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How to Earn as a Freelance Resume Writer: 9 Best Sites Discussed

earn as a freelance resume writer, how to make money as a resume writer

(Published Date August 07, 2019)

You made an immense effort to pull off and earn decent, but all that resulted in…


Sounds familiar? I know.

You can’t deny the reality when it haunts right on your face, with no option left but to cringe and scratch your head thinking:

What went wrong?

I can understand. I have been there too until I found my passion and harness my abilities to generate hustle on the side.

Billions of blog posts are available online that trick you to make some bucks, sitting at home, doing nothing. But you are smart now and you don’t get caught up in these false claims.


When you know your audience is intelligent and already fed up with fluff available online, you need to come up with some valid idea to make a decent income online. That’s the main reason for writing this post.

You will find dozens of articles online covering how to earn as a freelance resume writer. But most of them are outdated, while some are painting the same picture already discussed by someone else. I would be doing no justice if I do the same and slap the content with the same old tips and techniques for making money. So, after weeding through the internet I come up with the pure gold in the rough.

In this post, I’ll walk you through how to earn as a freelance resume writer. I have disused 9 best sites that can help you earn a decent income on the side.

Earn as a Freelance Resume Writer

Before moving any further, let’s discuss common question and myth about making money as a resume writer. Let’s dive in.

Why do people need resume writer anyway?

You may think why people would hire resume writer anyway while they can make resume themselves?

A valid point, indeed.

Almost everyone, from fresh graduates to highly professionals, need resume writers. Although some of them are highly experienced in what they do, they hardly spend time crafting a resume that stands out.

Let me ask you a question. What if you are a hiring manager and get a bundle of resumes with similar formats, what would you do? It is a high chance most of them go to bin except that incorporate uniqueness and are properly documented, highlighting particular skills precisely.

Professionals and fresh graduates, who aim to stand out from their peers, often hire resume writers to make a quality resume for them, which increase their probability of getting hired.

How much you can make?

Your curiosity is logical, especially, when you are just starting out and stepping in this field of resume writing.

It all depends on your skills and demographic location. Resume writers in first-tier countries are making a lot more than writers in second or third-tier countries. Rest assured, if you develop this skill and writer like professional native writers, you can definitely make a handsome amount.

The DRILL is simple.

No need to getting yourself equipped with each and everything before starting resume writing. You may be making less in the start, but you can excel and grow with the passage of time with the possibility to generate good income.

Point is to keep growing, keep improving, keep learning and keep creating.

What skills do you need? 

As we entered in the 21st century, marketing has changed drastically. Now recruiters bank on digital platforms more than print media.

If you start creating resumes you may need to create them for both print and digital mediums. A digital resume is made slightly different from the resume crafted for print purpose.

When making it visible for online cause, learn to incorporate proper keywords in the resume that resonates with the company background your client applies for.

Some companies like NRWA, CPR, and CDI, provide certifications in resume writing. If you get any of them, it would be an added advantage over other freelancers with the possibility to land a job from a potential client.

How to get started?

Start with making your own resume before making it for others. If you don’t have an ability to make your own resume count, people would hardly believe if you are a good fit for making theirs.

Sign up on multiple platforms. Doing so will increase your probability to get a decent gig.

Keep one thing in mind: if you are offering writing services on one platform, keep them the same on the other.

If you dedicate one medium for writing, you can’t pick another for graphic design. Juggling between services will do more harm than good, leaving you with no option but turn to 9 to 5 job you hate doing.

Resume writing vs article writing

Although resume writing requires more technical skills, it takes less time compared to producing an article.

Here you don’t have to research the topic from scratch for writing a 1500 word article that can take up to 4 hours. All you need is proper research of the company, client qualification, certification, and professional background.

It is wise to read what makes resume unique and why human resource managers prefer some pieces over others.

What makes resume stand out? 

Believe or not, it is all about psychology. Make sure, any word you include in resume makes good sense and resonates with the words surrounding it.

If you were customizing resumes 20 years, it would be a lot easier to get through in the respective field when there was less competition and companies wouldn’t have stern rules to accept the candidate.

Things have changed now.

More often than not, for the single vacancy available, the company gets hundreds of resumes, making them hard to scan through every word in resume.

So what they do?

They take two-three seconds to get the glimpse of your resume before making a final decision – if your resume will get shortlisted or make its way to the bin successfully.

This is a myth that resume should contain only one page as no one has time to read 3 or 4-page long piece.

This is not true.

Resume length depends on the client’s educational background and work experience. For example, it is okay to keep resume length one page long if you are making it for fresh graduates or for professionals coming up with less than five years of experience.

And if they have more than 5-year experience or belong to military background it is okay to stretch it up to 3 to 5 pages.

Always ask the right questions 

Once you land the first client, it is your duty to dig out as much information as possible from them. The quality of questions you ask help determine how professional are you in your expertise.

It is true, not everyone is good enough to sell themselves on paper, that’s why they hire you in the first place: to help them sell their talent.

There is a subtle difference between flaunting your skills and presenting them in an appropriate manner and it is your duty to employ this beauty in client’s resume.

While writing a resume, no need to beat around the bush, stay to the point. You know it already when it comes to creating a professional document, LESS IS MORE.

I hope we have covered some basic questions you may come across before diving in this business of resume writing, let’s discuss 9 best sites that can help you land your first gig for resume writing.

