Top 20 Unique Business Ideas You Can’t Refuse


    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    Sit, brainstorm and deliver. This is what online earning all about.

    If you are just starting out or have tons of experience, online technology can help you transcend and unlock your natural ability in the areas that stand fit for your personality.

    • Gone are days when you have to rely on others to help you get breakthrough. Nowadays, if you have real potential, it will find its way and slice through a lot of competition like a knife on the butter.

    If you have guts but struggling to find a real direction, I have compiled following top 20 unique business ideas you can implement both: online and offline whatever seems feasible for you.

    • Don’t ask me, where would you get a person from who pushes the button and everything falls into place – you have to push that yourself. I’m sure you can do that. If not, I don’t think you are active enough and have time to read this post all the way through.

    Anyway, let’s get started and see what you can do that helps you bag a bunch of dollars based on the effort you put in.

    Top 20 Unique Business Ideas

    Following are some practical business ideas you can start today.

    1. Real Estate Agent

    Real estate business never loses its flavor, no matter if you are living in a stone age or noisy areas of 21st century surrounding us.

    • It is true, not everyone comes with a solid persuading and selling skills and if you are introvert, this is not for you for sure. Right? Wrong.

    There is a good news for introverts, they can still make money becoming a real estate agent by just sitting and arranging the deals online.

    • Nevertheless, if you are socially active, it can be pure gold that can turn your life around.

    It is not always about convincing customers by arranging face to face meetings, you can build your online profile and impress people by your writing and marketing skills.

    2. Tiny House Business

    Building a tiny house for the visitors is on the rise. People who come all the way over from distant locations, and intend to explore and travel around the world, will need these houses badly.

    • You can build temporary houses out of wood and rent them to the travelers. You may need a little budget at the start.

    Rest assured, it will totally worth your spending and you can make huge amount by simply renting them these tiny homes.

    3. Online Tutor

    Online tutoring gives you an opportunity to sell your skills online. Whatever the niche is, you will find an appropriate job for you.

    • If you are a math whiz or come with technical knowledge about chemistry, biology or psychology, you can get clients around the world and help them solve their problems in the respective field.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    There are many European and Asian countries who always look for the tutors who can help them shine their English speaking skills.

    If you are pretty nifty about spoken English and know how to speak fluent English, there is a lot of potential for you to make money online. All you need is a laptop and solid internet connection and you are good to go.

    4. Build E-commerce Store

    With the recent surge in picking and buying the products you dream off, e-commerce is high in demand. In this platform, people have the flexibility to scan the bunch of products through a single click from the comfort of their homes.

    • If you build an eCommerce store, launch any product or deliver already available product in the market, you can make decent money.

    If 9 to 5 job doesn’t resonate with your personality, you can be your own boss if you start with planning.

    5. Photographer

    Photography is another field that houses a lot of potential to make money online. You may be wondering, what if I have no DSLR or professional camera? No worries, you can still take the awesome picture by leveraging your smartphone.

    • Don’t tell me, you don’t have a cell phone either. If you are reading this post, it is highly likely you are reading it from your cell phone.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    There are a lot of tutorials available on YouTube and Google in general which help you click a professional picture from your cell phone.

    • If you are really serious for making money online, you have to give your bum a little push otherwise you will spend your whole life reading such articles that help you make money online right from the comfort of your home.

    Just to let you know, unique business ideas don’t work unless you tailor and customize them as per the needs of your customers.

    You can check these top 10 places to sell photos online.

    6. Skydiving Business

    Skydiving business is making a rage for the people who love adventure. This business includes providing skydiving services to the potential visitors which may differ from person to person.

    • Some may desire to get the full package to skydiving with video shooting and photography while some may just want to feel this adventure to the core.

    This business is also known as drop zone business. You must get proper training from the professional trainers before getting your hands on this business.

    And get your backup plan ready in case there comes any hassle during the skydiving of any visitor.

    7. Social Media Manager

    Nowadays, no company can grow and excel in their respective field unless they have a strong online presence.

    • These companies hire a social media manager to help them grow their audience.

    You can lend your expertise in social media and make a good income. You will be using social media anyway, why not make some money out of it.

    8. Affiliate Marketer

    Affiliate Marketing is influencing people like a frenzy. Most of you already know, what the affiliate marketing is, if you don’t – it is one way of promoting a product online and whenever someone purchases from your affiliate link (that the company provides) you will get the commission.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    • It all depends on your marketing and selling skills. If you are running a blog, you can put a lot of links to the products falling under your blog niche and make decent money out of it.

    9. Proofreader

    Proofreading follows article writing. Without proofreading, the article doesn’t look good and professional which ultimately can scare the hell out of the visitors.

    • Sometimes article writers don’t have time to proofread every copy they produce pertaining to many reasons i.e. they won’t be reading their copy with the same intention they have produced it.

    Nevertheless, proofreader comes with a fresh eye on the content and can pick hidden errors which may get overlooked by the eyes of the real content creator.

