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Welcome to EarningTrix.com!

The idea behind making this blog is to create awareness among people, how they can improve their financial life with the available resources and make some extra money. I’ll help you to vision pathway even when it seems like a roadblock ahead.

Gateway to earn money is quite amazing. I have been in this industry since last four years. I have gone through many difficulties during my road to online earning. Now, I sincerely wish to give you tips and techniques about safe and reliable online earning, so you can avoid the difficulties I faced.

To be honest, I am not here to make you rich overnight and I don’t have any Magic Stick to help you grow and make your life progress. The only person that can make your life better is only YOU. I’m just here to put you in the right direction.

Everything you need in your life demands hard work, patience, and sincerity. If you work with a positive mindset, dedication, and perseverance then you can definitely make your financial life better.

A Little bit about Myself:

I am an Engineer by profession and Learner by passion. After completion of my degree, I tried to get a job in my relevant field but I was unable to do that. I went through lots of interviews, browsed through many websites but all in vain.

Then I decided to make money online. I had already heard about making money online, but I considered, like most of the people do, that making money online is fake and you cannot earn much. Then I thought why not give it a shot.

I dived into a giant sea of the online market and started exploring things like a frenzy. I have gone through many ups and downs while earning online, but after lots of hard work and going through lots of scams I am now finally able to make some extra cash.

I started working online as a freelancer back in 2013. Now, I have thought of making my own blog to share my personal experience, difficulties I faced, and how to make your financial life efficient and productive.