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13 Ways to Earn Money as a Teenager With No Experience

earn money as a teenager, how to make money as a teenager

(Published Date August 29, 2019)

You might want to study at a prestigious university but are unable to submit a registration fee, let alone paying for their whole program…

Or you plan to make money on the side, to keep your expenses in balance.

Sounds familiar? I get that.

You can make decent money both ways: sitting at home or going physically somewhere to get the job done.

Each one is feasible depending on the time you have and the service you can provide.

And don’t get tricked into traditional thinking that you have to work very hard, almost 40 hours a week, hustling, tugging, pulling and cajoling, then you will get your first payment.

With the digital revolution, making money is just a few clicks away given that you know the right platform to get practical results of your efforts…

AND this is why I’m here, to pack this post with the number of ways to make money.

Did I say FREE – NO!


There is no free lunch. You get paid for what you work for.

All being said and done, here is a deal.

In this post, I’ll walk you through 13 Ways to Earn Money as a Teenager With NO Previous Experience and…

… what you have to do? Sitting home doing nothing is the worst you can do after reading this post…

…because it would make no sense reading this post for the sake of reading and don’t budge after that.

If you don’t intend to put one of these ways into a practical plan, I’d suggest you continue doing what you are doing right now…

…as reading this post will waste the valuable time that bags you nothing in the pocket.


Read on to see the easy ways to make money as a teenager.

13 Ways to Earn Money as a Teenager

1. Tutoring

Tutoring is a great way to make bucks. If you think you are good in any subject, you can lend your skills.

And the best part:

You can do it sitting in your home.

All you need is a laptop and fast net connection and you’re good to go. Not every area in the world is equally privileged and this is where online technology comes handy.

You can deliver your services in hard to reach places and the areas where there is no established university.

People can get world-class education and skills from the comfort of their homes.

2. Buying and Selling

This sounds a little bit traditional but it still works. You can buy stuff in cheap, do some work, renovate and fix it, and sell it with an added commission.

There are places like Craigslist where some people give away their things free of cost or charge very little.

If you have an eye to hunt down the good stuff at a decent rate, you can make good money out of it. And yes, you don’t have to be a salesperson for this.

3. Taking Online Surveys

Some sites pay rewards for taking surveys online.

I don’t support every survey site out there because most of them are scams, trick you to pay before having eligible for their surveys or give you nothing after spending valuable time taking them.

They give some bucks in return for different tasks ranging from taking surveys, watching videos, giving reviews, playing games to much more.

4. Pet Sitting

Some people are very obsessive and possessive about their pets.

They take care of them like their kids.

And when they go on vacation they don’t want to risk their pets in the company of someone stranger.

  • You can give your services for pet sitting in your spare time. Make sure to keep your rates less than professional companies who do this for business.

Of course, you aim to make money but not at the expense of taking your rates too high to land a job.

5. Become a Language Tutor

With social media marketing, companies love to voice their brand in more than one languages with the aim to target maximum audience.

If you can speak English or more than one language, you can become a translator.

  • People in China love to hire language tutor online who can teach their kids English language.

Yes, English is a global language that is read, spoken and understood almost everywhere in the world and if you don’t know this language, your chance to expand your brand is not as good as compared to who comes with good command in it.

6. Dog Walking

I’m sure you might be a dog lover, right?

  • Who doesn’t fall flat seeing those cute beasts when they cuddle with their tongues sprawling all over you?

If you are a dog lover, this job is an added advantage for both: making money and keeping your love for dogs alive.

Some people are so busy in their jobs, they can’t manage time to hang around their dogs but they don’t want to leave their company either.

You can walk their dogs around and make money out of it.

7. Do Lawn Work

You would find many people fond of seeing greenery in their lawn but they are too old to maintain it.

  • They, most probably, want to outsource lawn work. This is where your expertise comes into play. You can help them mow their lawn or rack up the leaves in the fall and spring season.

You can do lawn work by yourself, but leveraging the lawnmower will do your job much easier. Take it with you and apply it over the lawn you want to mow.

If you don’t take interest in mowing lawns, you can limit yourself for offering only raking and bagging leaves in the fall or shovel snow in the cold climate.

earn money as a teenager, how to make money as a teenager

8. Work as Internee

Some start-ups prefer hiring internees for their menial jobs instead of hiring experienced for humongous salary.

You don’t have to be a tech geek or highly professional to apply for these jobs. All they need is your presence in the company.

  • Or you can catch up with local retirement communities to find work. They need a company of someone who can do their regular tasks, talk to them or simply be present in their house. This gives them a sense of security.

You know it already, man is a social animal, and they need someone to talk to, someone to share their feelings with, and someone to spend their happing and sad moments with.

See if you find someone in your local where you can offer your services.

9. Paint Fences

Wood starts rusting if not taken care of properly. Wooden fences require proper painting every now and then.

It helps them sustain the hot atmosphere and improve their lifespan.

If you like to paint, you can extend your services to neighbors and claim the money in return.

Make sure you do some research prior to applying to coat on wooden material like the type of paint suits best for the wooden material and the quantity of the paint to apply.

10. Grass and Plant Watering

You can offer the service to watering flowers and plants, and help the atmosphere look cleaner and greener.

This job might be a good fit for you, if you remain super busy whole week, as you have to come over only once or twice a week and you will end up bagging some bucks to live the rest of the week without worrying, and tugging your mind in the hunt for money.

11. Call Center Representative

Thanks to technology.

You can leverage it to make money right from the comfort of home instead of physically reporting your presence inside the company.

  • Many companies remain in the hunt for hiring call center representatives who can work remotely. You will work as a virtual assistant and doing some tasks like scheduling appointments, assisting the clients or convincing them to buy the product.

Although companies prefer employees with a certain age limit and with past experience in a relevant industry, some companies like U-Haul, offer teens as young as 16 to work as customer service reps.

12. Babysit

I know what you might be thinking right now? You already know this thing for making money, right?

  • But I’m here to remind you with a number of ways to make money until one idea strikes and you start making some bucks right away.

Babysitting is one of the easiest ways to generate side hustle. In this age, when society is flooded with a lot of scams and perpetrators, people hesitate to leave their child in the hands of the stranger even if they got a degree in babysitting from some prestigious university.

You can babysit and make money in your spare time.

Yes, some kids are hard to handle, but you need to put a little effort to make money out of it. It is wise to read some blog posts and watch videos online on how to babysit effectively.

  • It will help you manage your time with little stress. Otherwise, some babies come with an elusive talent to make you go nuts in just few minutes.

It is up to you how you handle them and this is where your stress management skills come into play.

13. Collect and Resell Golf Balls

Golf is a game liked and supported by the US and many European countries. Collecting the golf balls and then reselling them with the aim to get some commission is another job you can get hands-on experience with.

Drill is simple.

  • Look for used and abandoned golf balls near local golf clubs. After that fix them up with proper polish and resell to local golfers.
  • If you struggle to find stray balls in your area, you can get permission from local club managers to search on course grounds after teams complete their training session.

All the jobs mentioned above need some effort.

You need to extend your PR, reach out to people personally, enhance your social circle, get them to know you are ready for some part-time jobs or encourage them to market your products on their social media.

One post, one click, or one share can do wonders.

And don’t hesitate to ask for help, it may hurt your ego in the start, but you need to develop the habit of marketing yourself with full force, as you are not begging money, you are solving someone’s problem with your service or product and getting paid in return.

That’s all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading 13 proven ways to earn money as a teenager. If you have anything to share, you are most welcome to comment in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.

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