    10. Deliver Home Made Food

    Not everyone likes the perks of ready-made food available in restaurants. Some people are very conscious about their health and they don’t want to risk their lives from the food outside.

    This is where your earning potential comes into play. You can start delivering homemade food. Don’t forget to maintain the high quality and follow all prerequisites required for making food hygienic.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    11. Start Tea Business

    Sometimes you are looking for the ground-breaking unique business ideas and mostly overlook them because you consider them mortifying and negligible.

    • A benefit of starting a tea business is that you don’t need to market it aggressively to create brand awareness as everybody knows about tea, coffee, and hot drinks. All you need is a normal space and little budget to start it.

    Yes, you can start it from your home. You can deliver hot drinks to offices and homes as some people don’t want to budge from the office area as the tuck shop is located at a considerable distance.

    12. Make Chatbots

    Chatbots are high in demand. The more business interacts with the customers, the more it comes with a chance to grow.

    • Customers want to be valued and addressed along the course of their purchase so they feel they are not left out in the process.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    You can make automatic chatbots for the companies and get money for building them. You can make automatic chat bots without coding using botsify and sell them to the respective business.

    13. Tester or Reviewer

    Every company remains in a constant struggle to improve their service so they can boost their sales.

    • This can be achieved by getting the reviews about their products from the common user. You can become a reviewer and get money giving your views about that particular product.

    In this way, companies can get an idea about the pros and cons of their service and improve it based on the reviews given by you.

    14. Sensory Deprivation Tank Business

    This business allows customers to meditate and feel relax by dipping down the brain under temperature controlled water. It will help them cool their mind laden with anxiety or depressive thoughts.

    • This business works similar to a spa but a little bit different in terms of providing pure and optimized water that soothes the inner self where people feel a sense of pure oneness.

    15. Domain Name Buyer

    Domain name buyer, as the name suggests, is another way to make money online where you buy the domain names that look lucrative and come with a lot of scope in the respective industry.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    • You can sell them with some profit later. Before you start buying any domain name, make sure it comes with an enticing name and is quite in line with some service or product so it comes with a higher chance to appear on the search results.

    16. Translator

    If you have a knack of understanding and comprehending more than one languages, there is a decent scope for you to make money as a translator.

    • You can pave the way in a political sector that requires a translator when two leaders from different countries have to collaborate with each other. You will provide the platform for transferring message with proper understanding.

    17. Flipping Websites

    You may be thinking flipping websites is the same as buying a domain but……it’s not. Flipping website requires some effort before you make it suitable for selling.

    • You may have to do an SEO and write a couple of articles before you sell it.

    Be sure to get some basics about SEO before you wet your feet in this field of flipping websites.

    18. Vintage Maps Store

    Vintage map is an art of collecting old, rare, historic and mysterious maps that have become obsolete on the earth.

    • Vintage maps vary from a range of common maps to geographical vintage maps where former is related to road strip maps, railway maps, and military battle maps while later come with categories ranging from world ocean, islands to archipelagos maps.

    Pick the maps category you are passionate about. You must have a little knowledge to frame the relevant maps on the wall to make them more lucrative and enticing that stir the emotions of the visitors.

    19. Rage Room

    Rage room is similar to Sensory Deprivation Tank Business in terms of relaxing the brain muscles for the therapeutic purpose and falls under one of the best unique business ideas. However, it takes a different approach.

    As a business owner, you have to keep your room equipped with glass or other breakable content which customers will break in order to get a sense of contentment. This has been around awhile for treating the depressed patients where they feel pleasure by breaking something.

    top 20 unique business ideas you can't refuse, unique business ideas for lazy people

    It is similar to when you are feeling down and out, psychologist suggests you punch the pillow as hard as possible to get rid of the depressive thoughts. It is observed when your mind is filled with depression and anxiety, it won’t be calming down unless your thoughts find a venting hole to get these thoughts out of the brain.

    • Some doctors suggest to write down the thoughts while some ask their patients to become expressive by punching soft material or, as an alternative, you can break things to calm down your mind.

    20. Pet Bakery

    Pet bakery is another lucrative business for the people who take a deep interest in pets.

    Most of the customers are very conscious of the food they get for their pets.

    • You can gain their trust by providing quality pet food. You can do this business while retaining your regular job as you can take and deliver pet foods from other retailers.

    That’s all for now. I hope you have found this post useful and got a hold of a number of unique business ideas. I’d love to hear from you about any business idea you seem feasible and practical for our potential visitors. Thanks for reading the post.


    1. I think online tuition is one of the best ways to create an awesome & steady online business. The demand of the education sector and a good teacher will be always there. It’s an evergreen idea. Many thanks for sharing these awesome business ideas.

      • You are welcome, Santanu 🙂

        Yes, online tutoring is one of the lucrative ways to make money online. This way you come with a flexibility to address a large number of audience as compared to teaching in any institute.

    2. These are such unique ideas! I’ve never heard of a pet bakery! But it sounds like such a great way to make money – especially for animal lovers.


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