9 Best Sites for Freelance Resume Writing

1. TalentInc

I like their tagline much better “help us empower job seekers.” It gives me an idea how they take a deep interest in serving others and helping them find their desired job. Anyway…

Professionals resume writers not only help in creating amazing resumes but they also assist in customizing LinkedIn profile and producing relevant cover letters.

You can select flexible timing to complete the job. Also, you can schedule a direct call with the client or talk them over Skype and ask for their demands that help you create a resume as per the educational and professional background of the client.

In case you get stuck in the middle of work, you can get quick support from the experts, also access to writing tools is readily available, assisting you to create a resume in less time possible.

2. WriteZillas

WriteZillas always welcome new writers to join their community of professionals.

You need to fill up a simple application form with some basic requirements to apply for a resume writer.

They don’t have stern rules for the eligibility criteria; all you need is excellent spoken and written communication skills, a system with internet access readily available, have an ability to comply with the client’s demands.

earn as a freelance resume writer, how to make money as a resume writer

3. WriterBay

WriterBay provides you great opportunity to make money as a freelance resume writer. You don’t need to write like a pro before starting out. But there are some prerequisites to get accepted in this platform:

  • You must have a bachelor’s degree in any field
  • Strong writing skills
  • Ability to write without grammatical errors
  • Have Internet access
  • PayPal account

They set high standards for both: freelance resume writer and client. You need to prove yourself to work for them effectively.

They have clients from around the globe and they always promise to deliver top-notch service to them, which is not possible from quality service from their writers.

A dedicated team of professionals is readily available who is willing to help in case you feel any difficulty in joining this platform or have any query related to the project you are working on.

4. ResumeYard

This site is another addition to help you build an income stream on the side. They hire professionals around the globe. And people with experience in the HR department are given preference over others.

They have some strict rules to accept the candidate for resume writing which include: excellent writing skills, almost two years plus experience in resume writing, can customize resume template, strong familiarity with Microsoft Word and Google Docs, can edit LinkedIn profile and make it relevant for the particular industry.

They claim to complete dozens of job per month with decent compensation given to the writers. Experts working for them are pro in giving valuable advice on career management, helping professionals excel and grow in their field.

Write may also require to provide the best suitable resume formats to the clients. Also, writers with a solid understanding of beginners, technical experts, and executive roles are given preference.

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5. Upwork

Upwork is another great option to start with, as a resume writer.

Apart from writing, you can also give services like proofreading, career counseling, cover letter composition to help clients land a relevant job.

You can make 200$ to 300$ per resume, depending on your skills and level of service you provide. There are other similar sites like Fiverr where you can lend your skills.

Upwork, mind you, always outperforms Fiverr in terms of providing high-quality work. Although Fiverr doesn’t help you land the expensive gig, you need to go the extra mile to attract potential clients.

6. Risesmart 

Risesmart comes with tons of jobs for resume writers.

There is one limitation. They don’t entertain newbies. You must have 5+ experience in resume writing to start working for them.

Excellent written and verbal communication is a must. Also, they prefer candidates with certification in resume writing from renowned career counseling institutions like NRWA, CPR, and CDI.

They are partnered with some top brands to help them excel, grow and transform their business with talented employees. You can find resume writers jobs on their careers page.

7. Indeed 

Indeed is a haven for people looking for remote jobs ranging from content writers, resume writers, bloggers, editors, and proofreaders to many more. You pick.

Apart from individual clients, some companies also prefer this platform for potential and qualified freelancers.

You can also start off by submitting your resume, so clients can make a quick review of your profile before handing you over the available job.

The best part is that you can pick the location near your area to choose the desired job. There are a number of categories to pick from based on your expertise.

8. Simplyhired

I like their name very much. But it doesn’t mean you will land a job right away. You need to work your ass off to get clients who pay well and on time.

A number of jobs are available, mainly covering freelance remote jobs.

Simply trick to generate side hustle working as a freelancer is by creating profiles on a number of freelance platforms and start visiting them every now and then in a hunt for the appropriate job.

9. Toptal

Toptal is a prestigious platform bridging the gap between clients and employees.

It is observed, sometimes you don’t get well-paid gigs in your area for many reasons: demographic location, your area doesn’t come with jobs that match your skills.

This is where these online platforms come handy, helping you get the job you want where you can unleash your talent in the relevant niche.

Toptal is one of them, containing plenty of jobs to pick from like resume writing, graphic design, content writing, proofreading, virtual assistant, call center agent and more.

Final Thought

You will find some online gurus claiming to make you rich overnight by buying their products.

There is no free lunch. MIND YOU.

It is true some of them making hundreds or thousands of dollars, but they don’t share real truth, the real struggle that helped them get that feat.

You need to work very hard before you nail down how to work smart that gives the flexibility to make with little effort.

Don’t compare your first day with someone else’s 10 years struggle. There is a reason they are making more than you. If you get 10$ for your first gig, don’t rush to increase your rate outright. Keep brushing up your skills. Keep pushing through. Keep working hard. You will be making 50$ or 60$ per hour.

But it takes time.

Avoid becoming a jack of all trades. Pick one field and slice it open.

When hard work, consistency, dedication, passion all blended together, become a lethal combination, helping you make more money, more freedom and above all; happiness where you can harness your passion to make money.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed deep insight on how to earn as a freelance resume writer. If you have anything to contribute, comment in the section below. Thanks for reading the post.


If you are adept in harnessing the power of words, you can earn as a freelance resume writer. Check this post to learn more...



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