quite similar to Primedice and other betting sites. On the top of the page, you can see the option mentioning “Free BTC”. It is same like a Bitcoin faucet by which you can earn free Bitcoin. The Bitcoins you earn by Free BTC can be used in “Multiply BTC and Lottery games” mentioned above. Prior to claiming your free BTC, your account balance must be zero.

This site comes with lots of leverage and lucrative offers. You are eligible to get 4.08% annual interest in your Freebitco.in Balance.

In order to get started, you need to type the Captcha and click on the roll button. You will get paid according to the table below.


Here you have a chance to win Bitcoins worth up to 200 USD which you can use later to take part in Multiply BTC and Lottery games.

Multiply BTC Game:

You cannot challenge the fairness of this game as it comes with a provably fair approach. It works on a quite simple principle. Each roll depends on three parameters:

Server Seed

Client Seed


They will show you the nonce and client seed that can be used with server seed with the hash of SHA256.

Game procedure is quite simple and easy to follow. You need to type your bet amount and choose payout or win chance as you like. You can win the game if you Bet HI and get a number higher than 5250 and Bet LO and get a number lower than 4750.

Lottery Game:

Unlike BTC Multiply game, Lottery game happens once in a week and comes with big prizes. Every free BTC roll you play comes with 2 lottery tickets, and you will be rewarded 1 ticket if your referral plays a roll and 1 ticket for every 0.00000500 you get from Multiply BTC game. There are total 10 prizes available with 1.208 BTC as the biggest prize. These prize values keep on changing depending on the conversion rate of Bitcoin and US dollars.


Lottery freebitco.in

Referral System:

You can earn some decent amount by referring this site to other visitors. Its referral system comes with an enticing commission. You will be rewarded commission for every time your referral plays to earn Bitcoin.

referral commission freebitco.in


There are three types of withdrawals available on this site.

1: Manual Withdrawals:

It takes about 6 hours for manual withdrawal to complete. The minimum withdrawal limit is 0.00010400 BTC. Charging fee of 0.00000400 BTC will be deducted for every withdrawal.

2: Autowithdrawal:

Autowithdrawal takes place once in a week i.e. every Sunday. You need to provide your Bitcoin wallet address in order to withdraw Bitcoin coin in your wallet address. If you don’t have wallet address, you can learn How to make Bitcoin wallet Address with Coinbase.

3: Instant Withdrawal:

Instant Withdrawal comes with a higher minimum withdrawal limit of 0.00041000 BTC. It takes only 15 minutes in order to process your instant withdrawal. As it is instant withdrawal, you need to pay a high transaction fee of 0.00031000 BTC.

Just to let you know, if you come with a quick rich approach to earn with Freebitco.in, then this place is not for you. You can have some fun and kill your extra time in order to earn with Freebitco.in and get some extra bucks. Otherwise, this site is not an alternative to your regular job. However, you can Check 80+ ways to make extra money before you quit your regular job.

However, you can take part in the game right from the start without any investment. If you want to earn big, you need to risk big.  You can earn some decent amount by referral system it provides. At the end, we just recommend you to add this site in your online earning platforms.





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