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How to Make Money with ClixSense? Is it legit Site or Scam?


Earning online is more like fun if you are doing it right. When you are looking for easy ways to earn online, you cannot ignore the value of GPT (Get Paid To) sites. ClixSense is one of the best GPT sites where you can make money by taking different tasks, offers, completing surveys and referring to other people.

Earning online is not a new idea. With the invention of earning online many people are concerned whether these sites are legit or could we really make some extra cash by these sites. Because you would not like to waste your much time on completing different task and survey by which you cannot earn even a single penny.

I am going to uncover the ways of earning through this site and explain you completely why you should adopt this site as your passive source of income. My only purpose of writing this review is to make your doubts and queries clear about this site.

ClixSense Review: How to Earn Some Extra Cash from it.

ClixSense was established in 2007 as a PTC (Paid to Click) site. By looking into visitors’ interest and making this site versatile in nature, ClixSense abandoned their Paid to Click option by which you used to get paid through watching different ads. Now, their main focus is on completing surveys and different tasks.

You can make from $0.1 to $5 per survey, depending on the nature of survey you complete successfully. This site competes with other survey sites amazingly well as it works internationally and houses the people from all over the world. You can withdraw your money by four different methods.

  • Payza
  • Payoneer
  • Tango Card
  • Skrill
  • Check option is also available for the citizen of US and Canada only.

Minimum eligibility criteria to withdraw your payment is $10.

Sign up:

As you move to the homepage of this site, you need to fill up the registration form appearing on the left side of the main page. Once you provide your information in the available form and click Join now button, a validation link will be sent to your email ID. You need to click on the validation link in order to sign up to your ClixSense account.

The amazing part is that you can join ClixSense absolutely free without paying a single penny. ClixSense has introduced new ClixAddon on their site to keep their members updated with the new available surveys. It is advised to install that add-on on your computer before you start making money from this site.

There are five legit ways to make money through ClixSense. We’ll discuss each and every method one by one.

1: Make Money with Surveys

Completing available surveys is one of the easiest ways to make money online which requires almost minimum or no qualification. A number of available surveys depend on your geographical location. Some surveys are available for most of the countries around the world while other are available for US and Canada only.

Once you click on the survey option, you need to complete your profile as mentioned below.

Here you will be asked your age, qualification, your source of income etc. You need to complete your survey profile by giving accurate information. The reason behind asking for your personal details is that it minimizes the change of providing you irrelevant surveys. Once you complete the profile, you will be given available surveys depending on your interests, IP address, gender, and location.

It is necessary that you should be honest in giving out your information while taking the survey. If the companies find any scam and irrelevant information, there is a chance all the money in your account be revoked and you will get banned by the system.

2. ClixSense Tasks:

Unlike ClixSense surveys, ClixSense Tasks are available for almost all people around the world. ClixSense gives you an opportunity of completing the available tasks irrespective of your geographical location. Completing the tasks successfully depends on your understating of instructions of completing that task, your internet skills and your familiarity with the English language. ClixSense Tasks are powered by CrowdFlower.

As you click on the ClixSense Tasks option, it will take you to the page below.

It shows the job listing features. Level option shows the number of levels you are in. Pay/Task is the amount of task associated with that task that falls under number 1 level. And the number of tasks shows the average number of task an individual can do, i.e. in this case 200. And the rating is the satisfaction rate given by each member who had already completed that tasks.

As you click next, it will take you to the page below. With the completion of each task successfully you will move to the higher level.

Now click the “get started now” button, it will show the page below.

In this case, it is showing only one task at this moment. When you click on this page, it comes with a possibility of showing up more than one task. You will be able to choose the specific task based on your needs and requirements and amount of money you intend to make.

You can complete as many tasks as possible. These tasks are only limited with the time you spend on completing these tasks, more the time spent, more the revenue will be.

3. ClixSense Offers:

You can also get paid by a number of offers provided by ClixSense. There are many types of offers available which include:

  • Completing a survey. You will be asked to complete the survey and you get some money in turn by completing the survey successfully.
  • You will be asked to sign up for different websites. Or you can earn money by downloading different mobile apps in your device. Each offer is associated with the specific amount of cash, you need to complete more offer to get more cash.
  • Shopping offers: Here you need to buy the product from different companies. It is advised to buy the products which you need badly otherwise you’ll end up wasting more money than you intend to get through that offer.

4. ClixSense Affiliate Program:

Unlike completing surveys and offers, more money is hidden in ClixSense Affiliate Program. If you have good PR and have an ability to engage people, then I’d recommend you to join its affiliate program. In this program, you just need to refer affiliate link to other people and you’ll get some extra cash for every sign up through your affiliate program.

You will get paid 20% of every payment your referral makes. It means if your referral is making $100 then you will be given $20.

There are many ways to promote your affiliate link. You can refer the affiliate link to your friends who trust you. And you can put your affiliate link on social media, as it comes with a high possibility of getting more referrals. If you are looking for long-term benefit and some solid referral income then it is recommended to have your own blog where you can put your referral link. The best way of doing this is to write a review on this site and put your referral link in the article.

5. ClixSense Bonus:

ClixSense is versatile in nature, as it always tries to discover new ways to fill your pockets with some extra bucks. ClixSense comes with a daily checklist bonus by which you can earn some decent income. You can earn up to 16% daily bonus, means if your earning reaches to $100, then $16 will automatically be added to your account.

When you install ClixSense Addon on your device, you will be liable to get 1% of daily bonus. If you are logging in for three consecutive days and keeping an eye on your daily checklist of completing surveys and tasks, then you will be awarded 1% of activity bonus. It is necessary to complete the checklist in 3 days in a row, otherwise, you will not be allowed to claim 1% of daily bonus.

What is Forum?

ClixSense has recently introduced Forum. Purpose of making this forum is to make this site lively in nature where members can interact with the staff. In this way, the staff doesn’t need to reply the questions and queries individually, minimizing the workload of staff members. Members can also give suggestions and show their payment proofs to the people who are planning to join this site as their passive source of income.

Tips to earn maximum through ClixSense:

  • Always provide accurate information while completing your profile for the survey, it will increase the possibility of providing you relevant survey based on your needs.
  • Complete the surveys at your earliest, as some surveys appear once or twice in a month. If you miss the opportunity to take the survey, you need to wait for a whole
  • If you want to increase your income, you should buy premium membership of ClixSense.
  • It will be difficult for you to complete your checklist daily if you try to complete ClixSense offers all at once. Pick the relevant offer wisely and proceed with the given instructions.
  • Don’t fall prey of using proxy servers. You are not allowed to complete tasks or surveys using proxy servers, and it is highly possible ClixSense blocks you for violating their terms and conditions.
  • If you are taking CrowdFlower tasks, try to complete the task as soon as possible, so you can promote to a higher level quickly. When you are at level zero, complete the task irrespective of money available for that task. In this way, you can move to next level quickly.

Now you get to know that ClixSense is totally a legit site by which you can earn some decent, if not thousands of dollars, income. Earning with this site won’t make you rich but you can add some extra bucks in your pocket.

Click here to Join ClixSense.






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