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Top 10 Lazy Ways to Earn Extra Money

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(Published Date May 07, 2019)

When bills pile up and you are left with little money to spare at the end of the month, it is very difficult to balance the book without rocking the boat.

This is where the concept of side hustle comes handy.

Almost everyone strives to supplement their existing income, but they struggle to find a number of legit ways to turn this fancy into reality.

Thanks to technology. With little research, you can easily filter out the major scams from the actual money making streams. Of course, you can’t compromise your hard earned money on the droll of earning big cash amount that cripples your budget big time.

I have been there too until I developed a habit of “research” before making a side hustle – every single time.

In this post, I’ll highlight the top 10 lazy ways to earn extra money. This will help support your existing income with little extra cash,

Let’s jump right in.

Lazy Ways to Earn Extra Money

Before I scribble down lazy ways to earn extra money, get yourself prepared to make a little effort. Consistency is the key. When water flows slowly but consistently, it has a massive power to get through the condensed rock. You get the point.

1. Qkids

There is no denying, English is a global language that is spoken and understood almost everywhere. It acts as a bridge in developing sound communication between people coming from diverse backgrounds.

People love learning English from native speakers. If you have free time, you can make decent money out of it. With the advent of online technology, almost everyone can learn and earn from the comfort of their home.

You can join Qkids and help people learn English fast where you can earn up to $20 per hour.

Here, you will teach English to Chinese kids aging from 5 to 12. You will get paid on 15th of each month via bank transfer to your US or Canadian bank.

2. Get paid for Flipping things around

Most people already know what flipping is. In case you don’t, it is a process where you buy things at a cheap price and sell them later with a big margin.

It is easy. Do your research and hunt down the used things that sell like a hot cake in the market. Once you get them at a cheap price, spend some money and give them a whole new look.

Presentation is everything and honesty is the key. In this drill, no need to highlight the feature that is not incorporated in the item you aim to sell. This will do more damage than good and hurt your rapport in an already competitive market.

You can make somewhere from $10 to $1000 depending on the nature of the product you sell.

3. Pet Sitting

Do you enjoy pet company? If you do, you can make decent money out of it. There are a number of websites that help you find pet sitting jobs near your place. Just get registered with them, build a profile, and wait few days before you get a solid deal.

lazy ways to earn extra money, how to make extra money, lazy money making ideas

You can do it a number of different ways depending on your routine.

  • Doggy daycare: It is the best for the people who love working from home. As the name suggests, in this case, you will be offering services at your doorstep.
  • Dog walking: Whenever you get free, take the dog outside for a walk.
  • House-sitting: You can also visit pets every day in their own home.

You can go to Petsitter and find the appropriate pet sitting job near your place.

4. Ibotta

Ibotta is a shopping app. It stands out from its competitors in terms of providing a different method to make some bucks.

You will get paid once you do shopping using this app and upload the receipt using Ibotta scan.

As you reach the threshold of $10, you can transfer it to your PayPal account right away.

You can join Ibotta and start making money right away.

5. Mturk

Amazon needs no introduction. You know this glorious platform already. Good news is they also offer a great opportunity to make money doing little tasks.

What is Mturk?

Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) is an outsourcing marketplace where you get paid for picking micro gigs as per your requirements.

Yes, you will earn a little, less than what you might expect from other online platforms that require technical expertise in a particular niche, on the other hand, most jobs available on this platform entail no special skills and anyone with no education can perform them. And most jobs require only a few minutes to complete.

As you get better and adept in doing particular jobs, you come with great opportunity to earn more. No brainer.

In the start you can pick any gig to make a side hustle, however, it is advised to pick the exercise that polishes your skill with the passage of time.

lazy ways to earn extra money, how to make extra money, lazy money making ideas


6. Gigwalk

Gigwalk is an online app that provides a good opportunity to make decent money doing multiple jobs.

Most businesses use this app for market research. You need to go to the different stores and restaurants, find the items on sales, explore economical menus and upload their pictures.

This helps companies provide better user experience to their potential customers.

7. Ebates

The idea of cashback return is taking a rage these days and stands fit to promote any business. Ebates is one of the best platforms where you get cash back on certain products.

Simply make an account on Ebates and buy a number of items from the variety of retailers i.e. Puma, Udemy, Ulta, eBags, Lenovo. You name it.

Once you join, you can get a gift card worth $10.

Ebates gets a commission for driving traffic over 400+ stores registered on their platform.

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8. Rent out your car

Renting out your car and making money out of it is different than driving it by yourself on Uber or Careem. In fact, it is easier than that.

You can simply rent out your car when you are not driving it for personal use. When you pick the online platform to put your car on rent, it is secured against massive insurance which is given in the case, God forbid, your car gets damaged or stolen.

The price you get depends on your location and the time duration you set for renting your car out.

List your car on Turo and start making money straight away.

Amazing thing is that they come with a calculator on the website where you need to put the make, model and year of the car to get an estimated amount you can make against the details you provided.

9. List your home on Airbnb

Some people love to travel and explore different places. They enjoy studying people coming from diverse backgrounds.

lazy ways to earn extra money, how to make extra money, lazy money making ideas

In the midst of heavy pricing hotels and guesthouse, it became very difficult for the average men to keep their love for travel intact. This is where the idea of renting homes came into play.

You won’t believe, Airbnb turned to $30 billion firm within just 11 years.

How does it work?

It is an online platform where you rent out your home for a limited period of time. You can make money simply hosting your house to other travelers. No doubt, this is one of the easiest ways to make decent money.

10. Lending Club

Lending Club is a peer-to-peer lending service that bridges borrowers and lenders together. It is very easy to take part in this process.

All you need is money as little as $25 where you help borrower deposit their loan and you can earn anywhere between 3% to 8% on your invested money.

They help in consolidating a better financial future by providing flawless service to potential investors. You can join Lending Club here.

Final Thought

These are the top 10 lazy ways to earn extra money.

How much you can make out of them depends on the effort you put in. No need to get yourself involved in all of them.

It is advised to pick a couple of them that suit your nature and match with your daily routine.

Some of them require only little effort to kick off and they will be put on autopilot after that.

Again, you are not going to rich doing these jobs. They are recommended just to supplement your existing income, so you can run your accounts with full control.

Little effort and consistency are vital to pull things off, without them your fantasy to make money will turn into another fiasco.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed this post. What do you do to make side hustle? I’d love to hear from in the section below. Thanks for your precious time.


Do you love supplementing your existing income? If you do, this read comes with top 10 lazy ways to earn extra money and run your finances with full control.




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