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How to earn money on YouTube in 2019 – with 1000 subscribers only

how to earn money on youtube, how to make money on youtube

(Published Date April 24, 2019)

I’m talented but I don’t get an opportunity to blow up.

This excuse worked 20 years ago. Not anymore.

Now you have a dedicated platform – YouTube – where you can unlock your true potential in any way possible.

Exercise is easy. Take your smartphone. Record the talent or the skill that you think you have better than others. Do some tweaks with editing software before uploading a video on your channel.

And voila. You are good to go.

But this is not as easy as it seems. You can’t put only one video and pray for it to go viral. You may have to put multiple or sometimes scores of them before you start getting the results. But your hard work and elusive skills definitely pays off in the long run – provided – if you know the skill how you to engage the audience.

In this post, we will cover how to earn money on YouTube in 2019? Or is this the platform to get your business off the ground? How much you can make? And how much time you require before you start making a decent income? We will be discussing each and everything.

Let’s get started.

How to earn money on YouTube in 2019

Before we cover the number of ways to make money on YouTube, we should cover the main question one by one, making it easy for you to figure out how this platform works and how you can make the most out of it.

1. How much time do I need before I start making money?

I wish I could say other than – it depends – but I couldn’t.

Yes, it depends on the nature and quality of your videos. Rest assured, you won’t make anything decent right from the first month.

You need six months to full one year before you start getting your desired results. It is highly likely, you need to delete first three or four videos once you compare with the videos that go viral and get practical results.

But there is a good thing behind this endeavor. If you learn from mistakes, these bad quality videos can be a stepping stone for your progress.

2. Can I make a video on every topic?

If you don’t pick a niche and start uploading the videos on random topics, this is the best thing you can do to jeopardize your hard work.

Pick only one niche – be it related to public pranks, covering the nitty-gritty of cell phones, beauty tips, technical projects, graphic design, providing services – but once you pick the topic, get stick to it. Not need to juggle the topic without having the main goal in mind. It will hurt your fan base.

It is observed when people subscribe to some particular channel, they expect the same videos of a similar kind based on which they subscribed your channel.

3. What if I upload copied content?

You can’t upload the hard work of other people and get benefit from it. If you do so, YouTube will take no time in banning your account for breaching their code of copyright.

Yes, there are some rules where you can upload the content of other people, but in that case, you need to take permission from them.

4. Can I make a career on YouTube?

Definitely, you can. But it takes time to get attention and turn yourself into an elite brand. You may be thinking right now, can I leave my regular job right away and put my full attention to this platform? You can do this if you can afford and come with enough money to make ends meet for at least six months.

But experts don’t recommend playing this risky bet. Some people leave their regular job and fall in the trap of making decent money right away thinking this is the right way to do what resonates with their inner self, however, after figuring out how this platform works and putting three four videos with no result, they get fed up and start looking for another job of similar kind they left months ago.

5. How much can you earn for 1000 views?

Some people put a video on YouTube and what next thing they do is weeding through the internet checking how you much can they make on their first 1000 views? When you are a beginner, this type of excitement is valid. But don’t allow fancy expectations to drift you away from reality.

In the start, expect less and work more and learn how things stand appropriate for the people getting a number of views on their videos.

The money you can earn per 1000 views depends on multiple factors ranging from the keyword you pick to rank for and the area you get the views from. If your video goes viral in countries like US, Canada, you can earn more as compared to getting views from other countries.

You make money based on CPC (cost per click) that ranges from 0.01 to 4$. Brace yourself with earning more for some videos with fewer views as compared to other videos with more views which mainly depends on the keyword you get ranked for.

How YouTube Works?

It is easy. You record the video of specific talent or the instruction about the skill you know better than others – and you won’t believe – some people travel, and make a video of their journey from going one place to another and discover the world how it should be, and put it on YouTube.

There are two main ways you can make money on YouTube.

1: Become an advertiser

2: As an ad platform

In this first method, you make the video about your business and unleash it before the potential buyers. In this way, you pay YouTube for displaying your videos in front of the audience where you talk about your product and how it can be a good fit for solving their particular problem.

If your product comes with a quality, it will take no time giving your business a quick boost. You may need to spend some money to reach the actual buyers before you start making money from your product.

There are two ways you can pick to display ads on YouTube.

1: Stream ad

2: Discovery ad

Stream ad plays before the start of any video. It comes in the video form and audience needs to watch it for at least 5 sec before they skip it over. It ranges from 6 sec to 2 minutes.

Similarly, discovery ad appears on the top right or under the next suggesting video. You pay YouTube for every click you get on your ad.
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Similarly, when you work as an ad platform, ads from other businesses will be placed on your channel and you get paid for the number of clicks you get on these ads – before that, you need to meet the certain criteria introduced by YouTube to monetize your channel.

Requirements to Monetize Your Channel

In 2018 YouTube came up with specific criteria to monetize your channel. Before this requirement came into play, everyone uploaded the video and the next thing they would do to start monetizing it right away. This doesn’t work anymore.

Following are the requirements to get paid for your channel:

1: Your uploaded videos must have 4000 hours watch time in the last 12 months.

2: At least 1000 subscribers are added in your subscription list.

how to earn money on youtube, how to make money on youtube

As you achieve this milestone, you can turn on monetization – just go to the top right side, left click the channel then go to YouTube Studio, and move to the left side and click:

  • Other features > Status and Features > Monetization. As you click enable, it takes you to the page where above requirements for monetization are written.

how to earn money on youtube, how to make money on youtube

You need a Google AdSense account to start making money. You can get your separate AdSense account or you can incorporate your channel with the existing one you use for your website or blog.

Partner with Affiliates

Once you get enough subscribers in your list, and people start taking interest in your content, you can partner with some affiliates, and get money in return for marketing their products in front of your audience.

You either make tutorials around the product or you can name their product at the start of your video, both ways you can demand decent money from sponsors.

Passion vs Money

If you plan to follow the passion, you need to pay the price. Nothing comes free. You have to earn it by sacrificing something dear.

Joining YouTube and uploading the videos about the thing you love the most won’t bag you a lot of money in the start unless you aim to keep glued for many years to come.

It is true, you may stay penny less in the first six months, but it takes only one video to go viral and leave a glorious impact.

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently” Marie Forleo


If it were so easy to make money on YouTube, everyone would be doing it. Every venture you start and the passion you plan to follow requires some hard work with dedication and persistence.

You can do the following things to get started on YouTube:

  • Create high-quality content
  • Upload videos regularly
  • Keep your audience engaged. Reply to their comments and produce videos that resonate with your viewers.
  • Don’t focus on making money first. Become a man of value instead of focusing on your financial gains.
  • Create unique content. Don’t copy others.
  • Whenever you use image clicked by other photographers, make sure to credit them. And before you hit publish button, read the YouTube copyright guidelines.

That’s all for today. I hope you get something valuable from this read. If you did, make sure to PIN this post. Thanks for your precious time.

Do you like making money for what you love doing? If yes, this is a must read post for you where I have highlighted how to earn money on YouTube?



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